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Monday, November 29, 2010

Tea Time Tuesday ~ Special Tea COZY Giveaway~~

Hello To all my Tea Tuesday Friends!

I am so happy you have stopped by and please
do NOT leave without leaving a comment so that
you can enter my 2 day only, special
Tea Cozy Giveaway!

I honestly LOVE to give. Really I do.
So I wanted to do a special 2 day giveaway to those
who leave me comments on this Tea Tuesday Post.
I will then pick a name from my comments
on Wednesday evening and let you all
know who the special winner is.

I make tea cozy's to sell in my etsy shop.  And
because I love roses, many of my cozy's are
done up in pretty decorator fabrics that have roses.
I also create a unique PIN that coordinates with
each cozy...the pin can either stay with the cozy
or be used in other ways in your home.

It is truely more blessed to give than to recieve!!!

This lovely cozy is in a soft sage background with
creams, peachy pinks and golds. It also comes with a tiny
pull on top.
I use a medium weighted batting between my
outer and inner fabric to help keep your steeping
pot of tea warm just a little longer.
Measures approximately 13"x9".

I have placed this lovely cozy with a
sweet vignette of a Christmas Tea Cup and
lovely Rose Ceramic tea pot.

Please be sure to visit my sweet hostess
visit the other Tea Tuesday participants.

Again...don't for get to leave a comment if
you'd like to be entered into my giveaway!

Be blessed!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

HAPPY THANKSGIVING My Dear Blogging Friends

In my busy preparation for tomorrows festivites I wanted
to stop and make sure I wished those who are
loved and so dear a very Happy and Blessed

I am hosting my hubby's nephew, wife and their 2 young children
whom we adore.  My daughter is going with her cuz to
the Detroit, Lion's game and then dinner will be home

I've been making the pre-snack goodies and setting my table!
I thought I'd take a few quick pictures for you to see
my simple Thanksgiving fare!

My center piece consist of a few Pilgrims and Turkeys...
because if it weren't for those 1st pilgrims we would NOT
be celebrating and giving thanks.

I also wanted to share my Stoneware that I use for
this holiday.  This was what I picked out 24 years ago
and I still love it...
Whole Wheat Jardiniere.
I have 13 complete placesettings but
since we have just a few I am keeping things

Also, over the years I have collected odd
silver/silverplated forks, spoons, knives and many
miscellaneous serving pieces.  I love
mixing and matching.

May the GOOD Lord Bless you and your's!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tea Time Tuesday ~ Sweet Friendship~

Happy Tea Tuesday Dear Friends!

Today I am joining my wonderful hostess
Sandi I so appreciate the time you take each week to
prepare and make this such a fun Tuesday event.
There are also links on my sidebar to other Tea Events...
please check them out.
My post today is all about Friendship.
I have a dear friend Mary who is 83yr old.  She had hand surgery
4 weeks ago and could not drive so last Wednesday
I took her to her Dr appointment.  Then afterwards was
shopping and lunch...2 kindred spirits and LOVE
to shop, so dangerous! lol. 
My Tea goodies I am sharing today are 
from a little consignment shop Mary spied nearby where
she lives and hadn't yet had a chance to visit!
I was HAPPY to oblidge.

So the story starts when I spied this darling Demi
Cup/Saucer...  I could tell it was hand painted and when
I turned it said lefton!
Snagged it for a little over $2!!! Can you believe that?

Being a painter myself of roses I do have a HUGE appreciation
of other mediums and handpainted roses.
This darling cup SPOKE to me!!!
Tucked it into my lil Butlers Pantry shelf.
But it didn't stop we walked through the
consignment shop, I saw this amazing tray.  Now, usually these tray
are so out of my price range that I just have to admire and move
on...but when I saw the price on this jewel...well
for $10 it came home with me!
JACKPOT...again this is another collection I have
because I adore the hand painting on them.

For now, I decided to keep it in my kitchen so I could gaze at
its beauty as well as the colors on it go so well in my kitchen.

Those were my 2 lil goodies I snagged, I used refrain
as I have so much.  But, there's more to my
story.  When I went home with Mary we began to look around her
home.  She has the most darling apartment that is just full of charm.
(I did a post early this year  so be sure to check it out here, if you wish.)

So she takes me to her 2nd bedroom and shows me
3 darling lil demi cups
and a gorgeous small tea set that was her mothers!
Of course I oooooh and aweeeeed over them and then...
 she wanted me to take this blue chintzy one home with me.
I was so tickled...this is marked Occupied Japan.
Does anyone know about this type of Chintz?
I'd really love to know more.
In finishing up today, I looked up some wonderful Bible verses
all friend related that I wanted to share!
  I have been so blessed by treasured friendships.
I just love how GOD brings poeple into our lives when
we need it the most! He certainly has done that for me.

A faithful friend is the medicine of life.
Ecclesiasticus 6:16
A friend loveth at all times.
 Proverbs 17:17

This is my commandment, that ye love one another,
even as I have loved you.
Greater love hath no man than this,
that a man lay down his life for his friends.
John 15:12-13

May you be blessed today!
Happy Tea!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas From My Studio

Hi Sweet Friends!

I know so many are like me and LOVE
to create during this time of the year.  Creating
is so fulfilling and lets me express so much of
who I am.

I want to invite you to my ETSY shop where
I am offering 20% off on your entire order!
Please stop by even just to say HI!!!

Also, if interested, be sure to click my
EBAY auction links to see what Christmas
and other goodies I have to offer!

I have created a collage of the many items I have
been creating and selling!

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tea Time Tuesday

Happy TEA Tuseday Sweet Friends!

Its Tuesday already? Wow, where did my week go?
I am going to keep my post very simple today and
just share a few Tea goodies that I have tucked in my
Parlor Living Room (as I call it).

First Off, I wanted to share  a matching Teapot and
Teacup/Saucer.  THIS IS MY MOST Favorite set
of all my tea goodies.  A special Christmas gift
from my youngest sister.  I LOVE the shape of this teapot!

Oh do you see the tiny chip on the saucer? Unfortunately this
arrived at my home in pieces...but I couldn't throw it away, so
I painstakenly glued it back together and now its for display.


Last off, another gift from a friend who knew I loved anything
to do with tea.  When she found this she knew it was for me!

So if you have a clear tea cup and want a great idea
for how a craft...isn't this a great one?

I took pictures for you to see the different angles and
all the goodies that is tucked on top and all around!

And...even a tea bag and lil spoon...nothing let out
on this darling tea cup!

Cute spoon, huh?

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

My sweet hostess is Sandi over at
Be sure to go over and see the other Tuesday
Tea Time partcipants! A fun day for all!


Nehmiah 8:10b
The JOY of the Lord is my Strength...

Ps 34:1,2
 I will bless the Lord at all times:
His praise shall continually be in my mouth.
My soul shall make her boast in the Lord:
the humble shall hear and be glad.


Thanks so much for stopping by!
Happy TEA everyone!


Monday, November 15, 2010

What I've Been UP to...and...What's NEW Coming from my Studio

Hi Sweet Friends in Blogland!

Oh my....
to say I have been busy is an understatement.
Not much blogging time either...have you missed me?

Just a little FYI before I get going to catch you all up...
hubby and I just took a very nice 3 day
trip to Chicago for a fact finding trip. ALL Expenses paid!!!
We were treated very well, fed like kings and enjoyed
ourselves immensly!
The company he is working for is now in the process of
relocating their Fort Wayne, IN offices/plant to the
Chicago area.  The may happen some time next summer.  So those
employees that they want to join them in Chicago have been
given the opportunity to visit Chicago, hear more about their
plans and then spend the day with a realtor to see the area
and what housing is like there...
Oh so much going on, yet no decisions can be made
yet till we recieve their relocation packages to see what
it will mean. That is coming soon?
Now, can you see what I mean about so MUCH going on?

Okay...on to other goodies, like what I have been doing
in my studio.  I have been sharing with you what I do
with my time during the days as I love to CREATE!
My juices really flow during this time especially as I
LOVE Christmas!

Here are some of my newest offering in my etsy shop or what
I am listing on ebay right now!

A Set of PINK Glittered Stars with Vintage Chandy!
At auction on ebay right now!
Sweet Victorian Girl Images on a
Heart that have been decorated and also a vintage
chandy, as well! In my etsy shop!
My NEWEST designs...SPOON Ornies!!!
I created a unique way to reuse old spoons and
embellished them with my clay roses! oh a
a small chandy crystal too!
All at auction on ebay!
Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting with me.
I so appreciate  each and every one of my sweet
blogging friends!  Some days you are my only
life line to the REAL world.  Do many of you
feel that way too?

Wishing you all a blessed week!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Tea Time Tuesday

A LOVE for all things TEA..
related that is.

Welcome to my Tea Post for this week!
So glad you have stopped by for a visit!
I wanted to share today not your ordinary
Tea Cup or Teapots this time.

Over the years, I have collected,created and been
gifted many Unique Tea related items.

Would you like to see some?

On the left you will a tea cup filled with my hand made roses
and sweet lil birdy sitting atop...a created goodie I made from a
cup that had been my hubby's mom.  Sentimental me just had
to find a way to keep this cherished cup in a new way.
my lovely teapot, that I LURRRV the roses on its front,
a melting pot with a cut out in back for my votive candle.

see the front?

See the back?

Oh and the sweet lil birdie amongst my roses...too tweet!

Then I have 3 tea pots to show you
...each very unique in their own way...
The glass one w/the pretty blue flower is a Paper Weight,
the tiny gold tea pot is a Placecard holder
the silver one is a real loose Tea Strainer!
Cool, huh?

Last, I wanted to share two sweet ornies that
were gifted me.  The sweet teapot is from MudPie and
the tea cup is connected and so you can hang it.

I love unusual things that flow out of a Love or collection.
I have been so blessed by friends and loved ones who know what I love and
are so thoughtful when they give them to me.

But I want you to know this about me is;
these are just Things...pretty things,
things to treasure and hold for now.

More important to me than all the *things*
I could aquire in my life tho,
is the knowledge of knowing the love of
my Father God.
I have been truly Blessed.

I have felt a love so deep and pure that the
 trials I have been through these
past 3 years would have counted
for nothing, if HE wasn't by my side.
I have known a quietness which I did not understand
learned to wait upon my Lord when
I did not know what more would go wrong.
I have seen His answers to prayers.
And wondered...
but known all along
He loves me and has been by my side. 

May you have a blessed day!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tea Time Tuesday ~ **Timeless Treasures** ~

Welcome My Friends!

Timeless Treasures!

That speaks to today's busy world
many times things of years gone by are just cast off,
given away, trashed or found in thrift stores and flea markets.
Now, don't get me wrong...I am so glad many times
for those *cast off* because they become MY
newest treasures.
The sentimental girl in me walks around my home and
the memories just flood me.  A special tea cup, from a loved one,
plate of roses, found at a thrift store, a beloved
sewing machine filled with treasures, but the sewing machine
was hubby's grandma.
These treasures SPEAK to me.

I was gifted many years ago with a book by
Emily Barnes called...Timeless Treasures.
The amazing paintings are by Sandy Lynam Clough!
Just looking at the gorgeous illustrations in this book
makes my heart sing.  I think because it best illustrates
who I am inside.

I am going to share a few of the pictures with you!
Aren't these just lovely?
If you love beautifully written and illustrated books,
then this is a must have!!!

Also in keeping with my timeless treasure theme...
I was looking around my home and decided to share how
I have incorporated, broken, chipped, mis-matched or
displaced tea goodies in my home.

I have wired sweet tea cups that have lost their saucer mates!
This was a fun way to decorate up a plain brass
candleaubra in my dining room.

I took a teapot with a chipped  lid and spout and created
a unique pin cushion.  I used laces, ribbon and my own
hand made clay roses to bring out this once
cast off's beauty.
Then there's this sweet Tea Cup Candle holder that I
created out of a mis-matched set.  They both have very
similar patterns but didn't go togethers..yet now they do.
I wanted to share these with you because I believe I am
like these castoffs.  I have so many chips, cracks and
have felt unwanted at times.  Yet, in the eyes of my maker and
creator...I can take those imperfections and
create something brand new.

I believe that is what GOD has given me through the
gift of salvation in Jesus. When God works
his amazing power in us...we who once were
chipped, cracked and discarded are
made new, prettied up and become
TIMELESS Treasures!

2 Corinthians 4:7:
“But we have this treasure in earthen vessels,
that the excellency of the power may be of God,
and not of us.”

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Please visit my sweet hostes Sandi @
Rose Chintz Cottage
you will NOT be disappointed in visiting
all the other lovely tea post!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Market Monday at Etsy Cottage Style ~ Sharing Creativity

Hi Friends!

I am part of a wonderful group of sellers  on etsy who
work together to help each other sell there
items.  One of the wonderful ways we do this is
called Market Monday's.  Just click
to see or also click on my sidebar.
 I have made it easy
for you to visit us there as well.

The first Monday of the
month we collectively put our names and sights
down for all to visit, shop and see.
I am sure with the Holidays just creeping closer and closer
you wont want to miss out on the talented gals
in this group and what they have to offer.

I have also been a busy gal and have gotten many
goodies listed in my ebay and etsy sights.
Ebay has made it less expensive right now so I am
taking advantage of this.
Both sights have links to them on my sidebar!

Also, I am offering 10% OFF your entire order in my
etsy shop.  So...come on over and browse.

One of my signature *Crystal Heart* Ornies, I have
added a darling girl angel image!
Most all of my auctions are starting at $9.99!
SNOWFLAKES, glittery and with roses!
Framed Art...I love  Jeweled Christmas Trees and have
made my version of them, using of course, my Clay Roses!
Sugared Heart Rose Clusters w/Crystals!

So there you have a peek at a few of my listings this week!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Have a GREAT Week everyone!