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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thank YOU!!! ~~~ Last Day to Enter My Giveaway!

Thank you everyone who stopped by yesterday and
offered Prayer on my behalf!  You are all the best
and such a witness to GOD's goodness in this world.

UPDATE on Eye.
Dr. say he see's no detatching from the retina. 
he see a very large gel like material that has broken away
from the interior of the eye.  This does happen as we age,
its a nuisance to get used to but in time he says I will.
Also, because I am diabetic, he wants to make
certain that I have no small holes or tearing of the retina so I
made an appointment in 2 weeks to see a
retina specialist.
If you would continue to pray that there wont be any
further developments, I am eternally grateful!

TODAY is the last day you can enter my sweet
***PRINCESS Angel***

you would like to be entered.
I will publish my winner either later this evening
early tomorrow!

Be blessed and again THANK YOU!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Would You Pray for Me?

Dear Friends,

Those of you who are prayer warriors I would
so appreciate your prayers today.

Saturday I began to seeing *light* flashes and then
spiderweb like floaties in my left eye.  All day
yesterday I saw floaters and then later in the
evening I was outside and began seeing
funny like sprays. 

Of course I went right to Google...and
know that these could be a normal thing
that happens to us as we age...UGH!
But I am diabetic and know that this could also
be more serious.  I hope it is NOT my retina

So, I go to see my Eye Dr at 4:30 today.
I would so appreciate your prayers!
I will update you as soon as I know more!

Thank you so much!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

PINK Saturday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Queen OF Pink!!

Hi Everyone and Welcome!

Today we are celebrating a very special ladies birthday!
Miss Beverly over at How Sweet the Sound.
She has been our gracious Hostess for many years now,
of PINK Saturday...and
I would say she IS the Queen of Pink!
Happy Birthday to you Beverly!

Today I am sharing some of my newest creations...
all in pinks of course!

These sweet PINK goodies can all be found right now
in my etsy shop!


Also, you all are invited to join in on my
Princess Angel giveaway that I am having!

All you need to do is leave me a comment
telling me you would like to be entered!

You have until July 31st!
Again, Happy Birthday Beverly!

Be Blessed,

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Power of Praying...

Hi Everyone!

Ever so often a book comes along and I realize I need to
share it with my bloggy friends.

Now I am NOT advertizing this or being paid to share this will you.
I am sharing this because of the amazing opportunity and Power we have
as believers to Pray.  And I want others to know about this too.

When my daughter was younger I ran across Stormie Omartians
series of books she's written.  I grabbed the ones that I knew I
would need...The Power of the Praying Parent,
The Power of the Praying Wife...
and yes I got
The Power of the Praying Husband
for my hubby.

I can tell you from my own experience that these books
have made my walk with the Lord closer, I have grown so much
in realizing how Powerful God is when we approach Him in Prayer.
Yes, and I have seen miracles and prayers answered!
But most importantly, I can  release my child to GOD
who loves her even more than I do and KNOW his Will will be done
in her life.

 Stormies latest book in her series is
*The Power of Praying for your Adult Children*.
Our children are NEVER old enough for us to not
to be concerned, to protect and pray for them each day.  In my life, God
used the Power of the Praying Parent in a mighty way as a
*go to* tool when my daughter was in grade/middle/high school. 
So it was natural that as she is in college,
I started using this book as a Tool to walked
beside my young adult daughter now.
GOD is the one who can hear and answer our hearts
prayers, desires and concerns for our adult
child(ren) if we come to Him.

I am so blessed to be going through this book with some ladies
I have gotten to know through our church Bible studies.  We
are so amazed at what a beautiful job Stormie does by giving
such details specifics, verses and life stories to help
us understand how important Prayer really can be.  It really
is set up to read it all or go to a certain chapter that may pertain
to where you are at, at any given time.

That is why I wanted to share this with you...
I would strongly URGE you to purchase this book if you
have adult children or even younger children. 

 one of you who leaves me a comment will
receive copy of
The Power of Praying for your Adult Children Book of Prayers.
Which is a pocket sized book that you can take with
you anywhere.

So to enter just leave me a comment and next
Thursday August 2nd I will be picking
a name from my comments.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sweet Lil Princess ANGEL GiveAway Reminder

Hi Everyone!

Just putting this post out for all who are interested in joining in on
my little giveaway. 
In my previous post...Where Bloggers Create
 I decided to add a giveaway.
It had been quite some time since having one and
I do so adore being able to bless others. 

PLEASE read...for how you could Win.

Just leave me a comment either in this post or
my previous post. 

PLEASE state you want to be entered. 

If YOU DO NOT let me know, I will assume you do not
want to be entered.

Winner is announced on July 31st.

Many years ago I had found these darling large
wood cutout angels.  This sweety is the last one
that I have.  Sure wish I could find more...
I think she looks like a princess don't you? never know with me...I just may add some other
goodies too!
If you are interested in where I do my creating...the above
is a great picture is of this very space.  It is a dreamy,
 cheery place for me that I adore and love and feel so blessed
to have! 
If you want to see more of my space and where
other bloggers create...check out my side bar and
click on *Where Bloggers Create*.

Thanks for stopping by and entering!

Be Blessed,

Friday, July 13, 2012

Where Bloggers Create 2012 ~ Giveaway Too!

Welcome to Rosechicfriends!
I am joining Karen over at
My Desert Cottage,
(click above to see other participants)
for the 4th Annual blog celebration of
*Where Bloggers Create*!

I am Lorena and I WELCOME you to my creative space! 
I am so happy to be joining Karen for my 3rd year in sharing where we bloggers create.
I am a painter of Roses, make clay Roses from polymer and an avid crafter who loves most anything to do with roses.  I have sold my items on ebay and now currently sell my creations on etsy.

I feel so blessed to be able to have transformed a 4th bedroom in my home into my studio.  With the help of my sweet hub I transformed this smallest of rooms into a Creative Oasis for me in 2008.  Before that time I had a room in our basement...but I began to realize I need a window to the world.  This year in January I knew it was time to tweak my space once again...we creative types are in a constant state of tweaking, dontcha think?

What spurred me on was the need of more surface space to paint and craft.  I also needed to move the furniture just a bit to place those things I used most closets to me, and those things I used less, into other areas.  Being very visual, I LOVE my eye candy so I also wanted to make sure that HOW I store my creative things is pretty and pleasing to my eye.

The first four pictures gives you an idea of how the room looks from different angles.

This picture, below, is where I keep many of the items I have painted and created.  A great shot of what I look at when I am sitting at my table.

I used many pieces of furniture that I painted in heirloom white as ways to store my overflow of goodies I use.  Want to see more?  Well I took plenty of pictures to share with you ways that I have stored and used *found* objects in my room.

This is my *hutch* that I created taking an old buffet and shelf and marrying them together.  I now have most all of my fabric and floral pieces housed here.  Below, behind the doors, I have batting and spray paints that I use, but not as often as other things.  The corner shelf has more goodies that I
use too.

I am being brave this year, and showing you the inside of my closet.  Most of my papers and extra items that I may keep for creating are kept here.  I also have a small storage area in our basement for other items that I may work on in the future...but I am NOT gonna show you that room...hehehe.

I also like to keep some of the created things I use out, until they go to a new home.  Part of loving pretty *eye candy* and having it around me.

Okay, I  just shared the exterior or to the left wall of when you come into my room...
Now lets move over to where the creating really happens.

I took a folding table and have covered it with a pretty twin sized vintage sheet.  A wooden crate houses things I use a lot.  My glue gun is a constant and ALWAYS is out.  The pinks and white ribbon are just a sample of the ribbons I have.  More ribbon is actually housed in the right drawer in my hutch.  I also have a neat (just given to me) desk that works so well as my sewing table and it is also where I ipad stays when I am in this room.  I have my buttons and glitter stored in the shelf above the sewing machine.  I also love the peg board I created just for my scissor storage.

What you don't see?  Well the larger white surface was originally the top of a drafting table.  It was just too high, so I took the table apart...placed my 4 plastic containers in the center and now I have hiddened icky containers, but keep them close at hand with items I need all the time.  I then took a coordinating sheet and glued it all around the edges to *hide* my storage.  Pretty clever way to keep my room chic not shabby!

Are you still with me?
The last pictures are once again, more storage containers or shelving.

Pretty boxes for storage.

A sweet book shelf, that has many decorating books, reference materials, guides, how to's, and my 1980-1990's collection of Victoria Magazines.

Moving now, around to the largest wall space...
You see here the many prepped items that need painted.  I also have a collection of Glove Boxes that I use to keep my hand made clay roses that I make in.  I sell these in my etsy shop for others to use in their own projects, as well as, using them in own designs.

This old dresser was actually mine as a child.  I has had many transformations.  I brought it into my room in January.  It was such a great addition to my storage needs.  I have stacked a 9 shelf cardboard container, which houses a lot of my laces.  On top I have 2 utility multi-drawers and more of my laces and trims.  Inside the drawers I have also place more trims and needed items for crafting.

Oh, and YES, I did paint those roses on here...but they are probably well over 10 years old.  It was before I really started to paint and sell my items.  At that time I would paint on just about anything.  Lol..other painters out there can probably relate.

There it is, my crafting studio bedroom. I feel so blessed to have this room and  a sweet, cheery place to go to during my days.


Now, for my giveaway...

Because I LOVE to share and I LOVE giveaways I thought this would be a great opportunity.

I decided to give away my last *PINK Princess Angel*

All you need to do is leave me a comment and tell me you want to be entered.
  If you do not specify this, I will assume that you do not want to be entered. 
So PLEASE let me know if you want a chance to win my angel.
That is all you need to do.
I will choose a winner on July 31st.

Last, I thought I'd leave you with just a few of the goodies that I  have created this past year.  I have this sweet feather tree all decorated with many ornies I have made...I love to leave it out on display for me to enjoy all year long.

Thanks again for stopping by!
I cannot wait to see the amazing spaces
Where Bloggers Create!

Be Blessed

Monday, July 9, 2012

Creative Artist Challenge ~ A Heavenly Bit of Design

Hello Bloggy Friends,

Over a month ago I was asked if I would like to participate
in a crafting challenge.  Having never really done one,
other than swaps, I decided I would love to give this a try.

My sweet friend Ele over at
was our hostess and supplier of the
materials we would use in our challenge.
We also were given some adorable hand stamped ribbon
from OwensAcres etsy shoppe.
Can you see all the wonderful goodies that came in my kit?
Papers, ribbon, twine, crepe paper, glitter, buttons
and oh, so much more.

I actually had an idea right off, of what I thought I'd do. 
Having seen shadow boxes on Pinterest and etsy,
I really wanted to do one of these.
So my first thing was to secure a *shadowbox*...which
I snagged on ebay. 

I then had to put my goodies aside as I was
sadly dealing with my sweet kitty Chloe who was in
kidney failure.  We then went on our family vacation
the middle of June.  Once I returned, I knew I would
have to get my creative juices flowing.

My theme:
Adoring and Loving...

I REAAAAALLLY had so much fun with my
theme.  If you know me or are a follower you will KNOW
this is SOOOOO me!!!

I used up most every piece of the papers what were given me.
The main colors were pretty pale blues, green and fadded
sheets of paper.  I then tried to use this theme in
different ways, showcasing the fun materials we were

Being a lacy girl I added tons of lace,
and my own hand made clay and felt roses too.

I was able to incorporate most of the fun items
we had received, the glitter on a heart, the beads
on another heart, the buttons everywhere, and
best of all...I had to use my imagination!

I used our *free* sweet ribbon in two ways.
I created a ribbon rose and then added
a ribbon box with my felt roses
in one of my sections. 
A Perfect compliment to the other
lovely items we had to play with.
Thank you Owens Acres!!!

There you have it a lovely Collage ShadowBox.
What do you think?
Wasn't this a great idea?

Please be sure to stop by Ele's blog and her etsy shop
to see other great goodies and items she may have listed.
Be sure to also see Ele's blog for Other's who participated
in the fun challenge!


Be Blessed