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Friday, October 21, 2011

***INSPIRATION***REPURPOSING/Upcycling*** Christmas Greeting Cards Into Ornies

Hi Bloggy Friends!

Wow, where did this week go?
I certainly have been a busy girl working
in my studio!  Yesterday I was out got a chance to
visit a dear friend who had some fun project
she needed help on.  So fulfulling!

Okay...if you are at all like me...
I save just about everything...
thinking I might be able to *create* something with it?

I thought I'd share some ideas on ways I have
used and repurposed those cards we receive and send out.

I cut just the front part of the card off
 and use this as my tag.  You could put a hole
and slip a pretty ribbon through it or just
tape this to the front and bow on it!

IDEAS for MAKING Ornament out of CARDS:

Here's what I have done.
Select the cards you are going to use. 
Either Glue card together or cut the front off your card 
and glue a thinner piece of cardboard on back.
This will make a sturdier surface to work on.
Determine how you will hang then cut holes.
( I recommend do the card first and then the cardboard)
Glitter, tinsel or add lace all around.
Add ribbon or wire for hanging.

Easy peasy and such a great project for kids too!

Below is a sampling of what I have done for you to see!

The card above my sister Katina sent me.  I am sending it
back this way to her this idea huh?

Ideas are limitless...let your imagination be your guide.

I think this was a hand made card...
I think after seeing it in a
picture I still need to add some lace at the

So...would you buy one of these darlings?
I am thinking of adding them to my etsy shop...
we shall see.

Hope you were inspired to use those
cards you may have kept!!!

Be blessed,

PS...I'm Linking in over at KRISTEN'S Creations
Be sure to check out her lovely blog and
and participants!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pink Saturday ~ October 15th

Hi Pink Friends!

It has been a while since I got my act together
to join in on the PINK fun! 
I can't wait to get out there and see all the fun
PINK post everyone has!
Please visit our wonderful hostess Beverly at
to enjoy the many PINK Post today!

Since I create in PINK and have been busy
at work creating some new goodies for
my etsy shop and Christmas...
I was hoping you won't mind if I share a few of my

I love painting PINK Roses and making them with
polymer clay too...this tray is magnetic and is so
versatile...vanity with beautiful bottles, hung on your
office wall for notes or just sitting pretty on a shelf.

These are darling Cone Trees, one has my hand painted
roses the other is covered in glitter MICA!

Last, a sample of the sweet ornies I have been making!
All Items are listed in my etsy shop or soon to be
at auction on ebay!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
I LOVE to read your comments!

Be Blessed,

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

***Wall DECOR Project***

Thanks so much for stopping by today!
If you came by my blog a few weeks back you would
know I just finished sharing my recent decorating
of my homes living areas for Fall.
I moved a few pieces of furniture and now opened
up a new area for some wall displays.

So I went off to HobLob and found a cool
faux Photo with the unique letterings that
spelled out FAMILY for $10!!!
THAT was my inspiration piece.
 I added my daughters Triple Pix from her
graduation my pretty girl!
With the last piece being my *project*.

I recenlty found our Victorian Style Marriage Certificate
 that was given to my hubby and I
as a wedding gift from the Minister who married us.
I had tucked this certificate away for 25 years.
In a recent cleaning of my craft studio I
ran across it again and finally knew what
would become of this lovely piece of my
marriage history.

Okay, so please don't be mad, cuz,
 I meant to take before pictures and
as is my sometimes bad habit,
before I know it the project was done.
Anyone relate to this happening?

Here's what I did:
I took a 16x20 White Canvas board and
began painting deep burgandy, golds and
carmel colors as my base background.
I then lightly watered the edges of the paper
and tore them to give a tattered document feel.
I then used Mod Podge to adhere the certificate.
Then used that great spray stain to age it all
a bit more.  Then I added a thick coat
 of mod podge over the entire piece.
For me this board was a bit too plain so
I stained a vintage crocheted piece I had
and then glued a cross I had also purchased
from HOBLOB.  This was all glued to the

Okay...the last pictures is of my new
wall display corner!

If you are interested in something like this for your
own home, I actually did a search for
VICTORIAN Certificates and came up with
a number of places that these can be purchased
on line from!
Hope I inspired you!

Be Blessed

Monday, October 10, 2011

***Sketching Pretty Ladies Faces***

Hi Sweet Friends!

Over the weekend I got inspired.

Way, way back, more than 30 years ago when I was
attending my local Community College, I
was a very young 18 year old that did
not really have a *career* in mind.
I had always loved fashion and had dabbled in drawing
ever since I was a kid...but with no
formal training during my schooling years.
It IS definitely something I look back on now with regret.
Why didn't I see the potential I may have possessed?
I know, my momma saw it and like most
teenage kids, I turned a deaf ear.  It wasn't
till I was in my late 30's that I opened myself
up  and allowed my creative side to flurish.

Okay getting back to my story...
I did take a class that year call
Fashion Illustration.  I LOVED that class
and excelled or got an A.  We were taught basics of
shadowing and drawing.  My favorite was drawing
portraits...using a magazine ad picture as my guide.

Well...that leads me to this weekend.
I found an amazing artist, Sue Halstenberg...
 She has done a BEEEAUTIFUL series of Victorian Ladies.
( You can Do a google search or check her etsy shop for
these amazing images.)
  Needless to say these beautiful
images got my juices going.
So I pulled out my colored pencils and began
renewed my rusty sketching abilities. 

In between all of this,
 I also came upon a Facebook friend who was
 sharing some drop-dead-gorgeous
pictures of Victorian Lady Embellished Pictures she
has, with pretty faces and so darling all dolled up!
Very inspired now.
Do ya see where I am going?

NOW, I only drew the just the facial features.
I have some plans swimming in my brain of
how I want to finish these off...but
that may take me a while...
maybe a later post.
But here are the 3 better sketches I am
willing to share with ya'll.

I am not saying these are great. 
But I was so thrilled that I could even do this again.
 I will keep working on them and like in all
of creating, the MORE you practice,
the better you become..or at least I hope so.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

***Pink and Shabby*** Newest Christmas Arrivals Just Listed in my etsy!

Hey Friends,

I have been busy in between my
fall clean up/decorating and finally have finished
up a few more of my Pink Rosey Goodies
for Christmas!
More to come as I gear up for the
Holidays!  Hope you stop by and check
my etsy store out!

Here's pictures just for you,
my sweet bloggy friends!

3" Glass Round Flats full of clay roses!

My Shabby Cone Trees!

These above are 4" Flat Rounds!

Sampling of my 3" Flat Round with Clay roses!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Be Blessed!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

***GRANNY CAKE Recipe***

Hey Sweet Friends!

Today I am sharing one of my families
ALL time FAVS Desserts!
I am Also linking up with
Stone Gables, On the Menu Monday
because I know this Cake Recipe is
sure to be a hit wherever it is taken.

This Granny Cake recipe belongs to
hubbys grammy.  He loved it so much that
when we were first dating,
 and she was still alive he called and got it from her. 
He actually use to make this
and bring it to my family functions before we were married.
It is very easy cause it uses 1 Box of yellow cake mix.

It is OOOOOEY and if that's
your MO with desserts then you will LOVE this.
Granny Cake Recipe

1 Yellow Cake Mix Box
1/2 cup Brown Sugar
1 Can Crushed Pineapple (I believe 16 oz)
2 eggs

1/4 Cup Brown sugar
1 stick butter
1 Can Condensed Milk
2/3 Cup sugar
Options: Use a can of Fruit Cocktail insteal
of Crushed Pinapples.  I have also added
Mandrin Oranges as well.

Add to the cake mix your sugar, eggs and can
of pineapple and mix items well together.
Place in a 9x13 greased cake pan. 
Spread 1/4 cup of brown sugar over top of cake. 
Bake in a pre-heated 350 over.
Bake 30 or until not gooey.

While cake is baking, in a sauce pan melt
butter, then added sugar and can of
condensed milk.  Bring this to a boil
and lower heat and cook for approximately
3 minutes. 
Stirring Constantly!
Take off heat and once
cake is pulled out of oven...use a toothpick
to punch holes all over cake and pour
this gooey mixture over entire cake.
I also, pull all sides away from pan so that
the topping can ooze its way down the sides.
Let this sit and the topping will soak
into your cake!

Serve with a dollop of whipped cream!

I made this on Monday afternoon for my
Bible study on Tuesday. 
My family was so indignant that  it wasnt' for them
that I
had to make sure I gave them each a piece before
I went off to share this.
That's how much they love it!
When my daughter got home from school
yesterday first thing she asked...
any cake left over?
 I was sorry to inform her it was ALL gone!

I'd love to hear of you decide to make this.
I can assure you everywhere I take it
I always have to give the recipe out!

Be Blessed!

Monday, October 3, 2011

FALL Swap Goodies ~~~ Blue/White Curio

Good Monday Morning Bloggy Friends!!!

A few weeks ago I joined a swap with
and was thrilled that I got to be her partner.
If you check out her blog you will find her post of all the goodies
I sent her cause this girlie forgot to take pictures
before I sent them off...urggggh!!

I just LOVED everything and...
had fun dispersing the great things
she sent me all around my home.
So....shall we get started?

My decorated box, inside and out was so much
fun to open!
Darling hand made card by Deb!
See how fun these things were wrapped?
I think this PUMPKIN Scrabble sign is my fav,
i'ts sitting in my kitchen area so I can adore it all day long.
An adorable white pumpkin and array of fall themed tags...too cute!
sweet goodies, too!

If you look really close in the first picture
I took. there are some loose goodies that were in the
box and pictured below,
 I added this ceramic pumpkin on top of the cloche...
tried the white pumkin she sent but it
was a tad too tall for my Cloche, whaaaaa.

Thanks so very much Miss Deb!
You spoiled me good!


I mentioned in my last post I'd share pictures of my
Curio that I moved, clean and then added
my Blue/White Collection in.
You ready?

I added this picture above so you could see where
it is loacted in our family room.  It was moved over from the
corner on this same wall, just the other side of window.
It always seemed hidden. 
I am now enjoying  how it flanks my fireplace.
To blend it all together, I also brought in a Navy chair
to add more sitting space in this room
and add more blue to this room.

I apologize...mirror, glass ~ flash...hard to keep it
from happening.

More than half of this collection were items that
my momma boxed up and brought to me about
10 years ago from Seattle to Detroit!
Lucky me!!!
  I remember the Sears Blue Onion
Canister set in her kitchen...memories are so sweet.
Also, being a thrify gal, and shopper you can imagine
how some of these goodies caught my eye and
came home with me. Also, some cherished items
from friends who know I love blue and white anything!
Many of the plates were TJMaxx clearance
that were a steal many many years ago...
when we had one close by :(.

I have had so much fun playing with and displaying my goodies.
As well as
 being thrilled with how well it all came together
even if much of it is more mixed and not matchy!

Thanks so much for visiting...
as always, I DO love hearing from you!

Be Blessed!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

FALL Vignettes! ~~~ Around my Home~~~

A Hearty Cooool Fall Welcome
from Chilly Michigan!

Yep, those temps took a nose dive last
night...YIKES into the 30's.
I am so not ready for cooler weather...
SUMMER kinda abrubtly ended...
not giving me any warning and it was spose to!

Anywhat I took oodles of vignette pictures
from all the Fall decorated I did last week.
Thought I'd share them with ya!

Let's get you enter my
home these are what greet you!

Moving into the Family room...
I'll just go around the room,
left to right and show more close up
of my table areas.
I redid this used to have all
mirrors on it, but I needed a visual change.

This piece is a vintage Phonograph/Radio
that had belonged to my hubby's grandparents.
His brother owns their home and was going
to throw these out...but I stopped him and
snagged this and a vintage Pump Singer
Sewing machine. It IS a treasured item and
I love using it to decorate.

Next areas are two tables that flank our Leather sofa.

This corner is where my Curio with
all the Blue/White/Transferware used to be.
Tomorrow come back and see where it
ended up.
Another vignette of our table that is beside a Leather Chair.
The center piece that I placed on our coffee table
made me SOOO happy.  This is an old tool
box I picked up probably 10 years ago for 25c!!!
It has been in my storage area with the intent
of painting and selling it.  But...I think
it may have a permanent residence here.
I took took silk sunflowers and other picks and filled it and
just LOVE how it works now.

Onwards into the Kitchen area...
my eating area table center piece.
The hardest space in my entire home to picture
is by our larger window/sink area.  Too much
light I think.  Anyway, I was able to get
close up pictures...just not the entire area.
I have a deep area that I love to
display my goodies in.

I spent very little this year on decor.
Used most of what I already had.
I like to keep loose leaves, picks, florals
beaded fruits etc. and then
design away.  Every year things
look a bit different cause that's just
who I am...but I am always at
peace when its all done and I can
sit back an soak in my homes decor.

I think I am all done sharing for this Fall...
but wait, isn't Christmas around
the corner...I'm sure I'll be
back then sharing more of my home
with you then...stay tuned, lol.

Hope you are inspired to go out
and create vignettes and pretties throughout
your home.

Be Blessed!