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Monday, October 15, 2007

The Art of Having the BEST of Friends EVER!!!

WOW...Christmas is fast approaching and I feel further and further you all do that too? Well...I wanted those who are visiting my BLOG to know about a wonderful group of Ladies I know. These are the sweetest Ladies on EBAY!!! Which is how we all met! Many are sellers, artist and crafters, just like me! So if you are in need of ideas for Christmas gifts..I assure you, you won't go wrong checking these ladies out and purchasing the many items they are offering for the Upcoming Christmas Season!

The group I am talking about are my PRH sisters ~ Pretty Romantic Homes on ebaysisters. You won't find a nicer, sweeter and more caring group of ladies. We Decided to help advertise each other by promoting our items for sale. We want to invite you get to know us better and see the wonderful things that we have to offer.

In order to view their many offerings just click on the names on the list below, it will take you straight to each lady's ebay/etsy or web sites!!

AMY Of Bunny Rose Cottage ~ She is the peppiest and sweetest girl you'd ever meet. She just amazes and awes me as she has just blossomed before us as an avid crafter. She is offering, hand made ornaments, pumpkins, roses made, from of all things, coffee filters too darling!...and she just keeps adding new things almost daily!

Ele of Pink Praire Lady ~ What a talent this lady has. Her eye for detail and the many fun things she does is to numerous for me to list...among them are tags, mussy tussy's, sewing stockings, ornaments, and collages, but it doesn't stop there so you must go see!

Rhea of Sweet*n*Shabby*Roses ~ A highly creative and talented Lady that is for sure! She can paint, sew and work with paper like no one can. Her eye for anything soft, serene, romantic and gentleness comes through her work! I also love her boldness for our Lord and her straight forwardness too.

Katie of Rose Breeze Boutique ~ Katie's is our energetic, pick-me-up girl who has a HUGE generous heart. I remember when she was learning how to paint, the determination she had and how she just kept at! You MUST look at her handpainted item nows! They are incredible! She also is a very talented sewer as well.

Connie of Rose Porch Designs ~ Connie is our MOTHER HEN...she is always clucking about her brood, helping, loving and caring for each of us. But not to forget.... she's our fearless leader. Her love and giving spirit is what we are all about. Thank you Connie! Be sure to see her wonderful birdhouses, sewn items and soon her handpainted roses!!!

Karen of Second Hand Rose ~ Karen is a sweety! A highly valued, talented and so much fun member of our group. Besure to check her awesome handmade and handpainted items out!

Celeste of Le Rae Rose ~ A dear Godly lady who is so upbeat and caring to us all. An inspiration to me as well. Her talents are endless as a designer, handpainter, tag maker and much more!

Bertie of Aunt Mays Cottage ~ What a Victorian Charmer Bertie is. Of course, if you are like me and love lacy, pearly and anything Victorian, you will LOVE her stuff! She is very talented with such a lovely array of Victorian items and of course, anyting with Roses for you home!

Stephanie of Angelic Accents ~ Of course Steph, is our resident Angel and thus her name. What a sweetie she is and we have had so much fun through her helping her daughter plan her wedding...that we all think she Should be a Wedding Planner!!! She has absolutely beautiful mirrors and so much more to offer for your home decor!

Sharon of Sweet Victorian Rose ~ Oh my goodness, you just have to see her precious charms. They are so gorgious, intricate, delicate and tiny! Yet so worth it! Be sure to check them out!

Lorena ~ 2ChicFriends ~ Well, this is me. Most of you know about me..but I do love to paint...roses of course and sew and dabble in paper I would love to have you come see what I have to offer on a weekly basis! I will try to keep you up to date. If you scroll down you will see items I have have offered as well as my links too!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

LOOK What I just GOT!

Oh...My sweet friend Amy just sent this my way this morning! Doesn't it just make you HAPPY? Love you Amy...and all my PRH Sister...and family and friends too!!!

My Latest Offering on EBAY/ETSY!

I have been soooooo busy, trying to get ahead of the game. You see, next week my Mom and Dad fly out from Seattle for a visit. I am so excited to have them come, but that means I need to work ahead and get more done, so that I can enjoy their visit. So, I have given you a peek of my lastest offerings on ebay and etsy...

These are my new Shab2Chic Hang Tags and Ornaments!

The Art of Collecting (Part 2)

Okay, I did it again...I went through my home and found more of my collections and vinettes! I guess when I decorate, I just love putting these areas each one is a piece to the puzzle. Some of these are in my Oh so Shabby/Chic soft baby blue master suite! ENJOY!!!! Be sure to leave comments at the bottom. I just love hearing from those who take a peek, it's like opening a box at Christmas!