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Friday, October 29, 2010

More Kitty Love Pictures!

Hi Sweet Friends!

I am so glad that GOD gave us our furry friends!
Aren't you?  My 2 kitties bring me so much
love, companionship and smiles throughout my
day.  They can entertain me and follow me around
just for love.  Does this girls heart some good
to take time and just love them and let them love me!

So I have been snapping away and thought I'd
share some more CUTE pix of them.

Okay...this is Chloe!  She will follow me upstairs at times just for
attention.  On this particular day, in my bath area she decided
to get right in the middle of where I *Stage* my pictures
for my ebay and etsy listings!
You'd think she OWNS the place, huh, LOL!
Of course, now Momma has HAIR all over her pretty area
and it all has to be cleaned!
Here's my BOY cat Tiger...he just has the prettiest CAT features...and poses too!
See that Peacock feather? well they both LOVE to chase it all over.

Alright, I am done playing! Someone please pet me!!!
Awwwww....nap time!

Last night, when my daughter and I were getting ready to sit and
watch some movies and recorded shows, I came into our family
room and Chloe and Tiger BOTH were camped on the leather sofa.
Now, in our home this RARELY happens, so I could NOT
resist snapping a few daughter decided to sit
in the middle, lol.

Oh my daughter is gonna be sooooo mad at me for putting
this in here, but I just could not resist!

Well, there you have it...move pictures of my
precious loves! Thanks so much for visiting!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's TEA TIME Tuesday!

Good Morning My Tea Loving Friends!

Once again, Tuesday's just seem to sneak up on me! How
does that happen? I wish I knew.  My life has gotten quite
busy, even with my hubby down in Ft Wayne during the week.
But I am NOT's just the way I like it.

Okay...for today's tea sharing goodies, I decided to share
a newer vinette I placed in a corner in my eat in-kitchen.  I
have this neat wicker covered shelf that I have some
items I love to display on.  My favorite is the Blue and white
lamp that I keep I went with that and added
other goodies on both shelves as you can see.

Do you see that  I have a blue and white theme? mixed
in with some Roosters in my Kitchen area? Yep, those are
my favorite things to use in here.  I love
to mix these up for *eye candy*. 
Do you spy the big FAT tea pot with the
heart? it is the one I use the most when Steeping my

Oh and I could not finish up today without sharing an
amazing thrifting find!!!
As an artist who paints roses, I just can never
seem to pass up an opportunity to pick up the works
of other artist...this gem...only $4!!!
I cannot get over anyone who would get rid of
such a beauty, can you?

Thanks again for stopping by!

Please visit my lovely hostess Sandi at
to see other Tea Time particpants!

Happy Tea Everyone!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tea Time Tuesday Mosaic

Hello Sweet Tea Friends!
I am so glad you have stopped by!

My wonderful hostess Sandi of
Rose Chintz Cottage
has many other
tea participants that you wont want to miss!

For some reason today, I had to THINK hard about
what I wanted to share.  It's not every
Tuesday that this happens...I usually
have a good idea of what I'd like to do or
share in advance!  So I decided to do a mosaic for

So I went to my newly created hutch/butlers pantry area
and decided to share with you my Tippy TOP shelf.
Here I have placed the sweetest sculpted teapot. It's spout
it shaped like a lavendar flower...and the flowers on the sides area
also raised, like 3D! Cool huh?
I also have 4 sweet tea cups up there along side my teapot. 
Then I have placed
some double candle aubras, a unique napkin holder
and a plate I have shared with yall before.
Thanks everyone for stopping by and
thanks for you comments.  I am really hoping today
that I can get the chance to visit everyone.  I was
so BAD last week...but will try and do
better today and tomorrow!

Tea Blessings,

Monday, October 18, 2010

Hello blogging friends!
Did you begin to wonder where I had gone?

Now that my hubby is working during the week
and not home until the weekend, I have been
taking advantage of the time he's away.

Been busy again this past week in my studio and
cleaning my home!  I have also been doing a lot of instrospection.
Wondering, at this season of my life "What's Next".
With my daughter in college and pretty much
independant of me and I have had a couple
of years where life just was NOT normal I began
to ask the Lord...where am I in all of this?

Well...he answers in such amazing ways.  I have been
taking advantage of EBAY's free listings they have
been offering during October.  And the Lord, as he always does,
confirmed to me that I should keep on creating! 
dear gal stopped by my auctions and love my roses.
As she and I visited back and forth via emails, she
shared she's been having a hard time with the lose of her parents
earlier this year.  She told me my roses were such
and inspiration and were helping her through this
difficult time. 
I had an epiphany or confirmation right then and there that
was my answer...keep doing what you LOVE
because you never know whose life you will touch!
Amazing life lesson, huh?

So, I have created some neat goodies and got them listed last
night..I am so excited to see what others think cause
I just LOVE these doves ornies I created.
I added my pink roses all over them and loaded them
with sugared glitter.  They are able to hang from a
tree limb or just sit beautiful as they are!

Their tails are full of ribbons, lace and pearl beads!
I also decided to make on of my ROSE Cluster Ornies for those
who LOVE lavendar.  I know so many out there do and I
didn't want to forget them!
I also got another Glass Ornies all prettied up
with pink roses, lace and even a swarovski crystal too!
Thanks for stopping by and letting me share my
LOVE of creating with you. 

I wish all a blessed MONDAY and a great week!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tea Time Tuesday ~ FALL Tea

Hi Sweet TEA Friends!
So glad you stopped by for Tea today!

I decided that since Fall is in FULL swing here
in Michigan that I'd do a Fall themed vinette
for Tea sharing today.

On a recent trip to my favorite Thrifting store I
found the gorgeous China Tea cup that's
pattern is called English ROSE.  So fitting
for this rose lover and I have really been using
it a lot!  Then, of course I just LOVE the
sweet bowl displayed.  Its DORCHESTER by
Johnsons Brothers...if I didn't already
collect JB's Rose Chintz, I'd be inclined to start
collecting the beautiful pattern.

I also added my deep red Tea for One Teapot along
with some  other fall goodies to complete my vinette! 
These all looks to good in my Family/Living Room area
because of the Colors I have decorated this room in.

Thanks so much for joining me today!
Please stop by my sweet friends
 and visit
the many other Tea Time Tuesday participants...
you WONT be disappointed!

Happy Tea!

Monday, October 11, 2010

FALL Vinettes!

Happy Monday to ALL my Bloggy Friends!

I just realized I have a few more pictures of some
of the FALL decor that I put out...
and I forgot to post it!

So, I'll keep it short and simple and
full of fun pictures for you to enjoy.

Isn't this Longaberger PUMPKIN basket adorable?

I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to decorate
in my Family Room for fits so well
with the color scheme that I have and makes this
room just come alive!


The key things I use in my decorating to
help you as well...

Loose Picks, Leaves, Pumpkins
coordinated beads/leaf strands
beaded fruit
small jar fillers
candle stick holders
Glass Jars
 (see my tutorial/how too from a couple post back)

Thanks so much for stopping by~


Friday, October 8, 2010

Holiday Goodies from my Studio

Well, as fall dawns upon us...
now is when I find myself spending more
time in my studio, producing shabby, pink,
victorian and romantic styled goodies
for your home decor!

These are some of my newest items that
have been listed in my etsy store!
Hope you will hop on over to see them!

A sweet Creamy White Pair of Mittnes!
Glass Ornament all Covered in Roses!
Vintage Crystal w/Rose Cluster!
Oh my, a cute PINK Pair of Mittens
Another glass ornament w/one of my Rose Clusters!

Thanks for visiting and allowing
me to share these with you!