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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Update on what I am doing!

Hello sweet friends!

Many of you may have figured by now
I'm not doing much blogging anymore.

I'm still creating and sharing my life
Over at Facebook now.

I'd love for you to follow me over there..
I have a page called...
Where I love to share my life and newest creations.

Also, you can follow lil ole me there too...
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Wishing you all a wonderful day!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

I'm Published!!

Hello bloggy friends!!!

 I sure have been away for a long time!

But...I am soooo excited I had to share with you
Here an amazing new magazine

Romantic Vintage

that I have been featured in.
My beautiful vintage legal sized clipboard
is included in their Romantic Bizzare section.
Cool huh?

I am now concentrating my time over on my
page on Facebook called...of course


I share my current etsy projects and listings.
If you're on Facebook I'd love for you to 
find my page an follow
Me there!

Blessings to all!

Sunday, November 24, 2013


I have so much to be thankful for.
After the past 3 days I realize just how much
GOD has been by my side.
Let me share a little of what has been going on...
my hubs had been dealing with what we thought
were sinus infection issues.  On Wednesday evening
he lost sight, temporarily, in his right.
No, we did not go right away to emergency.
The next day though, our Doctor said
go *now*!
After a long day in the ER, my hubby was finally
admitted to the hospital for more testings.
Long story short...
he has a rare condition in which the
inner portion of his curated artery tore,
causing blood to clot, which was found in a CT
scan.  In this condition surgery is NOT an option
but blood thinning thereputicly is.
He was/and is dealing with head/neck pain that was
from this.  He is now on meds
to help with headaches and this new condition.
We have so much to be thankful for.
This has NOTHING to do with his heart, he
is very healthy and the cause is yet unknown
as to why he had this happen.
He does not fit the norm of those patients they
would see this in.
I know it could have been so much worse.
WE are so thankful for GOD's peace,
his being present throughout this whole ordeal,
and family/friends who have held us up prayer.
I am so thankful to have my hubby with me
to yet again celebrate yet again another
Thanksgiving Day! 

Yes, I am thankful!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Tweaking Cabinets, Hutches and Shelves ~ Part 2 Dining Room Hutch/Side Table, TV Cabinet

In my last post, I shared how I gathered all my
Rose Chintz by Johnson Brothers China and
placed it all together so I could gaze upon it daily.
That of course, lead me to redo my Hutch in the
Dining Room, Side Table and Cabinet Shelves
that surround our BIG Ugly TV.
Would you like to see the results?
Now here is Part 2...

My Hutch resides in my very Royal Blue
Dining Room...which is VERY hard to picture
due to my chandy that I have added single cups, pearls
and floral too.
One of the first collections I started during the
first years of my marriage over 27 years ago was
tea cups and plates that were mainly English Bone China.

Of course, the main themed patterns are of Roses!
Over the years I have gathered and been gifted with
tea themed goodies that now reside mainly in this room.

For my 5th Anniversary my sweetie got me the
beautiful Silver Tea/Coffee Service that I am now displaying.
A number of the silver pieces were either my grandma's
or found on my many treasure hunting expeditions.
OK, question, would you suggest painting my insides
of this hutch? 
I have seen so many do this out there in blogland
and on Pinterest.
 I debated doing this before I put everything
back up, but am not sure what color I would
use...would LOVE to hear your ideas.
Above is the side sofa table that I brought into this
room last year.  I am now using it for more
display of my tea cup and milk glass collections
I LOVE eye candy and seeing my beloved collections
all together now! 

Onto the gorgeous cabinet that houses our ugly beast! lol

I know we do not usually show the ugly TV's we must
live with.  Yet, in order for you to appreciate my efforts
I decided to share this.  Now, this TV is on its
last legs...when it goes I plan to move the TV over
our fireplace.  Then I may repurpose this cabinet and
use it in our office...that needs a makeover!

I had used the shelving in these space before to house
some of the overflowing collections I have.
As I sat looking at the TV for the past few weeks
I knew it wasn't doing it for me...

While PINTEREST~ING, I came across some
beautiful vignettes and displays and knew I needed
to update my look to reflect the styles of
decor I am trying to achieve.
Most all of these items are things I have picked
up when I was thrifting or treasuring hunting
or Shopped my home.
I hardly ever pay full price for anything if I can
find it for cheap!
I soooo Love the thrill of the hunt and using those
beloved things that speak to me. I honestly believe
that if you buy what speaks to your heart, and
use it in your becomes the truest
form of who you are
in helping you create Your Home.
Now, when I see these displays...
they make me smile :~)!

Now my tweaking is done for a while...
I hope I have inspired you to tweak your
shelving to reflect who you are!

Be Blessed!



Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tweaking Cabinets, Hutches and Shelves ~ Part 1 Rose Chintz by Johnson Bros.

I have a confession to make...
I LOVE dishes!
Yep, it is very evident when you walk into
any room in my home that I like dishes.

I also LOVE to use these dishes on my walls,
in displays and vignettes and of course
filling up the cabinets, shelves and hutches
all around my home.

A few years ago I took a blah so called
Bulters Pantry area our builder just added lower base
cabinets too with a mirror behind (really?)
 but no upper cabinets or shelves.
Well I got creative and I share with you
how I created what you now see.

As I was doing my fall decor and cleaning,
as I go (do any of you do this?) that got my
mind whirling.

I decided to bring ALL my gorgeous
collection of Rose Chintz by Johnson Brothers
into this area where I could see it on a daily
basis now.  I had some of it in my dining room hutch
but I really wanted to *SEE* these
dishes, so I began the process of
moving these, rearranging this cabinet
and of course my hutch (Part 2).

Many years ago, my mom was handed this box of
an almost complete set of these dishes! for free!
About 5 or 6 years ago, she decided she wanted
to keep 4 each of a place setting.
She then gave me what was left, knowing I could
scour shops and on-line places to fill in a set for me.

And that is exactly what I have done. I continue
to work on completing this into a 8-10 place setting.
I am getting closer...

Being a LOVER of all things roses and having red
as one of my favorite POP colors this has fast become
my most favorite set of dishes that I own.

I have added a few other pieces that are in the chintz
family to fill in. And now am so happy with
my stylish display.

The cups inside pretties has to be one of my favorite
things about this set.  Next to that are the square
luncheon plates.

But then again, I do love this entire set, shape
and everything about it!

I hope this has inspired to you get those beloved
collections of dishes and family heirlooms
out for you to see and display!

Be Blessed,

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall has Arrived in My Home

Welcome everyone!
I am later than I usually am this year in
decorating my home for Fall.
A huge reason I am so far behind is...
once we got my daughter settled in her sorority
new home for her Senior year,
for some reason I decided I needed to
purge and organize!
Can anyone relate?
I have also made huge strides, even in the midst
of a horrid tooth issue, antibiotics and finally
a tooth extraction.  Gladly, I am on the mend.
So lets get those pictures rolling...
Fall in my home comes to mainly our main
living areas, kitchen, entry and family.
These rooms blend well with the colors of
fall that I have chosen in reds, golds, caramels
and some yellows.

Our entry Hall tree is so much fun for
me to deck out in any season!

Then you will head straight through to our bright and
difficult to picture family room.
I really think my camera is acting up...ugh!

My Favorite area of all to decorate is our fireplace.
This year I decided to bring out all of my scarecrows
and add them to the base around the fireplace opening.

It just feels so feastive!
When I decorate for the different seasons I have
always been big on using more loose
items like, greens, leaves, fruits, veggies etc.
 that I can create arrangments from.
I never seem to do the same thing twice...
but that must be the artist in me, I think :)

Now in my Kitchen area I mainly prettied up our
eating area table, that we hardly ever eat at!

Again, using what I have and my Mikasa Stoneware
that I got 27 years ago as a wedding gift I crafted what
I think is a fun table scape!
The chairs have a pretty fallish
fabric cover that blends so well with everything. 
My pretty fall center piece uses more
 loose smaller pumkins/fruit
around plates of candles and then my
sweet painted Pumpkin.

More simple displays that are around my kitchen area.

Now my home has that cozy warm
feeling that Fall seems to bring!
Happy Fall Y'all!

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