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Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Decorating

Well...I finally got a few of my tubs of decorations out.  I enjoy working on decorating my Living Room first.  Mostly because that's where I can use my many vintage Pink ornies I have been gathering through these past few years.  But..decorating always comes with a lot of agnst for me as well.  Do any of you see gorgeous pictures of peoples homes and then think you can do it just like that? or wonder how they do it? And then, when you take your pictures they look nothing like those you were trying to emulate.  I admit that's me.  I pour over magazines and on-line beauties that have been decorating in dreamy themes...but before I can start I feel defeated.  So with all of this said, I LOVE to decorate for the Holidays.  Really. 

 I put myself through so much introspection that I can soon loose the JOY and focus on this season.  I have these conversations with myself and KNOW I am NOT suppose to compare myself to others.  I'd love to have a friend come help me decorate and give me a different perspective on how I have done things in the past.  Any takers? lol Lest I let you think I am going crazy... I really do, once I finish my home, enjoy the final, FRESH New Look my home takes on.   I so enjoy the glittery lights, sparkling ornies and other pretties scattered around.

Now, things are still the same this year...hubs is awaiting to hear about a couple of possibilites for jobs and its so hard not to get discourage.  What we have saved for retirement is now having to be used to live on...continued prayers are so coveted.  This can make it even harder to get in the Christmas spirit.  I KNOW we need to get our minds off of us and really put it on Christ who is the REAL reason we celebrate.  So I will work on this as I continue on in my quest.
I may never have a home that is worthy of such awe...but its our
home and  GOD has blessed me with so much...I will try to focus on this.

I'd love to hear about how you decorate? Do you go through some of what I have described?

Okay...back to finishing up my 4ft White Tree all done up in Pinks!
(psssst, I might get a picture snuck in of it done, okay?)

Okay..above is flash on...but I like it turned off, see below the glow.
This is such a pretty Angel...I found her last year for $2!!!


Saturday, November 28, 2009

~ Happy PINK Saturday ~


Today I decided to showcase a few pink plates and some vintage
pottery that I collect!

PLATES are essential in my decorating! I love using them
all over my home.  Many have been picked up for $1, which of course,
makes it even better!

I also show in this picture above, some of my PINK Coffee
Filter Roses I make.

Above, is the wall where my Piano resides.
I have a special place in my heart for
any hanpainted plates with ROSES!

Soft Pink Roses on a large 10 inch plate...don't see larger plates
as often as the 6 inches ones.  Plus a pretty
rose candle PINK.

The Many shades of PINK Pottery!

Last, is a sweet little PINK lambie which is right next to
a very treasured Aqua Vase my mom gave me.
This was a wedding gift to her 55+ years ago!
A special treasure indeed for me!

Thanks for visiting and leaving comments!
Go by Beverlys from HOW SWEET THE SOUND
to visit the other PINK Saturday

Until next PINK Saturday!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Special TAG Project ~ Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello there Blogging Friends!

I was a very busy gal these past few days...and I thought you
might like to see what I was up to.
I was asked last week by the sweet gal who is our
Bible Study leader to make some tags as a
special gift for each of the 45+ ladies in our class.
Of course, I willingly oblidged!

So I got out all my *STUFF* that I was going to use.
Yep, trims and paints...brought it all down to my kitchen
table cause I needed to spread out!
(Shhhhh...don't tell anyone, but my studio is a MESS!)
Then I began by gathering or making tags w/heavy
card stock paper..all in the Fall Pallet.

And here you see above tags that are now ready to be embellished.
I used some Vintage 100 year old sheet music and
Modge Podged it to the tags..I also threw in
some other fun fall hued papers too, to mix things up.
Then I began to paint my own rose on ALL of those 45
tags...shewww, that was a feat in itself...
after they all dried I then added some, bling, fun trims,
laces and a pretty ribbon..and then they were done!

I forget to mention the sweet POEM that was
overlayed onto the papers...
it reads:

PEOPLE, are like Stained Glass Windows,
They sparkle and shine when they are out,
but...when the dark times comes in,
Their true beauty is revealed,
ONLY, if there is a Light from Within.

We have been doing a Precepts study on the Last book of the
bible, REVELATIONS. And our leaded wanted
this TAG to reflect what we are learning about the
7 churches that were given the message from
God through John.
God describes Jesus as our LampSTAND who
lights the 7 churches.  But if their lights
are not lit...what does that mean?
A wonderful reminder to me on the LIGHT
that I have been given inside of me when
Jesus became my precious Savior!

Well...I am going to be taking a few days off.  I'll
be spending time w/my daughter and hubbys'
Nephew and their 2 little guys.
Be sure to stop back on Saturday for another
PINK Saturday Post...until then,

HAPPY Thanksgiving
blogging Friends..I TREASURE each of
you and your friendship!
I am indeed very blessed!


Saturday, November 21, 2009


GOOD Pink Morning my Sweet Blogging Friends!

Before I get going to far, I want to wish each of you a
BLESSED Thanksgiving!!!
We are ALL so fortunate to living in a country where we can be
thankful for the rich heritage we have, in worship and
such freedoms that many do not have.
I hope to not loose sight of this. is PINK Pumpkin day!
Well...I have some darling FALL decor in pink and before it
all goes back into storage for another year
I thought you all might enjoy it.

This beautiful PUMPKIN Collage was a swap presentation for my dear
friend Ele of Pink Prarie Lady..It really is SOOOO clever!

These next 2 pictures are of some soft fabric pumpkin I have.  Again
in another swap, I was bestowed the darling florally pink pumpkin made for me
by Amy of BunnyRose Cottage.

Well...that's its for this Saturday!
STOP by Beverly of How Sweet the Sound to check out all the
other Participants!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thanksgiving! Some Vintage Images

Hi Bloggie Friends!!!

Do you like my Winter l@@k?
I guess I am getting into the Christmas Spirit early this year!
Hubs and I have already talked about how we are NOT
waiting til the 2nd week in December to put things out.

Keep praying you wonderful prayer warriors.
GOD is busy behind the scenes working
but playing the waiting game after
3 interview in 2 weeks will get harder
and harder as the time passes.
Many Thanks! I have been going through and found some wonderful Vintage
Post Cards scenes of Thanksgiving. 
I really do enjoy Thanksgiving and what it represents
to our Great Country.
May we NOT forget those who came over
to create a nation that could worship
GOD as they chose.
Those early American Pilgrims paved the
way for what we so enjoy today.

And...if I have repeated myself in showing these...please
pardon my memory!

Have  a Blessed day Everyone!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Look What I've Been Up To

Blogging Friends, Hello!

Well, this momma's been doing a lot of reminiscing of late. 
With my daughter Michaela's Senior year in full swing, I am constantly filled with so many mixed emotions. 
Where did my precious little girl go? The time has flown by
so quickly!

From my lively toe headed rambunctious blond...
to the gorgeous girl she has become...
my heart swells with Momma pride.
God has been so good to me!
I AM blessed!

This past Saturday my hubby and I spent 2 hours with our neighbor working on this beautiful collage, pictured below.
He graciously agreed  in August to take Michaela's Senior pictures for us...
and we were NOT disappointed.

His signature is creating a Collage with our top 6-7 picture choices.
What a hard time we had with the 175 pictures he took narrowing down
our Favorites.
I just could NOT get over how he was
able to capture OUR

A Grateful Lorena

Friday, November 13, 2009

PINK Saturday

Hello Blogging Friends!

Just so I don't forget, be sure to check out Beverly of How Sweet The Sound for all of the other participants in the fun Saturday event!

I won't be wordy, just share some PINK goodies that I have been
creating in my studio.  Hope you enjoy them...I have many listed this week on my 2chicfriends ebay auction sight and also etsy
(both have links to the left, if you're interested).

A ROSE Christmas TREE

PINK Clay Roses Ornie

From my Vintage Inspired Victorian Ornament Line

Darling pink slumbering Angel.

These look so yummy! PINK Satin balls!

~~Newest ANGEL PRINCESS Design~~

HUGE 5" Jingle Bell.

Sweet Pink Heart Trio Ornies.

Oh DO you see my newest SNOW Cone designs hanging in my white tree?

Thanks for visiting...I really do LOVE comments and will try to visit each of.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009


GOOD Morning Dear Blogging Friends!

So glad to see you in here! I so enjoy having you!
First off today, I want the thank those of you who so sweetly
wished me well.  I think I am finally on the mend.
The meds I was on caused more headaches until it finally GOT
into my systems.  Now, after a week,
those nasty meds are working, YaY!!!

Okay...down to business!  Last night I cut out all 100+ entries!
Thank you so much for coming by, visiting with me and
entering!  I wish I could give something to everyone, but alas
my bank account would NOT let me! lol
So, I put all the enteries into a large bowl and had my
daughter Michaela pick my winner. So...

The winner of my giveaway is............

Congratulations Bertie!
Please be sure to stop by and visit Bertie. 
She's actually a fellow Michigander and a dear friend!
Your goodiness will be in the mail soon!
~~~ ********** ~~~

Calling all Prayer Warriors!!!
God has been busy these past weeks. 
After what has seemed like a drought, now seems like a river of
possible job interviews for Hubs!

I am asking that GOD will open the RIGHT job opportunity for him
and that we will have PEACE.
 I'd so covet your prayers for a JOB soon!

Wishing you all Blessings!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Hellooooo Out thar in Blogging LAND!

I don't have a lot of time this morning so I am posting a reminder to those who may not have entered my giveaway.

Please leave me a comment here today and you will be added.
I will get all the names tallied this afternoon and hopefully
have a name first thing tomorrow!

Have a Blessed Day everyone!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Friends and Being so Thankful!

OH Blogging Friends How are you today?

I am SOOOOO remiss! What a rough couple of  weeks I have had.
I had about 2.5 weeks of some type of headaches.  One that made me realized I needed to get to the Dr.  And I did, on Wednesday.  Found out I have an infection in my Lymphatic systems.  I guess this happens when the normal channels aren't working correctly! Go figure!

Anyway I got on meds and they of course have been causing headaches...if I have another one tonight when I take my meds, I am calling the Dr. to change what I am on.  All this to say...its been very hard for me to THINK let alone type. THUS
I am saying all this cause I am so late in THANKING some dear friends!
I wanted to share a couple of sweet goodies I received last week on the SAME day!
I am truly blessed.  God has given me some very Dear women, of all places ON Line.!  Who'd a thunk that when the internet began, a whole new world of friends would evolve? I surely didn't!

So THANKS to my sweet friend Steph of Angelic Accents and Connie of Living Beautifully.  They both were just so sweet and knew their gifts would
make me smile! I love them both dearly!
Steph is one of those rare gals who does not miss a thing or
forget anything.  She knew I LOVED Blue and White and have many wonderful
goodies in my collection. Thus, a wonderful Christmas Plate!
She also cross stitched a sweet Ghost hangy thing, but I fogot to get
a picture.
Then Connie, who made my darling APRON that I shared about few
 weeks back, sent me this darling CUFF.  Isn't this just the pretties one ever!!!
I so luuuuuve the lace on this!
More sharing of another fun plate that I have made over.
I actually had this plate for a long time and decided
it needed sprucing.  I found a very ornate candle holder base,
using a strong HOUSEHOLD glue (like E6000) I glue
the 2 together.
But I didn't STOP, there, I added some pretty clay roses and
pretty blue flowers and leaves.  I tried to match the
colors  on the plate to my flowers. I am pretty pleased with my results.
I decided to offer this and it is now listed in my etsy shop
(my shops link is to the left)

Thanks everyone...DONT FORGET to ENTER my GIVEAWAY. I am
Drawing on TUESDAY evening and will REVEAL my winner
on Wednesday!
REMEMBER your comments  on my postings will give you more entries!


Thursday, November 5, 2009

More Kittie Pix!

Hey there friends!

Well, I have been snapping up some more cute pix of my beloved kitties!
Don't they seem to find the funniest ways to sleep or present themselve?
I guess that's why I continue to snap away when I see a sweet or funny pose that
one of my babies does.
Do your kitties and doggies do this?

Above it Tiger...does he not have the most beautiful kitty face?

Here are some of Chloe, what is it about tiny boxes and spaces that
they seem to like to squeaze into?

Awe...she loves to snuggle more with us as the weather gets colder.  She's
got herself wrapped around my hubbys arm.
Well...then there's Punkin or Bubby as I often call him,
he seems to find the oddest positions to sleep in.

Don't forget to leave me comments...every time you do this week you'll be entered for my giveaway.

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Hopefully you'll do some early Christmas shopping and save. I always combine shipping to provide you with the lowest shipping costs possible!
Happy Shopping!

Blessing to you my friends!