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Friday, February 26, 2010

PINK Saturday

Good Day My Pink
Loving Friends!

I have continued my obession with mosaics and created
another one for your PINK pleasure!

I even threw in a pretty PINK Rose sweater
I found while thrifting during the Holidays.
Who says you cannot wear pink and
roses at the same time? I do! lol

I even had to show you a ROCK I found from
a vendor at a local Farmers Market.
This guy gets the flat river rocks and can
carve anything you want...CREATE
really is what I am about!

Thanks for stopping by today!
I do apologize as of late...I have been so busy and
will be the next few weeks that I may be visiting you all later in the
week my pink friends!

Be sure to stop by over at Beverly's of How Sweet the Sound
to enjoy the many
shades of PINK!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

SWAP Info ~ More Mosaics

I am Joining my sweet
dear friend Rhea of
Easter Basket SWAP
for EASTER 2010!
HOP on over to her blog for more
details and sign up!!!

Blogging Friends I am on a roll....
I am obsessed with all the fun
pretty MOSAICS
I can make.

You can for sure tell from my blog that
I just ADORE Victorian images.
And you also know
there's a theme running
throughout all that I do.
So I did a Vicotrian Rose Mosaic!

I do have links listed on Victorian FREE
art...if you enjoy it as much as
I, you won't be disappointed!
I have created FILES and FILES
of Victorian Pretties...
and so can you!

Have a great HUMP Day!
(Wednesday, is what I am referring to,
I know sick sense of humor, ha)

Monday, February 22, 2010

We've GOT More Snow!

Hey there blogging friends...

Well...we are finally getting some of that
snow, again, that has
avoid the SE Michigan (Detroit Metro) area.

Today we awoke to probably 7-8 inches of
the fluffy white stuff.
Its sooooooooooooo puuuurty
when it is FRESH
and unspoiled...
dontcha think?

So I did a quick mosaic up of just some of the
stacks of the fun white stuff.

Stay SAFE and Warm
my friends!


Friday, February 19, 2010

PINK Saturday!

Welcome Friends
to another PINK

I LOVE roses as most of you know,
 so I thought I'd do my new favorite things with
pictures and
am doing a mosaic of

Be sure to visit our
sweet hostess
and see the many


Sending Ya Some Roses!

Hello...My Dear Friends! the SUN ever bright here in
Southeast Michigan today! 
We have had
some very dreay gray days, as of late,
I am sitting here wishing
I could be in my Favorite place...
Jacksonville, Florida.

So I had been seeing a few of my dear friends
who had those need mosaics and
I found out where they did them.
Thought you might enjoy seeing some of my
favorite past goodies
I have done.
I am feeling like I need to get back to my
My passion of painting roses.

So the above tiles show some of my creations.
You will see More of my handpainted goodies.
These show some of my Pastry and
sweet lil boxes I love to
a pink custion as well!

If you want more information about where I made these...
just let me know and I'd be happy
to share the sights with you.

Hope you all Have a Bright Sunny Day!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sharing Some Fun Goodies

Good Morning to my Blogging Friends!

I thought I'd share a some fun dividers I found at a cool sight!

Now, when I am creating a blog I love to use unique
and fun things within my blog.
I am a VISUAL kinda gal when it comes to blogging.
I love pictures and such.

Here are a few of my FAV's and then I'll
give ya the link so you can copy/paste for yourself.
Now many of these are animated so you can link
right to them if you wish.

Aren't these COOL?

Okay here's the Link to BOPMYSPACE to check it out further.

And since I am in a sharing mood...
I just purchased the most darling book with vintage images
of animals.  Soooooo....I thought I might share a few with you.

Aren't these some of the most precious vintage pictures?
Please feel free to copy/paste them for your own usage!

Thanks for letting me share with you!
Blessings today to all of you!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

AMOUR Swap ~ What I gave my Partner!

Hey there to all of you and

Now be sure to check out yesterdays PINK/Amour post
because you wont believe ALL of the
great goodies that I received!

I did remember to take a few pictures of a few of
the things I created for my sweet
swap partner Renee!

Oh and I had so much fun finding goodies to
tuck inside.  Wish I had
thought to take more pictures.
But at least you can see a few of the goodies she got.

Thanks for letting us share our
AMOUR Swap with you all!

Happy V-DAY!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

PINK Saturday ~ AMOUR Valentine Swaps BIG Reveal

Happy PINK Everyone!!!

Today I am going to kill 2 birds with one stone...
I joining Cathy Scalise's of Heirloom Treasures
AMOUR Valentine Swap.
This was indeed one of the funnest
swaps I have done.  Well..actually
I haven't been involved in one quite this big.

Our challenge was to decorate up a good sized
HEART shaped box.
Then we could cram it as full as we wanted
with goodies our swap partner would love.
(She is so talented in making fun and
 creative jewelry from vintage pieces, check her out)

I got my creative juices going and had
so much fun!
Oh you are gonna be jealous of the
AMAZING amount of
FAB goodies I got!!!

I will let my pictures do the talking...

All the contects of the more inside my ROSE Boxes!!!

Such FUN creating stuff! I AM IN HEAVEN!!!
Darling Hankies!

See, I told you!

Baubbles and goodies galore!
Renees amazing Creations!!!
I've already worn the Locket Necklace!!!
Then after I got my goodies out I immediately
created a center piece for my kitchen table!

Be sure to stop by all the participate of the FUN Swap by

Also be sure to visit Beverly at How Sweet the SOUND
for more PINK goodies!

Blessings and Happy Valentines to you!

Listed below are those who have joined in our Swap

Sheila - Faded But Desired Treasures
Melissa - Piney Rose
Janet - Janets Creative Pillows
Debbi - The Wicker Patio
Deborah - Debs Vintage Soul
Trisha - The Brantingham Family
Vera - Olivia Paiges
Gail - The Sassy Beach
Rhea - Sweet n Shabby Roses
Sandy - Hobbnobbers
Sarah - My So Called Junky Life
Eleanor - A Bit of Pink Heaven
Jenny - Fated Follies
Linda - Country Pickins
Joyce - Scrap for Joy
Julie Ann - Kitchen Floor Creations
Stephanie - Rose Petals and Rust
Carol - Songberries
Terri - The Glittered Nest
Lisa - Lisas Craft Boutique
Chastity - One Womens Haven
Cindy - Angel Heart Designs
Tracey - Magical Kardz
Mary - Vintage Patina
Jacalyn - RME Bath Products
Mary Jo - Creative Vintage Cottage
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh MY We Finally Got Some Snow

Hey there, my bloggin friends,

So some of you are probably saying *So What?*
about finally getting snow.
Okay, I will tell you.
Here in SE Michigan we usually get buckets
of snow each year.
Now, for some reason this year all the
major storms have gone all around us.
Oh yeah, we have some smaller snows
here and there...
But....this was the BIG one for us this year
so far.

I love how snow looks right after the it stops.
Fresh. Clean. Pure.
Love those piled on looks on our shrubs.
Pretty, Huh?
I gave you a few looks in back and front of our home.
Sorry bout the screens...
School was cancelled because of the snow.
I guess when you get more than an inch or two
its harder to keep up with the snow.
Plus this snow started yesterday morning and
went till late this morning..well actually I stil see
a few lighter flakes coming down.

Hubs and I are still battling our colds.  I hate
the coughing and hacking and achy feeling.
Haven't had a cold like this on in years!
So..I am drinking my E Tea (echinacea)
which boost your immune system
just trying to veg.
Might even paint a rose or two if
I can get motivated...

Hope everyone stays safe and warm today!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I've Got the Nasty Winter Cold!!!

Oh My Blogging Friends!

Well for the past few days I have been feeling PUG!!!
My hubs had been battling a cold off/on for weeks...
then last week he got worse.
I thought I might have scathed by and not gotten it.
Alas...Saturday I could fee this
crud coming on and by Sunday..
I was achy, stuffy and just plain

I just wish I had a majic wand and it would be over.
Today I can tell I am a bit better...
coughing and hacking not included.
I was fortunate to have some antibiotics left
that I could use...shhhhhh
don't tell anyone.
I think it attached my sinus'...but they
are much better today.
Drugs are working!

But us MOM's never should get sick, right?
Cause my family...we maybe my dd...
forgets and needs her mommy when she is sick.
Yep, she's got it too!

We are bracing for the our basically 1st
REAL winter storm here in
Southeast Michigan.
Amazing how all the storms and gone around us
this year.
I guess we were bound to get it sooner or later!

Stay warm and healthy my friends!

Gentle HUGS...Lorena