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Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Art of being TAGGED, again!!!

My sweet dear friend Celeste of CelestinaMarie has tagged me. This tag is to tell 7 things about yourself that no one would know. Once you have done this, be sure to pass it on to up to 7 more of your friends. How much fun to find out new and interesting things about one another!

Okay here goes:

1. At 18 I was in the Miss Washington U.S.A Pagent.
2. I must copy Celeste...I have at least 100 pair of shoes..and love purses too!
3. I worked 11.5 years at Boeing Commercial Airplane Company.
4. I have been painting 9 years, creating all my life...
5. In order to create, I must have my home in order or it will drive me nuts until I get my tasks all done. But, when I create, it is CHAOS!!!
6. I love just about anything sweet.
7. My favorite time of the year is the green and flowers blooming!

Now to pass this on...hopefully to someone who has not been tagged...sorry if you have!

Connie...Living Beautifully

Monday, September 17, 2007

The Art of Painting A ROSE

As most of you are aware, my passion is painting roses. I can tell over the past few years as an artis that I have finally gotten MY rose down to a science. So, I thought I would *toot* my own horn, so to speak. I have been busy painting up items that had been waiting over the summer. Now that my daughter is back into school, life is finally settling down. Maybe from time to time, I will show you my latest renderings? Would you like that?

My first offering is on don't forget to click the link. I just am a HUGE blue fan. My master suite is painting a soft *little boy blue* and I just love it! This was an old mirror that I have painted and added applique's to the corners. One of my current favorites, that is for sure!

My other offerings are on ebay, one is a foam pumpkin that I just love to do and the other is a wonderful old tray that has 3 glass inserts. I hope you enjoy my latest offerings!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Art of Design on a Budget

Well....I had showed my pictures of our recent Guest Bedroom Redo to my Pretty Romantic Homes Friends (PRH) and they said I need to add this to my BLOG. So here I am...

Over this past 4th of July week my sweet hubby had to take vacation. Sooo...he set aside one day to paint our guest bedroom, just for me. This room was also better known, in my daughter's younger days, as Gramma's Room. We had agreed that it needed a redo badly since we have lived in our home for 14 years and this was a room we really had not done to much to.

Out starting point was 2 cans of $5 "Ooops" Paint. These both were colors I just loved and knew would help create a unique color pallet. We painted one wall a very bright Brick Red, and the other 3 walls a very pretty almost mocha or coffee color. I had seen pictures of a sweet friends home and just loved the quilt on a bed in one of her guest rooms and knew where I wanted to go with bedding. But I also had been thinking toile as well. So...the next Sunday afternoon, after church and lunch we were at our local mall and I asked if we could go shopping for bedding ideas. My sweetie was so obliging. You see, he is a shopper!...Yes a real LIVE man that enjoys shopping. But let me qualify this so you know that when I am in MY zone to shop...I do it alone. LOL

Anyway, we found a pillow that had the quilt pattern with our wall colors but nothing else to match. The next day my hub actually offered to go to a mall nearby where he worked to see what they had, during his lunch hour. Well, they had more of a selection...he wasn't sure which one was close to what we both liked. So he didn't get it...but that evening he and I ran back to that mall and found just exactly what we were looking for...and best of all, we go a $200 heirloom quality quilt for $50. I then found on-line matching shams and bedskirt all on sale, making all the bedding cost just $110. I just could not believe that we could get all of this for such a great price!!!

During this process, I had been corresponding on my ebay group PRH and had asked if anyone knew where to get toile fabric for cheap. Thinking I was going to make some panels for curtains. My friend Rhea of Sweet N Shabby Roses (go see her blog!), offered me some curtain panels she had in a toile...for FREE!!!!! And best of all they were a perfect match. I then paired Rhea's toile curtains with some creamy cherub panels that I had in a drawer. I placed my bed in front of the window knowing that I wanted frame out my bed.

My sister came to visit during this time and helped me shop for treasure and then went around my home and picked out some amber glass that I have been collecting to place in the room. And then slowly, I began to *shop* around my home until I reach the desired affect I wanted. Using furniture that we already had in this room and from others..that cost me $0. My latest purchased were 2 rugs for $14...which made my final total for our Guest Room Redo around $150.

I love the challenge of not having a lot of $, but lots of creativity to use to come up with a whole new design...and a wonderfully comfortable place for guest to rest.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Art of being Tagged

TAG, your it!!! Well, my sweet friend Amy of BunnyRoseCottage just tagged me and this is what it's all about. You must take your middle name and after each letter write out a description of what that says about who you are. Amy's was so short but sweet, just like her! Now, if you don't have a middle name, you could use one you would have like to have had.

Mine is Ellen...which actually is my mother's middle name, Rose Ellen, and we passed in on to my daughter Michaela Ellen...keeping it all in the family and passing it on. I just love that we were able to keep this going in my family.

E - Exhorter- this is one of my *Spiritual* gifts that I guess I use w/o ever knowing it.
L - LOYAL - I think I am a loyal friend, once a friend always a friend!
L - LOVING - This just comes natural for me to love others...I just love people!
E - ELLEGANT - That is what I have been told is my personal style as well as decorating styles too!
N - NOSEY - Okay, I admit it...I just love to snoop, that is, at other's home decor and how they do things...aren't we all a bit inquisitive too?

Thanks Amy...I am gonna pass this on to Ele of PinkPrairieLady and Rhea of Sweet*n*Shabby*Roses...TAG your it!!!...If you haven't been already!