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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 ~ A Year in Reflection

I am so Hoping that my dear blog friends will know I wish you all a Blessed Happy New Year. I just love that we get another year to yet see what is in store for us. What a journey this year has been. Many ups and downs. But I have so enjoyed the amazing friendships that can be made and maintained out there in cyber world. Who knew 10 years ago that this might be a major way to communicate with our friends?

In my reflection of this past year, hmmmm...if I had to sum it all up I would say STORMY. My family and I have weathered some very difficult storms this year. I believe when we are in the midst of storms God brings comfort to us. For me GOD knows how musical I am and usually a song will keep popping up or the words meet me where I am at. song through this past year is from one of my favorite groups Casting Crowns...their song PRAISE YOU IN THE STORMS. (if you click on this you can hear a you-tube version of this song) The words are powerful and have sustained me through many tears I have cried.

TRUST in the Lord with all your heart...lean NOT onto your own ALL your ways acknowledge HIM and HE will direct your path...Proverb 3:5&6

TRUST is another word that comes to mind when I reflect back over this past year. I had to TRUST that GOD who LOVES my only child and daughter even more than I would watch over her as she got her drivers license. I did not even know what a PANIC attack was until she began her driving experiences. TRUST...that was a hard one. I also had to TRUST my GOD when I saw her hurting beyond anything I could help her with. My mother's heart broke and many tears were shed as I saw her being hurt by others and not knowing how to deal with it all herself. I also saw how that TRUST brought her to me and I could find the right help for her. We are still walking through that TRUST.

And we know that all things, work together for good, to those that love GOD and are called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

A GOD who sees all, or is omnipotent. The stress of a work environment for my hubby that became so hard to endure that the only way out was a medical leave. Which his body and mind and soul needed. And I neede a much needed break that the stress had on me. But only to go back to work and find out he had no job. A GOD who sees and knows the bigger plan. We must TRUST that GOD who closes one door has another one for us to open in his timing...that is what we are praying for this year. There is so much uncertainty in the economic environment of our world we could be asking, WHY NOW? But we are trying to TRUST..amidst the NOT knowing...storms of life.

Then those we know who have had cancer and have died recently from it. WHY? I don't know. But I do Know they are with GOD and their bodies are healed. How it brings us back to the fragility of life. How we need NOT take any day for granted. To LOVE those around us, reach out and touch others, help someone who is in need. TRUST.

In the past few weeks I felt like I couldn't handle any more. The holiday season was upon us..and my heart was not in it. My greatest comfort has been the image of me sitting at the Lord's side, my head in his lap and asking HIM to comfort me. I also felt I had a need of those empty spaces in my life to be filled....and for HIM to give me the strength to go on...and you know he has answered that prayer. As I poured out my hurts and heart to HIM, he has given me HIS perfect PEACE. I truly believe I am beginning to learn that this is the only way I can survive the STORMS of life.

I don't want any of this to be a downer for you...but my HOPE is that you will know that GOD has taught us to PRAISE HIM through the storms. He hears every cry out to HIM. Those tears I have cried and has caught in his hands. What a sweet PEACE that gives me to know HE'S there beside me in the storms of my life.

I will LIFT mine eyes unto the Hills, from whence comes my help comes from the LORD, the MAKER of Heaven and earth.
Psalms 121:1,2

I Do wish for an easier, storm free year...but if they are still there...I WILL STILL PRAISE HIM IN the STORMS. May our Lord Richly Bless your New Year.
In HIM...Lorena

Saturday, December 20, 2008

PINK Saturday ~ DECEMBER 20, 2008

Happy PINK everyone! Another Pink day is upon. Boy it was harder this week than in past Saturdays to find some PINK I hadn't shared with you. But I perservered and DID find a few pink goodies for you to see.

Again...thanks to BEVERLY who is our hostess and does such a wonderful job organizing our PINK Saturdays. A great big THANK YOU from me. I have so enjoyed seeing everyones versions of PINK when I have been able to go through the LONNNNNNG list lol.

This is a old plant cart that I have been usuing for some of my MILK GLASS collection. I filled it with some vintage, recently found PINK balls.
These cuppies were made by me...using chenille, gimp and some of my clay roses...I have seen so many pretties made and being the creative sort, put my own twist on them!
Theres are so many PINK flowers on some of my Tea Cups that I thought I'd just show the entire pictures.

I also want to take this opportunity to wish everyone who comes in to view my PINK goodies a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Celebrating the Birth of my Lord and Saviour JESUS!

Thanks for leaving me comments...I do so enjoy reading and meeting you all!
GOD Bless!Lorena

Friday, December 19, 2008


Well, those of us in the Metro Detroit area were warned of a big storm a coming! And..yep right in cue it decided to dump about 8 more inches to the 3 we had gotten earlier this week. It looks like we just might have a WHITE Christmas. More snow is on its way too, another storms a brewing Sunday...

Hope you enjoy a few of the snow pictures I took. There's something special about the first REAL snow..and then of course in my can all go away and come back again next year at this time!

There's SNOW place like Home!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Celebrating Christmas!

Welcome to My Home at Chrstimas Time. Please click HERE to join the others with DEENA who are participating! Please be sure to scoll down, I have lots of pictures to see!

These are of my Victorian/Pink Living Room.

These Pictures are of my Family Room...I do mostly golds and reds in here. Oh and my Santa collection is on display in here as well.

Below, are pictures of my ROYAL Blue Dining Room. I never grow tired of the beautiful color along with the wonderful moldings in this room. I have combined blues with reds to give this festive look.

I have also put in a few snippets of vinettes that are in my Kitchen...I am still finishing up my decorating due to being sick over a week ago. I am behind..but wanted to get most of my decor done to share with everyone come back to see more pictures being added.

Last but not least...I took this beautiful pink pin holder I made, and created a TREE shape with all of my pins. I also made the sweet Clay Rose Tree atop. These greet my guests as they look up to our 2nd floor in our entry. I also have a corner shelf on my landing filled with hobnail milk glass and vintage pink balls.

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed My HOME at Christmas. Blessing to all and a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!