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Sunday, October 25, 2009

I'm Still Here~ Creating ~ Some Cooler Weather Wear

My dear Blogging Fellows...are you still with me here? 

Wow, what a week I have had. I knew last week was going to be I have had very little time to be on a computer.  I have missed my daily trips into visit.  I am also so sorry for NOT getting back to those what have commented in the past few weeks, Forgive Me, Please?

I was working with 2 of my dearest friends over that past 2 weeks and had been planning a luncheon for 100+ girls.  The Luncheon was this past Thursday.  I am SO mad at myself for once again NOT remembering to bring my camera.  When Will this become 2nd nature? just picking up the camera and keeping it with me at all times? man!!

Anyway...we spent this week, going over our plans, filling goody bags, buying enough food for 100+, baking 20lbs of chicken breast, cutting up chicken and enough Romaine Lettuce to feed those girls plus staff.  That didn't take into account the extras we had to put on their salads, plating rolls and home baked cookies in about 2 hours.  And..this was all before the lunch ever happened.  Thankfully, all the decorations I had used for my dear friends daughters wedding, in August, were once again put to good use.  GIRLS just love PINK, huh? with lots of orange thrown in! 
Okay, then there's actually setting up and decorating, which turned out mighty fine!
Thursday got us up early to get all the food prepped and ready to serve.
Thank God for willing volunteers and many hands and feet who helped make this lunch for the Girls a success.
This was a very important lunch.  Our girls go to a Christian High School and we were fortunate to have a woman speaker come talk to the girls about being a Godly Woman especially with all the mixed signals that they deal with on a daily basis.  I heard from the Bible teacher the girls loved it and it was well received.  Hearing that makes it so worth ALL the time that went into it behind the scenes.  Also, so many made sure to THANK us as they left that day.

Now anytime I am involved in a project like this, I know the down side will hit me and it did.  I was battling with seasonal stuff all week just feeling like my *Tail was a Dragon*...which made me grumpy, tired and embarrassed to say I had a few temper tantrums in between all of the flurry of activity I was involved in, Yep, lil ole me is NOT perfect! lol
And then, Yesterday I awoke to a headache that just grew all day until I had to take Migrane meds to get rid of it.  This is SO not how I want to be. I get frustrated cause I want to do so much more if I could just *think* right. 

So sorry for rambling...
I did get to escape a few hours this past week to work on some unfinished Christmas items.  This sweet Snowman Shadow Box is one of those items I ticked off my LOOOONG list of TO DO's. I am hoping to list him in the next few days.

Now with the the cooler temps upon us... I thought I'd share a Sweatshirt that I have painted and is listed right now in my etsy shop.  I LIVE in layers during the cooler days of fall and  winter in an attempt to keep warm.  I am always cold! Sweatshirts are my first grab on a cold winters day!   And if they have pretty roses handpainted on them...well...that makes them all the more wearable, in my book!  So...if you are looking for a special gift for a hard to find person, what better way to give a gift than to give one that is handpainted .
This HEART of Roses is on a Navy background, size Large and is the loose fitting band.  This has been heat set for years of wash and wear.  I have one that I painted for myself which has seen many washes and looks just like I had first painted it.  The KEY is heat setting it to your fabric.

Thanks so much for stopping by...I LOVE your comments and really do read them all. I promise to try and be better about getting back to all of you who take the time to leave you sweet messages!


PS...Be sure to keep checking back...I have a BIG giveaway announcement coming up!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

~ I'm SOOOO Blessed ~

Morning dear friends out there!  Hope you are all enjoy the cooling weather!  I always dread this time of year and the seasonal changes due to HOW I feel.  I just am a WARM weather girl!

Anyway, I haven't posted as much over the past week cause I am very busy helping plan a LARGE luncheon for 100+ girls at my daughters school this Thursday.  I have 2 very dear friends who are my rights arms through all of this.  So I snuck in early this morning so I could post.

Last week I was so thrilled to share with you the Beautiful apron that Connie of Living Beautifully sent me.  Oh I just LOVE to look at the wonderful piece of work hanging over the door in my Kitchen every day!!! It just gives me a GOOD feeling!

Well...Yesterday in the mail I received yet again another sweet gift from my friend Katie of KATIE's Tea Roses. Please go visit her sight, she is just the most creative gal when it comes to helping you plan parties.  She makes the most amazing Themed Tea Roses  party favors and much more and her ideas alway amaze me! 

Not only does Katie make wonderful party favors, she also works with her hands.  She quilts, sews and does the most wonderful handiworks I have ever seen.  So when I open my unexpected package from her, it brought tears to my eyes.  I know she also is dealing with some physical limits herself and that's why this gift touched me so deeply! 

I paint blue birds, love hearts and my name begins with *L*...need I say more?  She MADE me the sweetest Pillowcase cover!!! So shabby sweet and....PINK!  She knew I have been having a rough time and that it often affects my she said when I have a tough night, I will at least have something PRETTY to put my head on.  Now, I don't know if I can *dirty* this up or not!  What a sweet friend indeed!

Thanks for allowing me to share this with you all! I am so thankful that GOD knows what we are going through and often uses people in our lives to encourage us and help along.  I am indeed a very blessed gal!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

~Sharing~ My Victorian Inspired Christmas Ornies

Hi Blogging Buddies!

Thanks for stopping by. I am now in the midst of creating for this upcoming Christmas Season...this usually takes up most of my Aug/Sep/Oct months. I really LOVE it when those creative juices run wild! Now that doesn't mean I don't have to talk to myself into just letting it flow and NOT 2nd guessing myself...anyone out there understand? lol.
I often self doubt myself..mainly cause I do no know what others are looking for or I think what I do will be percieved and ugly.
 I am convinced that it is all part of the CREATIVE mind but I also know that GOD
gave me this mind and *NOTHING* I do is ugly, it just might not be appreciated
by everyone, and that's okay.
I NOW officially have glitter everywhere...I wear it wherever I go! lol
Doesn't this Sweet Angel have the most precious face?
Then there's these 2 adorable children who look like a small
version of a Bride and Groom
Then there's Santa..he's backed up by a huge HEART all
done up in Foil Glitter!
Do you KNOW what this guy is...I'd guess he's a British Bobby? or Soldier?
I also LOVE to take those found treasures and create a table top piece that is
so reminiscent of the past...using those items along with new ones!
Thanks again for stopping by!
Have a GREAT day!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

~FALL~ It's In the AIR

A GOOD Saturday Morning to YOU my blogging friends!

Here In South East Michigan it OFFICIALLY feels like FALL!
The temps have dropped, coats are coming out of closets, sweaters and jean are the norm.
As I drive down our neighborhood trees are AGLOW in yellows, oranges, corals and firey reds...with leaves being blown in the wind.
 A little further down the road our loacl CIDER Mills is open for Fall business of sweet apple cider and freshly made cinnamon donuts, that melt in your mouth, YUM!
Going out a little further, as you look around the rolling expanse, you can see pumpkin patches with their signs PUMPKINS for Sale...yep those are signs of FALL here in Michigan.

I really do LOVE where we are located...close enough for shopping yet out far enough that we feel like we are in the middle of a rural landscape..allbeit we live in a sub-division.
So of course that means, the soon approaching night of Halloween will be upon us.
 Doncha just LOVE those darling little sweeties all dressed, waddling through piles of clothing, greeting you with *trick or treat* SOON will soon be here!
Yep Fall, it's in the air!
Aren't these just darling images? I'm sharing again! Hope you love 'em!
Fall Blessings to All!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

COME L@@K at What I Got in the Mail!!!

Good Afternoon my blogging buddies!

I was so thrilled yesterday when the MOST beautious, beautiful and amazing creation EVER was bestowed on me....this sweet APRON!
It was gifted to me from a very special lady in my life, Connie of Living Beautifully!  I first *met* Connie in an ebay chat group over 3 years ago.  She then started a smaller group of which I was invited to join.  Because of Connie, our small group of women have come together from all over the country.  But...she has a gift of making us all feel loved and special...a unique group of ladies or sisterhood.

She has been such a blessing to me over and over again, with many words of wit and wisdom.  And what's even better she lives in Idaho where I have family so that makes her even more special!
Connie knows me so well.  I have a Enlish/French Country feel in my Kitchen.  My apron was made with many unique fabrics that all FIT my kitchen decorum!!
I LOVE checks and polk-a-dots! And she added 2 precious pockets as well.
Do ya see the roosters? Well I have many Roosters as well in my kitchen and she added them for me on my sweet APRON as well.

~and..I could not let this TOILE fabric go unnoticed pretty and matches to a *T*~
She has made many to hurry over and get your's before they are ALL gone.  She is such a talented seamstress and has a wonderful mix n match
eye...that is FOR SURE!!!

Thank you So MUCH Connie dear..I love ya!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!!

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

I Love you and am so Happy the Lord brought us together.
You have been my Rock and Treasure!
I know right now things don't always seem to make sense,
but I know through prayer and our Faith
in God, we will see the other side soon.

Love ya!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday Morning Blues

Good Morning My sweet blogging friends!

You know, when I started blogging, I determined that I would be transparent as much as possible.  As much as I love to show you what I am doing, share how to's and decorating ideas...I also wanted to be able to share the *REAL* side of my life.

Usually that is around my faith and what I am going through. 

I didn't sleep well last night due to my BRAIN clicking ON instead of OFF to sleep.  I wrestled, prayed and finally put my ipod songs on so I could drown out the *noise* and hear praise and worship music instead.  It did help, but alas, I still awoke feeling a bit blue today.

Our faith has certainly been stretched since August 2008.  After 14 months, my hubby has NOT yet found work in his field of expertise.  I have watched him day after day spending many hours scouring On-line jobs and putting out his resume, with very little response.  Down and Discourage have become the normal words I feel each day. We have had a few opportunites come and go but nothing with promise.  Looming over us is insurance running out, using our retirement nest egg and a Senior in High School with college nearing.  Overwhelming to my lil'ole human mind.

During a time like this, God always seems to put a very VITAL and much needed song in my path.  And I wanted to share the HOPE he has continued to give me...YOU WERE THERE by Avalon is just that song.  It talks of how through all of History and in the life of a young King David and Abraham he was there.  He WAS, He IS and He WILL always be. Such comfort during an uncertain time, he is here right beside me.  There is a line in this song where Abraham was asked to sacrafic his only a time of being unclear as to the why's..Abraham obeyed and then...Just In TIME GOD provided a lamb...
those words SPOKE to me last night,
I am waiting for our *JUST IN TIME*!

I am sharing the You TUBE Link to AVALON's song YOU Were There...I hope it inspires and touches you today.  May GOD richly bless your lives.  He IS right beside you! He is here!

Love ya...Lorena

Friday, October 9, 2009

Roses, Roses, Did SomeOne say * I LoVe Roses*?

Hello my sweet blogging friends!

Oh creative juices have been actually flowing lately! Last week when I was up in my Studio (upstairs bedroom)  I was busy designing goodies for the upcoming holiday sales.  Well, those who know me well know ROSES somehow seem to creep into my designs and this one is that and more, for sure!!!  I JUST could not wait to share this with you!

Okay, let me stage this for you. I found this blingy *R*  in my stash and was wracking my brain for a unique way to use it!
I was just so tickled when lil ole me thought this up.  So I went and got this cute heart and painted my roses and began to go through, once again, my stash of goodies and SEE what I did? 
I actually used my own handmade clay roses...

...loads of blingy goodies, buttons and cording...and...

I HEART Roses or I LOVE Roses
A sweet lil plaque for any rose lover!!!

Rosy greetings to all...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Week 6 ~ My Collections

Hey friends!!!

This week I wanted to showcase my bisque, ceramic, porcelain or compo  whatever they are called ROSES!!! lol  Those who know me well and follow my blog understand I cannot pass up roses...well most anything with has to do with roses that is!  This is a fairly recent collection that has grown over the past few years.  Not one of them was paid full price for...I am sure my treasuring hunting and thrifting outtings is where I have found pretty much most of them!  This is a JUST Happened type of collection!  These ALL reside in my Victorican styled Living Room...where ROSES reign!

The first few pictures have been taken of a tray that I put my main collection on.  This is on the coffee table and its main attraction.
I have taken pictures of all around this sweet tray of ROSES, so you can see them all.
So many differing shapes and sizes, huh?
Isn't this a sweet tray? It was a swap gift, just LOVE it!
This quite large ROSE could also be used as a candle holder!
Last, this Pill Box was a gift to me during a very difficult time I had last year.  It was truly a gift meant from the heart and brought me to tears!

Wishing you Rosy Thoughts today!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oh the LIFE of a Cat!

Hi there sweet blogging friends!

Today I was visiting one of my friends blog and it reminded that I am always snapping photo's of what I think are CUTE pix's of my trio of kitties! I then began to go through many pictures that I had forgotten I'd taken of these 3 members of our family.  Some are just funny posses or things that capture my sense of humor...So hopefully you will indulge or forgive the HUGE cat lover in me as I share my sweeties in fur!

Chloe's our sweet momma girl..her bruser boy is below.  She's a big girl at 15lb and Punkin is a whopping 19lbs!!! Yep that's right and he's even bigger in person.
You will often see these 2 together the most.  It must be that mother, son bond they have.
Just what Chloe was thinking..well is beyond me...she IS straddling the wall between our kitchen and family room..and her head is butten up against the kleenex box.  Now all I can say is when she sits with me she will often nudge or push with her head, indicating MORE, MORE, MORE!
Can you tell Chloe's more like my special bud? She really is and I have found her often asleep upon the top of my creative table space.  I think she wants to craft with me...hehehe
Isn't he the purrrrtiest kitty? This is our TIGER who we see at certain times of the day.  He love us but sleeps a lot in my daughter's room! He's a big kitty too but weighs about 12 lbs. This is our faithful PROTECTOR...he see's creatures outside and can often be seen darting from window to window, scouting out their plight.
AWE...wish I could just snuggle and sleep like this!
Quite the spying advantage! Head through rungs and peering down below!
We were SHOCKED when all 3 were sleeping on our sofa! THIS DOES NOT Happen very often!
As the temps cool, Chloe and Punkin will often *share* the back of a leather chair in our family room...itsa real sqeaze!

Okay, I'll stop, lol!

Thanks again for indulging me!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

INTRODUCING...Vintage Victorian Christmas Ornaments

Welcome friends and fellow bloggers!

Tis the season, for those like me, who LOVE to create to be busy at work creating goodies for the Holidays..or for me especially Christmas.  When I am out on a scouting or treausre hunt I always keep my eyes open for new and fun ideas  I LOVE it when I find something that tweeks my mind and gets those creative juices flowing!  So...I ran across a bag FULL of vintage styled Victorian image die cuts. I sqealled with delight and grab that bag as fast I could. 

I have been told, by many that my home has a Victorian flare.  I think I should have been born in that time period..I really do...I love so many facets and find the Victorian's very intriguing and resourseful people.  Did you know that before they had ornaments like we know them now, they made them for their trees?  An amazing creative side to these people imerged and have inspired many, such as I to bring back these treasures from our past.

So without further ado...I'd like to share 3 of my newest designs featuring VICTORIAN Inspired Christmas themed ornaments which are now available in my etsy shop. On each ornament I have used a mixture of old and new embellishment to create an inspired version of Victoriana!

Darling Santa on a Heart bearing a tree for someone!
Jolly Ole St Nick!!
Ships Ahoy! USN Sweet Lil' Boy!
Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed these inspired creations.  I hope to create more before to long!

Vintage Inspired Wishes!