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Monday, February 28, 2011

Hi Friends!

Hi Sweet Friends!

Well, I guess I have put blogging on the back burner for a while.  I
hope you all are not feeling ignored.  But...this is my hardest time of year
and I just didn't feel I have had much to say.

But...last week the painting bug hit and I got 3 items I have wanted painted
for a few year done! YEP, I said done.  Would you like to see what I did.
I do admit I forgot before pix but I hope you will enjoy my after.  Of course
I was cleaning in my Living Room and the rest, well that's what got me started!

Here's a darling lil side table that I painted up using my
favorite Heirloom White From Accent.
Okay, now here's the neatest table, a two
tiered side table all done up in heirloom white as well.
I needed to *fill* my corner and I knew this
piece would be a nice way to display my beloved
pottery pieces I have been collecting.

Isn't this just the Coolest table?

Would you like to see a few of the vingettes that I move around
and created in my Living Room Parlour? Okay... here goes.

This is a side table I bought probably 10 years ago for $3 at
a garage sale...I put my touch on it and added a few roses and
have also been using it, but it was covered up.  Now I decided
to showcase it cause I love this table too.

So...last but not least, I painted an old ugly
turqoise chair that was given to me black.  I
have this in my desk area located in my kitchen.
I am loving how well it goes with my reds, gold and
black English Cottage themed kitchen!

I so HAPPY to finally have these projects taken off
my mental list of things I wanted to do.  Such a wonderful
feeling it gives.  Do you have any of those mental
tasks weighing you down...well be inspired
and get them done!

I do apologize dear friends for not getting back with you...
I will work at it better these next few weeks.  I so
appreciate your sweet comments and words of
encouragement and am sorry I just have not gotten
around to doing much in my blogging friends world!!

Hugs and Love

Monday, February 21, 2011

INTRODUCING...My New etsy shoppe ~ More Snow in Detroit!!!

Hi there sweet blogging friends!

I wanted to share with you a new venture I have
recently made.  Now, if you follow my blog you
know I am a Shabby Chic kinda girl...especially
when it comes to my creations.  I am about
reusing, repurposing and recycling items
that were cast-offs!

Well My new shoppe will help me unload many
fun vintage finds and destashing items from my
home that I no longer need or use.  I have
kept my name very similar...introducing...


I invite you to come by and visit me and say Hi.
And...if you happen to find a treasure you'd love to
have...let me know cause I will give my sweet
blogging friends 20% off your purchase!

Okay ya'll....look what happened yesterday and
last night!!!  Sweet hubby had to snowblow twice!

Wow and we had just lost the majority of the snow we had,
almost 2 feet of it...YIPES!!!  Now we got one of those
hard to figure out stroms that dropped at least 10 inches of
snow on us...Oh...I am dreaming of a warmer place
or SPRING!!!

Happy Monday everyone!

Monday, February 14, 2011


(newest item featured in my ebay this week)


Today is not just a day for the LOVES in your life, but
to share that love with others.
After almost 4 years of blogging I cannot get
over the amazing way that the internet has
connected so many of us!  Friendships have
been made and support and prayers have also been
freely given!  I so appreciate all of my sweet
followers and friends that I have made along the way.
I have been blessed by you all and am so
glad to have you in my life!
God is Love, and oh so good!

You have blessed me so much!
So Happy Valentines day to my Friends!

Be Blessed!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Etsy Cottage Style Market Monday ~ Statement Bib Necklaces!

Hey Sweet Friends!

I am joining a great group of creative peeps over
at Etsy Cottage Style.  They
put on a fabulouse 1st of the month
Monday link up of those who
have many great things to sell.
Be sure to CLICK HERE and stop by those
who are listed today.
Also check my left sidebar for the link as well.

I'd like to share with you all what I just finished up this
past week.  I shared with you a Bib necklace I made up
using vintage goodies along with my own handmade clay roses
a few post ago.
Well...the juices just gotta flowing and I made two other
necklaces up that I just wanted to share with you.

These pieces, I guess are considered
*Statement Necklaces or Bib Necklaces*
because of how they are shaped.

Keeping in my shabby PINK Rose themed
fashion these two lovelies are loaded
with elegance and charm.  I have used many
vintage items, earrings, buttons, rhinestones and
even thrown in a couple of fabric roses too.

This one below is in softer pinks and is a little more
delicate in shape.  It ties with a pretty pink gauzy ribbon.
Wouldn't this dress up a plain T well?

This piece below is a tad bigger but has just as much charm!

I made sure they both had lotsa bling, cause I am a blingy
kinda girl!

Be sure to check these out in my etsy store today!

Thanks for stopping by today!

SNOW in SE Michigan

Hey Friends!
Well, look what has happenedd to us in less than a week.
We probably had 8-10 inches in the BIG storm that
hit us last Tuesday/Wednesday...but then
Saturday we got a SURPRISE...
another 5-6 inches more.
Now that is ontop of the 4-5 inches we had
gathered slowly since the 1st of January.

I'm thinking its the MOST snow we have had in
recent years...and guess what? we are still get
snowflakes...I don't think they are accumulating
like what we had on Wednesday tho. Just
flurries...Oh where art thou Oh SPRING?

Do ya see the mailboxes?...that's where all the
road snow gets moved too...

I can't get over how covered our plants are in snow...
can barely see them.

So...I guess PURE White snow
 is better to look at than the dry, brown
dormant grass, huh? lol

REMEMBER. I live in Michigan and they do know
how to drive and deal with snow removal.  Usually
within 24 hours we are good to go! I AM
thanksful for that.

So I am off to run a few errands!
Enjoy the Snowy Pixs!!!