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Friday, September 30, 2011

FALL TableScapes ~ Eating Area...Dining Room!

A Huge Welcome Back to viewing
the FALL Tablescapes I have created in my home!

So lets get started in my Kitchen's eating area. 
We have a semi-wall/cutout
opening that looks into the kitchen area from our
family room.  I try really hard to incorporate similar design
elements and colors in theses two areas since they are the
 rooms and we really LIVE in.
Unfortunately I get so much light that it always
seems to be hard to get decent photos...but I
hope you get the gist.

I went with more golds, carmels and
touches of reds in this area.
Using my Mikasa Le Jardinare
stoneware (wedding gifts 25 yrs ago).
These have all the fall
colors and blend so well that I set
them upon Gold charger plates.
The gold/amber glasses were .65c each (got 8) thrift store
finds that I could NOT pass up.
Again, most everything I used on this area was
something I already had.  So no cost except
my time to put it it!!!

These glass jars are so amazing and versatile
doncha think?  I filled this large one with
some gold sprayed pinecones and leaves...
then dusted the base with colorful
dollar store leaves, glittered cardinals
and some candle sticks (thrift store finds) that I placed
sweet dainty pumpkin candles on.

Okay, lets move on over into my
*formal* dining area.
Which is really NOT so formal
to me...but hopefully warm and inviting.
I have once again used what I have...
 a cornucopia I made up,
surrounded by leaves, corn and ceramic
fall pieces I have collected over the years.
The red glass candle holders were purchased at Pier One
quite a few years ago on the cheap...some of my FAV things.
Love how when the flash goes off on the
camera, it then gives the room and glowing feel.

Setting my table I used two table runners as my anchors.
Red charger plates enchance my china plates (given to me)
 and Rose Chintz that I have placed on top of it.

All ready for my FALL TEA I am planning!
There you have it...

Thanks again for stopping by!
I DO love to read your comments!
Be Blessed,

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

***A FALL Welcome Family Living Room***

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to FALL in our Family Room.
This IS the room we live in most.
And, fall colors blend so well with our decor
that I just love how it warms up this room.

The view below is looking into the family room
from our entry.  I have been cleaning and
rearranging my furniture to provide more
sitting space.  I really am loving how cozy
and warm this area is now.

I moved my display case over by the fireplace and
then decided to fill it with all my transferware,
blue and white themed items...many given to
me about 10 years ago by my mom.
I was soooo surprised by how much I had...
I promise I will do another blog to share more
with you.
I have the most fun with our mantle/fireplace.
Love, lov, luv to play with arranging seasonal
goodies on it.  Don't you think they make a room?

I also included a few closer up pictures of my
Fall decor on or around the mantel.

This longaberger basket is stuffed with
pinecones, many are HUGE ones
I picked up and brought back from
Jacksonville, Fla a long time ago.
I sprayed them all gold and use them
 fall and throughout the holidays. 
Such an easy and fun way to display nature.

Be sure to come back tomorrow as I share more
vignettes in my family room and hopefully
another post of tablescapes that I have done as well!

Love hearing from you too!
Be Blessed!

PS...I am linking with
*Ideas for Fall* link up party!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

*****A FALL Welcome into My Home*****

WELCOME Friends!

After a loooong week of deep cleaning I am
finally able to share the fruits of my labor with you!

I have so much to share so I will break my
posting into 3 or 4 seperate post so
you wont get toooooo bored
you can see everything.

Today I am sharing my welcoming entry way.
My door is a deep burgandy so I know
it shows the Fall colors of my wreath so well.
I have tweeked this wreath now for the
past few years...maybe next year
I give it a redo.

This sofa table and darling vintage
rocker which belonged to
my mother in law, and was gifted to my daughter,
 is what will greet you as you enter in.
The colorful throw was another grammy
 hand made with love treasure.
I believe the stitching is called BroomStitch,
so fitting, huh?

I took several angles so you could
see my fun collection of scarecrows
...the pix below is
standing in my dining room,
 looking out to the entry.

One thing I do as I decorate,
is use loads of loose leaves, picks,
pumpkins, or just about anything that
works well into the fall theme.
This way, I can change things up
every year.

On the inside wall of where our closet is,
I have my beloved hall tree.
It also recieved the fall treatment too.

Well that's it for my entry area.
Thanks so much for stopping by.
I also want to say that I have so enjoyed
 the lovely decor I have
seen out there in blogland!
Everyone is so creative and it has inspired
 me to get my own home spruced up for FALL.

TEASER Pictures...
Remember my last post?
I told you I was in a deeeep clean.
Well I have dusted, cleaned, vacuumed, and
rearranged all the furniture in our main
living area or Family Room as we
call it.


Do you see some differences?
It certainly is cleaner..and Tiger LOVES
it too!

Come back for more, hopefully

Be Blessed!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

***I'm Busy Nesting***...i think?

Welcome sweet friends!

In my attempt to keep it really real...
I'm am gonna show you my mess!
Yep, I am in the midst of a
looooong overdue cleaning of my
family room. 

We always show our rooms when they look all
put together and sweetly done up right.
I thought you might like to know what my
sometimes, mixed up, going in
20 directions, mind does to me at times!!!

I have PILES everywhere.
I am attempting to rearranged some curios
and cabinets and put out my fall stuff.
Ans of course, it ALL is in need of a good dusting.
Did I tell you I really do HATE, dislike cleaning
but I LOVE, Luv, LOVE to decorate it all back up.

It all came about because I wanted to put my
fall goodies out.  This in turn spurs
on my creative juices...
the practical side of me says,
You gotta clean this room up good...
I mean the nitty gritty, corners, moving
all the furniture...dusting high and

Then I can rearrange furniture,
put it all back differently,
and HOPE that I wont have to do
this again till after the Holidays!

Am I all alone in being like this?

I've also been really wanting to take out
the contents of my two cabinets that flank
my UGLY TV and add some pretty
wall paper behind as a back drop.

I have two choices...
the one below
which is a sagey green pattern...

this one below, which has a whiter
background with roses.

Which would you choose?
I know what my daughter thinks...
I know what I think...
Love to hear what you think...

Be Blessed,

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

***I Am a Winner!!! ***

Hey friends!

Well Imagine my surprise to receive
an email over a week ago with the title
*A little Something to make your day*...
and it did!

I was the very happy winner of a
Kinnikinnick Food
Gluten Free Mixes!!!

And my boxes quickly arrived last week and
as you can imagine I
was overjoyed with the amazing variety
of mixes that were included.

Once hubby saw my boxes,
we both agreed,
 and I promtly made the
chocolate cake mix...
it's all gone and I didn't even
get a picture of it to share.

But let me tell you it was YUMMMY!!!

Thanks again to Shannon for having
such an cool giveaway!
Also, be sure to check out her blog
it is full of great ideas and
wonderful things!!!

Be Blessed!