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Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Spring Everyone ~ Update

Hey Friends!

Gonna stop in real quick today and say HI and wish everyone a Happy Spring and Easter time!  I just LOVE it when GOD's timing of spring brings renewed greens and color back to life here in Michigan.  It can be quite drab with out snow, seeing the barren trees and brown grass.

ALSO...Thanks so much for those of you who stopped and left me messages.  Bloggers are such dear wonderful peep! I love you all and thank you for your words of encouragement.

I really feel led to share a number of things with you. 
So if you are reading these again just ingore this. 
But if you haven't well then you can learn more about me. 

About 4 years ago in January of 2007 I finally was diagnosed with *hyperglycemia* or early stages of Type 2 Diabeties.  To say I was stunned and in disbelief was an understatement.  I was only 47, maybe 5-10lbs over what I wanted my weight to be and in fairly good health. Okay...I'd been dragging for a couple of years and dealing with one infection after the other...and knew where every restroom was at any given place I'd go to.  To put a name to what was going on  though, was a relief because I KNEW something was wrong, it just didn't have a name.  My father bless his also a type 2 its in the gene pool!

Hyperglycemia for those who are unaware is *High Glucose* in your blood.  Or your body overproduces to make up for what it thinks you need.  Your sugars peak high and then drop suddenly...thus leaving you with no consistant energy and fatigue that can be debilitating.  I probably was living like this for many years and always wondered why I never woke up with energy and very prone to infections.  I'd have good days and bad days...and be very frustrated cause I take loads of vitamins and nutrients and really do try and walk and take care of myself.   I have been seeing an Endochronolgist who is working with me on differing meds.  Of course, I could not take the most commonly known med...Metformin due to a horrid reaction.  Last year I started taking a newer med that seems to be working very well and with little side affects.  PTL!

Now, I am still prone to infections.  This past winter I have had 2 sinus infections and a kidney infections that has just taken it all out of me.  I know I am not well when I have no desire to create.  That's a ringer for me that something is not right.  I am also learning that I don't heal and quick as I'd like and usually need a couple rounds of meds to comepletely get the infection out of my system...again this can be very frustrating....but I do keep plugging along.  Rest and not stressing are huge for me now.  I am not 30 anymore and must remember this, lol.

Also, my hubs, daughter and I have come out of a very difficult period in our lives.  After 2 years of not working my hubby started a new job and has now been working for 8 month..can I say *Thank You Lord*!!!.  We are praising God that he finally found work...only he now works out of state about 2.5 hours from our home.  Meaning he commutes home on weekends and lives there during the week.  The first 6 months were do-able, since 2 years of constant with the one you love can be hard.  But that has all worn off and now I am really missing him.  Each weekend he leaves to go work gets harder for him and me.  But I will say God has used this in a wonderful reconnecting way for us. 
I am now praying for work closer to home to open up. 

Thankfully, my sweet 19 year old daughter is finishing up her first year at College with honors and making us so proud of her accomplishments.  She loves kids and is working on a degree in Teaching lower elementary, with her heart wanting to teach 2nd or 3rd graders. We had a few very rough years and now can see how GOD has grown her and is continuing to do HIS good works in her.  She is living at home...but I am seeing less and less of her...Okay can I say *Empty Nest* is starting to set in? Yep...Mom is struggling, but loving what I see as I know this is part of the Plan and that I am seeing the completion of how we raised her.

that's really whats going on in my...LIFE.

I know we all have struggles.  I know we all have heartaches and prayers that need answered.  I also know that sometimes life hands you things you really don't want but you must face them, live with them and then TRUST that GOD knows what he is doing.

I have HOPE through all that I am going through and I want you to see this first and foremost.
I may get discouraged and down, but I have believed in a GOD that is ABLE to get me through the past few years and HE has.  I also love it when we can look back and see HIS footprints upon the sands of
our lives and how he has been beside me through it all.

Thanks so much for being there and giving me time and space.
If you are not feeling well...go to your Doctor...find out whats wrong.
Much Love goes out to all of you!

Thanks for letting me share!