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Friday, September 10, 2010

A Butler's Pass Through PROBLEM Solved ~ Before and After ~

Hey sweet friends!

What a busy week I have had.  Many emotional
ups and downs too.  Hubby is settling now in his
new job, but the commute isn't much fun for him and
being away for his family.
And...dearest daughter just started her first week of
college.  So many changes for this momma to
wrap her head around, huh.
When that seems to happen, my creative side starts
coming out.  And I began to focus on an area in my
home that has bothered me for years.
My *butlers pantry*.
Which is more like a pass through to the
powder room, dining room and kitchen areas.
When the builder put this in, I thought
GREAT another area for storage! But
now this area that has the mirror above is
such a wasted space.  Why weren't upper cabinets
put in? or at least shelving across for added
I have asked that question over and over and
have pondered how to fix this.  I am not
too handy with power tools (someday tho)
so it meant using noggin.
It is at times like these that the
creative juices can really begin and
problems are solved in unique ways.
Such is the case today.

I had a *LIGHT BULB* moment!!! Yep, I did!
Daughter and I have also been busy in her room
creating a College Girls Oasis...and guess what
we took off a desk? and guess what was the
perfect size for my pass through?
YES!!!!  This is the bookshelf that was attached
to my girls desk!
I could not contain myself as to how perfectly
this fit into my space.  Now, I did toy with taking he
back off so the mirror would show
through, and I may still do this.
But I was so happy with how well this fit into my
space I wanted to get down to business

Then the fun began!!!!
I could now pull out more of my *found*
treasure in my home and thrifting jonts.
I was in HEAVEN....ahhhhhhh!
I had so much fun pulling out my linens.
Grabing tea cups, tea pots, plates and goodies
to display.

I still may go remove that back and show the mirror
or even paint the shelf. Time will tell me.
I just LOVE how it turn out!!!
It gave me another
place to showcase those things I love to see.
I am an EYE Candy Girl!

I hope that my problem solving helped inspire
you to THINK outside the box.  Don't
be afraid to use things you have around the house.
Cost of this before/after...$0!!!
The best kind there is!

Thanks for stopping by today!



Connie said...

I LOOOOOVE it, sweetpea!!!! How serendipitous was that, huh? I think like you, wait to see if you miss the mirror before taking the back off. You might just like it like it is now.

Laura's Rose Garden said...

Wow Lorena!!
That looks fantastic!! I have learned over the years, that waiting (and watching) is a good thing. Your treasures are displayed marvelously!!!
Hugs, Laura

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Lorena!
I LOVE what you did with that space!! It looks so fabulous! The perfect niche for your beautiful tea sets.
I have a display problem in our new place... like there's none. So many of my pretties are stored in tubs waiting to see if there's a solution to that issue. time will tell...

Have a great weekend! hugs, Sherry

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

CLEVER and oh soooo perfectf for your tea treasures.