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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DECORATING ~ ***A Love Affair with Shelves***

(warning...lotsa pictures)

Decorating was a small burning Passion of mine
as a new bride in a new home in 1986.
  But it really took a hold when
19 years ago, hubby and I moved to Michigan and
 purchased our Lovely Colonial *dream* home. 
It was bigger
than I had ever hoped a home I lived in would be.
We had plans of filling it up with children, but
the Lord had other plans.
Through the years my home has morphed
and seen many styles and changes but
I do believe now it is a true reflection of
who I am and who I am becoming.
Does it all go...well probably not like those
who are true decorators would tell you how
to decorate.  I decorate with WHAT I love
and that is what make me happy.
I  loved sharing my home with others and
hope that you will feel right at home too
as I show you my *Shelf  Love*.
It all began a few weeks ago...
As I was wandering around my home I
began to see a pattern of decor...
Everywhere, every shape and every size.
Being a Visual personal who LOVES
eye candy, I guess it is only natural that
I have leaned towards putting things
out where I can see them...lots and lotsa things. 
Some who visit my home think I have
too much clutter...but to me, I like to think I
have a collection of
*Organized Pretties*.
Would you care to see?
The first three pictures are Welcoming you into my home!
Our Entry.

Living Room Parlor...

Into the Dining Room we go...

Butlers Pantry Pass Through

Kitchen Fun...

Our Master Bedroom...

Our Master Bath...

Last by surely NOT least
My Studio
or my Creative World!

I am sure by now you reeeeally know I
have SHELF LOVE bad.
Thanks again for stopping by.
Do you decorate with shelves?
Did you get any new ideas?
I hope I have inspired to you
shelve up your life!

Be Blessed,

Monday, June 25, 2012

Good Monday Morning! Sharing...Seattle Pixs!

Hi Friends!

How are you all doing today?

Well...the last couple of days I decided to make some blog
changes.  I have neglected my blog for quite a while.
I certainly hope you like the new look and changes
I am creative types LIVE for!
I recently saw a post that made me realize that
who I am, and how I blog may be so
different from others.  You see, I am really deep
down inside an introvert.
That part of my personality cannot handle all that
goes on in my life without needing to retreat and
center myself on the Lord.

Please don't get me wrong...I DO love people
and have thoroughly enjoyed blogging and
meeting some of the sweetest people I know.
I just know now, I have limitations.

I can't *fake* being *up* so I often will
not post anything.  With the recent loss of my
sweet companion, Chloe...the weeks leading up
to her death took a huge toll on me.
Actually more than I had realized.

As the healing process has begun I can once
again see that I am beginning to open up and
feel the NEED to create once again...yay!

*Washington, My Home*

My family and I took a vacation to my home
state of Washington last week.  My parents
and 2 sisters live in the *greater* Seattle area.
We had a much needed time away from just the
every day Humdrum and all came back rested.

The very first full day there I got the unique
privileged of visiting some very dear
High School friends.  This WOULD NOT have
happened if it were NOT for FACEBOOK.
I let the girls know I when I was going to be there
and we were all able to meet for lunch.
My sister Marci, graciously drove me and
we had 4 full hours of catching up and
see how each of us has grown UP in the Lord.
Coolest would have been our 35 year we had a small one of our own!

I am on the far right (to left) is Danice, Kathy
(who drove 4 hrs to see us), Shirley and Lancy
who is in the midst of Radiation...thus her hat.
She has the most wonderful sense of humor and
it was such a delight to see how she is facing cancer.
A memory I will cherish forever!
These next pictures are from my daughter...who
took the Mt. Rainier shots as we drove through the
valley and up the hill to my folks home.
They live in the foothills of the Cascade Mts and
are just 45 minutes to this majestic beauty!

The day before we left, which was last Monday my
sister, niece, hubby, daughter and I drove
45 minutes to the downtown Seattle waterfront
and Pike Street Market Landmark.

Before we stopped, she drove us through downtown
to see the Flagship Nordstroms (yes it was started there)
and up to the Seattle Center area where the
1964 Worlds Fair was and holds its unique landmark
the Space Needle.

From there we parked down by the beautiful
Seattle waterfront drive and walked at least
100 feet up stairs to be in the middle of the
PUBLIC Market...that is world famous.

My niece and daughter pose under the center
of the market sign...and
resting upon the huge Piggy Bank that
actually has a slot where you can leave coins.
This helps preserve the Pike Market
and keep it going.

Just across the Market are other shopping areas
along with the FIRST EVER...
We DID get coffee from there and the girls
posed in front of the medallion which is inside
the store.

Also...the grossest thing ever, but it is also
close to the market area is a HUGE gum wall.
My daughter HAD to see this and put her
gum down for all to see!

Once we finished up at the market, we made
our way back down to the waterfront area to
go get lunch at IVARS.  SOME of the BEST
seafood ever..since you are right on the water.

Ye Olde Curiosity Shop is another landmark
and must see.

Something new that caught my eye was this
HUGE Ferris wheel which reminds me so much
of the London *Eye*.  It is not finished just
yet but should be operational soon.

So there you have a few snippets of the fun filled
busy days we had visiting my *home* and
enjoying my family's company.

Thanks for stopping by!
Sorry about the length of this post,
hope you enjoy your visit.


Friday, June 22, 2012

Somewhere Over the RAINBOW

Hi Everyone!

Just got back on Tuesday from a wonderful visit
with my family and friends in the Seattle Washington area.
  A very relaxing time for my family and oh so much
needed after the sadness we have had.

Last night my family and I were AWED by one
of GOD's greatest promises...a Rainbow.
Did you know that GOD promised Noah,
after the great flood to never flood the
entire earth again...
he sealed it with this amazing sign...
a Gorgeous rainbow.

What we witnessed was not only the brightest
most colorful rainbow, but a
DOUBLE rainbow, which
you can faintly see!

Enjoy the pictures I was able to snap!

These were all taken just outside our
back patio area.  It was so close we almost
could reach out an touch it!

I LOVE Rainbows!
What an amazing GOD we have!

Be Blessed,