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Saturday, January 31, 2009

PINK Saturday ~ January 31th

Today I moved upstairs for my PINK post.

A few years back hubby and I painted our master suite in a soft pretty blues. Then I shabbie chiced it up with touches of pink everywhere. I also did our bath too in blues as well. So looking around I saw so much PINK, I decided to show you some in I may just make this a Part 1 and 2 since I have so many PINK goodies!


Oh these are Laura Ashely Towels from Kohl's and let me tell you...PINK, soft and asorbant! A bit expensive but if you wait at Kohl's for a good sale and then have a 30% off coupon...JACKPOT!!!
This is the large window by our garden tub that I did a FAUX Stained Glass look on. It has PINK roses all around it if you look real close. It's so bright in this area that its hard to get a true picture of the colors, but I hope you can use your imagination. And swaged across the top are Rachel Ashwell curtains.
This is MY side of the vanity area where I have place this darling side table I paint my PINK roses on. Then I have an old repurposed CUP holder, holding many necklaces and bracelets, again it also has my PINK roses on it.
I have many PINK goodies all around our garden tub too!

This sweet birdy tassle I just had to throw this picture in. I have been working on it for a while and just wasn't sure how to finish it out..then I had a LIGHT BULB moment and here's what I did! Isn't is just so sweet with this teeny bird on top? Hopefully going to be listed in my etsy shop today!'s PINK!!!

Thanks ever so much to BEVERLY our hostess for PINK Saturday. What a HUGE and fun event this has become with so many joining in. Be sure to stop by and visit the other pink participants and leave comments too! I LOVE to hear from other PINK lovers out there!

PART 2 Next week...stay tuned!

Happy PINK...Lorena

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mirror, Mirrors on the the WALL

Mirror, Mirror on the wall... do you remember this line from Snow White...What inspired this post is a wall of mirrors I have created in my Family Room. Mirror don't always give us a true depiction of what we are looking at do they? But they reflect light and many times add to the ambiance of a room. With that said..I will share with you about the mirrors in my home.

This wall of mirrors just happened. I didn't realized until I decided to put them all together just how many I had. I picks many up at sales, thrifting or junking...and before I knew it I had more than I really knew what to do with. Then, I saw in a magazine how someone had hung mirros up/down a staircase and thought it might be fun to try. Well I decided not to do it in my staircaase area but use the wall that is a pass through from our Family Room to our Living Room and Office.

Some mirrors I left in their original state. Others I decided to paint a creamy white..just to mix things up. I DO love gold so the ornate gold ones are some of my favorites.

This round one was a Salvation Army find and I believe I paid $1 for it!!!
The ornateness of this mirror, scrolls and all makes it one of my very favorites! is a story behind this mirror. When I was a young teen, my mom and dad purchased this mirror with an old dresser and wrough iron bed. They were covered in pink, had many coats of paint on them and we decided to coordinate them all to make a set. Mom and I spent a few afternoons antiquing them in gold . These were mine to keep as I grew and left the nest. Mind you that was in the 70's...oh boy..I do date myself huh? lol

Anyway, in the very early 80's a friend of my sisters saw this and took it from me because he wanted to restore it. And...this is the gorgeous piece that was under all those layers of paint. It is such a cherished mirror...what you cannot see very well is that the mirror is bevelled!
This is the original scroll work on this piece. I love the flourishes and how it just flows down the sides.
Isnt' this just amazing?
For those of you who see my blog often you will recongnize these blue walls. This mirror is in my Royal blue dining room. Now this is an inexpesive $20 mirror I purchased from Target. It was a black and I sponged it with gold to glam it up. I just love gold!!! lol It has hooks that I use seasonally..and right now it's in between seasons.

Do you see the mirror that I tucked behind my dishes in my hutch? Another inexpensive mirror that I love the simple ornateness of it! (does that make sense?)

Now, I think this mirror might be quite old...but I am not sure. Another thrifty store find at $4.94. It came in this gold color..but the ledge was covered with candle wax. I scrubbed it off and have placed this mirror in my Victorian inspired Parlor/Living Room. It rests close to my beloved Piano!

Thank you so much for indulging my love of mirrors. I hope you had fun browsing through my collection of mirrors and it will inspire you in some way! I love decorating and I love the hunt of a treasure found! I may try and do this more often, sharing treasured finds throughout my home!


Saturday, January 24, 2009

PINK Saturday ~ January 24th

Another Saturday, another PINK celebration.
I am going to keep it brief today..but full of PINK..hope you enjoy. These are just random pictures..but of course they all have PINK in them.

Many thanks again to BEVERLY, our wonderful host. Be sure to check out others who are participating! And don't forget to leave comments too!


Saturday, January 17, 2009

PINK Saturday ~ January 17th

So glad to have you at my PINK Contribution for this week! Again, Many thanks to BEVERLY our wonderful host. Be sure to stop, visit and leave comments for those who participate this week!

I am sharing once again what I have been up to in my craft room. Seems that so much of what I do always involved PINK in some way...whether it's my handpainted roses or sculpted clay roses. I am trying to gear up for Valentines and Easter. Hope you keep checking back!!!
These items are all listed right now on my etsy store!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cake Anyone?

I am one of those people that love when I saw this I thought it would be so much fun to find out what type of treat best suited me...and this is so close to being right, it isn't even's YUMMY! Of course it must be done in moderation now for me since 2 years ago I was diagnosed with HYPERGLYCEMIA (High Blood Sugar or Type 2 Diabeties). I now enjoy most goodies in moderation...NOT! lol

You Are Strawberry Cake

Fresh, sassy, and romantic.

You're a total flirt, who never would turn down a sugary treat.

Occasionally you're a bit moody - but you usually stay sweet!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


I almost forgot this morning to get my PINK post done! Silly me!!! Thanks again to BEVERLY our wonderful PINK Hostess for putting this all together!!!

I have been working on some new designs and I thought I'd give you a peek at what I have been up to. Besides painting roses I also love to craft and use my things that I have collected over time. I am a packrat when I comes to this...but I DO somehow find ways to use what I have.

These Faux goodies were created with misc items, trims, lace and my handmade clay roses, of course!!! I love color...but I have to admit that many of my goodies end up with PINK in them...hmmmmm.

This beauty is on its way to a GREAT home!

These are petite sized cakes...what do you think? I am hoping to get these listed in my etsy in the next few days.

I also adore anything Victorian...and thought you might enjoy this adorable vintage Valentine...

Happy PINK everyone!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

InSPIRED ~ Tassel

Oh Goodness...I have taken a couple of weeks off of my creating. Christmas is always such a busy time, but when you create its never ending. Now don't get me wrong, I LIVE to create..but every now and again I need a rest.

So I have been enjoying some free time visiting my blogging friends. One of the most popular blogs is My Romantic Home. I happened upon her blog a few days ago..and knew I was in BIG trouble. She was showing her wonderful tassel creations and even gave a link to where she got her ideas. And my juices began to flow. Many years ago, in a HOME COMPANION they shared a creative gal who made tassels from many things...and I was inspired then and made a few. But now they have gotten even more involved...and I thought I could use some of my own handmade clay roses and plenty of my stash of ribbons, gimp, trims that I collect. I even found a bag of ribbon I had cut up many years ago for my was an ornie I had the girls at her party make using here's my first of probably many tassels.
This tassel was partially done..and I added loops, eyelash yarn...and my roses. SO? What do you think? Would you buy one of these? or would you be inspired to make one?

BTW(By the way) the base I used for this one is a 3 inch clay pot. But you could use finials, ornaments, salt/pepper shakers, and the list I am sure could go on.

I couldn't resist sharing our CURIOUS kitty TIGER. He jumped up on our mantle from a chair. He thinks he's missing out on something, but we are not sure what. He's always been the more adventerous of our 3 cats.

Thanks for letting me share...Blessings...Lorena