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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sharing from my heart

Hey friends!

Do you ever have those times where there just
seems to be no words? I don't want to call it writers block but it
doesn't seem like anything is
coming to mind?

I've been having those type of days lately.
Of course having a horrid migrane
for days on end doesn't help either. headheads feeling better today.
I just got back from being at
Choir Practice for Easter Sunday.
Oh how the singing has lifted my spirits.

You know the past year and a half have been some
of the most difficult times in my life that
I can ever remember.  A child in a crisis
situation and a hubby loosing a job are bound
to shake your whole foundation, that is for sure.

God has been a constant...but
I have not always been the best student through
this walk.
Many tears shed, sleepless nights,
wrestling with what seems a
silence and at times a
lack of direction.
I am learning that I cannot worry about the
future...but take each day as it comes.
That is not always easy to do.

Easter Sunday brings me back to
what LIFE is really about!
For me, it's knowing that what
was done on a cross over 2000 years
was for me...
a sinner...
in need of

Though life right now holds no
answers to a hubby who
has not been able to find a job...
his hands.

Easter Blessings to you all!

Friday, March 26, 2010

PINK Saturday ~ More Easter Vinettes

Hello, PINK Friends!

I have more Easter and Pink Vinettes
to share with you this week.
Oh..I just had to show you this PINK Birdhouse
I finally finished.
I LOVE Bunnies...and I have these displayed in our
Entertainment center.
The Bunny below is very special...
it was painted by my very talented
youngest sis over 20 years ago!
These soft ones are sweet too!
I think these bunnies like eggs!

Be sure to visit Beverly of
tovisit ALL who join us for
 PINK Saturday!

Thanks for taking the time to visit
and leave comments!

Pink Wishes to all!

PS...I want to apologize for not being
able to get to everyone last week who
left me comments...sometimes
life just gets in the way.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Struggling but...creating

Hi Friends,

Well..the past few days I have been struggling.
My dear daughter left Monday for her senior trip
to...Hawaii! Can you believe that?
Boy does this Mom wish I could have gone...
but my daughter has worked so hard through
her High School years, gotten such good grades,
endured some emotional hard times and
still has come out on top.
Her true Character and Love for our
Lord has I guess
I won't begrudge her this fun time in her life.

So...I headed to my studio to see if I could
put any life to the many unfinished things I
need to do.
And as I often do, I get side tracked.
Going through some spring things I hadnt
finished last year I came across a large
Paper Mache egg...
and the juices began to flow.
I even found some older paper roses
that had started to fade that were
for this project.
Doncha LOVE it when an idea
comes out and it all falls
into place?

So I took some pictures and figured I might as
well see if this would sell.
That's another reason I am down.
But I know the times right now
are hard for everyone...
this family is no exception.
Hubs still is looking for work after
almost a year and a half.
God's perfect plan is being
waited upon by us...
but you know...
the seats in the waiting room are gettting
pretty hard. to tease...

Then I took a few pictures of another sweet
nut cup basket I made for one of
my dearest friends!
I knew she'd like the pink and blue
I used in this one.

PS..I gave my basket to my friend Susie last night and
She LOVED it!

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share!

Have a great day!

Friday, March 19, 2010

PINK Saturday ~ 3=20-10

Happy PINK Saturday

Is it Saturday already?
Where does the week go?
I just cannot get over how quickly
time flies.  We have been have
GORGEOUS weather here in Michigan.
My hubby and I have walked outside
the past 2 days in 65 degree temps! Oh...
tis heaven for this girl who loves the warmth of
Spring and Summer...
I must remember I live in Michigan and
it could snow tomorrow!
(I hope not tho)

On to my pinkness...
I'm sharing a few Easter Vinettes today
as well as a current Mosaic of
the past few weeks of Easter/Spring
goodies I have been making for
my etsy shop.

As you enter my front door you will be greeted
with the pretties that tell you spring is on its way!
I scattered some vintage inspired post cards.  And
a HUGE thanks to my sweet friend Deb of Garage Sale Gal,
who sent me the tiniest frog/card holder and sweet pink
bunny. See?
And when you come into our will see
on the Coat Closet wall my Hall Tree all decked
out in a SPRING banner!

And then a few things I have been having fun creating!
Have a HAPPY PINK Day everyone!
Thinking of Spring on my Mind....Lorena

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day! An Irish Blessing

An Old Irish Blessing

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

As a young girl I remember my momma
was very interesting in our family roots.
So she began to go through both sides of my
families geneology.
She was very interested to learn that my
granddaddy Hanvey's family many
years ago came over in the 1860
Irish Potatoe Famine...and
their families settled in the North, New England
states and my daddy's family
settled in South Carolina.

I also have wonderful memories of  family
gatherings for Corned Beef and Cabbage
dinners.  Now, my mom still
has these same dinners each year but
I have to miss them due to where
we live.
I guess I still have my memories to
keep me happy but sure wished
I coulda been there this year to
help them celebrate
St. Patricks Day!

Wishing you all a little *Luck-o-the-Irish* Today!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My 1st Tea Time Tuesday!

Hi Friends!
I am joining my sweet friend
TEA TIME Tuesdays!

Since I LOVE anything to do with
tea, tea cups, teapots
I thought it would be fun
to showcase some of my
special goodies.
This tea set is very dear to me.  When my mom and
dad visited The Enlish Isles many years ago I she picked this set
out for me.  It is OLDE Chintz by Sadler, Fine Bone
China, Made in England.
This came all the way from England to my home.

Now the teapot is not a big one, holds maybe
3-4 cups of water...but I am a Chintz girl
and blue girl too...and this one is sooo me.
It takes residence front and center in my hutch
display in our Royal Blue Dining Room.
When something has the thought of another
behind it, this sentimental gal gets
real sappy over it.

But I am reminded in my Love of *pretty things*
not to get myself too caught up in the getting but
more in the enjoying each treasured day I am given.
The verses below keeps me ever mindful of this...
 Matthew 6:19,20

Do Not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth,
where moth and rust destroy
where thieves break in and steal,
 lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven,
where neither moth nor rust destroys
and where thieves do not break in and steal.

Reminder that these are just things and I mustn't
obsess on these treasures,
enjoy them for the season they have
been given...
be thankful for what GOD
has given me each day.

Thanks so much for joining with me...
be sure to Check out Sandi's blog for
others who are joining her
in Tea Time Tuesday!


Monday, March 15, 2010

I LOVE my Kitties!

Morning Bloggy Friends!

Since my sweet Kitty Punkin
passed in Feb,
I have made sure to love on our
remaining 2 luvies!

So I am sharing what I think
are some adorable poses!
I love how Chloe has her head resting on her paw! AWE!
Tiger for some reason LOVEs to sit on my Crafting Room Chair
when I am away.
We don't very often see these two in such close
proximity.  So I couldn't resist snapping this one.
I think TIGER has the most Beautious face!
Chloe loves to sit and hide under this small table I use for
my study books.  She also has a thing for PEACOCK

So go love your sweeties today!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

PINK Saturday!

TEA POT Treasures

GOOD Morning,
My PINKaliscous Friends!

Oh Today I decided to share with you
another collection!

Teapots were probably one of the
very first things I began to collect
when my hubby and I first got married
almost 24 years ago.
just like us,
they come in many shapes and sizes.

My favs are usually bone China
made in England...yet,
I am not going turn one away
just because its not made in England
if I LOVE it.

These mostly reside in my BLUE
dining Room...with my Tea Cups as well.

This shelf is inside a wall in my dining room.
I took a book or video shelf
and turned it into a
wonderful TEA Pots display.

I use the top Tea Pot the most for Steeping
because of its size.
Below, this tea cozy was given to me by
my sister for a birthday...its a fav of mine!
Yep, that blue Teapot Is actually a lamp
I also love this Tea Cup for one...a dear friend gave it to me.
So many differing shapes and sizes.
I didn't want to teaze ya to much so I
also included a closer look at some of my
Tea Cups hanging above the shelf.
I never tire of their beauty.
Many have been given to me
as gifts.
Some I have found on clearance.
Whatever their story,
I love them all
just the same!
Yes, I also have used many to steep a HOT
batch of my favorite Spiced Tea.

I also have this darling Plant stand that
I turned into a display fo whatever my fancy is.
Here are a few Spring Pots that I found at
FRANKS, when it used to be open.
The one below them was a TJ Maxx steal!
Thanks for indulging me.

HOP on over to Beverly of
to find more
PINK Posts!

Devoted to PINKS....Lorena

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Has Come to My Studio!

Hello you Dear Friends!
I cant wait to share what
I have been up too these past few days!
With warming, sunny days here in
Southeast Michigan my
spirits have soared into a
Springy smile!

Even my color anaylsis for things
I should wear tells me I am...

Also, whenever I can I love to
repurpose things.
Many Items I am using this year
for my spring goodies to
sell in my ETSY store have
been repurposed
given a new life.

The above nut cup was done up in soft pinks and aqua.
I also reused an egg I had and painted and dressed it up with
vintage forget-me-nots!

This lil sweety all in pinks and aquas was
given to a dear lady who had her 83rd
Birthday Yesterday.  If you look real
close you can see that I was
getting it readied to give to her.

Then today I began working with those little
MOTT's applesauce containers...LOOK...
How sweet this came out.
I used an Easter fabric of colored eggs..bright
happy colors and an
 aqua egg tucked inside too!
And I finished this sweet lil
Bunny FuFoo...she's sitting sweetly among
the grass and flowers..with eggs
waiting for a new home!
For fun I did up some fun Cone
Sparkly Tree's!  The purple one has the
prettiest Easter glitter on it..that
just does not show well in my pictures!
Loaded with BLING too!

Oh and I am also working on my SWAP
I am doing for 2 sweet gals!
Stay tuned, I might just
have some sneaks here and
there for ya!

Happy SPRING to all!