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Saturday, May 29, 2010

PINK Saturday from the Past

Good Morning my PINK
Loving Friends!

It's been a busy week for me with my
dd finishing up High School and
family arriving.  But...
I wanted to at least share some
of my Past with you.

So I hope you enjoy a Collage that I
created today of some PAST
PINK goodies I have painted and
sold quite a while ago.

Thanks so much for stopping by I
will try to visit some of you this week but
will apologize right now at how
little time I have of my own.

Be sure to visit our dear hostess
who does an absolutely wonderful
job of organizing our
 PINK Saturdays!

Happy PINK, Friends!
Thanks so much Beverly!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

GRADUATION ~ Here We Come!

Hi Dear Friends
Yep...the time is fast approaching,
its almost time
 for all Seniors across this country
to walk down the aisle and graduate!

This weekend my family and I are going to
my nieces graduation ceremonies in Florida!
To say the least, we are excited for
this mini-vacation we are able to take.

What makes this one special is that my
daughter was born only 7 days after my niece was born.
They both ended up being only children
in our families...and as time
has gone on, they have been
able to cultivate a wonderful sister-like
bond. Which my sis and I are just
so pleased about.

I came up with an idea a few months ago and
finally found just the right sweet
graduate girl to make up for my
neice...I could not get over how
closely it represents how she looks...
so I thought I'd share what I came up with
instead of a card!
Isn't she just the sweetest figurine?
Her colors were Green and Gold and
they are wearing black gowns!
My niece has beautiful blondish
red hair, just like this doll.

I also did up a tag to go along with it instead
of the traditional card...
When I give it to her it will have a
check inside of the box.

Hope you enjoyed this and maybe
it gave you a great idea too!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tea Time Tuesdays!

Welecome My Tea Friends!!

I am so glad you stopped by for our
weekly event.  I enjoy anything tea
and hope you will have a great

I am joining Sandi over at
for our weekly Tuesday Tea!
Please click on over and see the growing list
of particpants for this fun event!

Today I am sharing a few of my favorite
unique tea goodies.

This lovely tea set was yet another
gift for Christmas quite a few years ago.  My
youngest sis, picked me and I was
thrilled to received this GORGEOUS
Teapot and matching tea cup.

These 2 sweet tea cups were gifts of flowers
when I had surgery many, many years ago. Some
very dear friends who knew I LOVE
anything tea related sure made my day!
Lucky Me!!!

Thanks everyone for stopping by and leaving comments!
I hope to be able to visit you all in the new few days too!

Happy Tea!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

PINK SATURDAY ~ The Big PINK Mystery Reveal

Good Pink Morning to ya!

Welcome once again to
my PINK Satrday post...
and before I get going, be sure
to hop on over to our wonderful hostess
Beverly to visit other
PINK lovers just like you!

I have WINNER!!!

SHERRY from Alabama!!!!
for my PINK MYSTERY Giveaway!
Thanks everyone this was fun!

Alas, life as a mom of a Senior
in High School is
never dull, never my own time
and can be very tiring. I thought
you might love to see her and her
3 friends that went together with

My girl and her date...
Aren't they all just gorgeous!

Last night was my DD's Senior
Prom...and all the hoopla that
goes with it.  And my girl
is one to relish each and every moment of
it all...she asked after all the
festivities to invite friends over
for and after, after momma
and dad didn't get to sleep til way after 3ish..
and this girl NEEDS her beauty sleep
and I am not functioning yet.

Also, I'd love to share some PINK
goodies I worked on this week.

The first one is a sweet lil vintage
evening out purse I picked up a while
ago at while treasure hunting. 

It was covered in lace and soooo pretty!
 I always had in mind to decorate the front but
for some reason could not wrap
my lil brain around what to do...
then on Thursday I just did it!!!
It's covered in some very pretty
paper roses that Love to use!
am so happy I did...
this lil beauty is staying with me and my
purse collection..see I already hung it with
the others.

The next beauty is NOT an original
thought from me but an I did an original
twist on it.  Its a Wreath...
I must admit credit to a sweet lil shoppe my
momma and I visit when I come to visit
her in Buckley, WA. Many years ago I
saw something very similar and LOVED
the idea...

I came home and made one up for me
to hang in my family room...but
had tucked the idea away for SOMEDAY
 doing one up in shabby
colors to offer for sale.

Finally, I worked one up this week  in pinks and
Ohhhhh I am just tickled with how well
this turned out.
Shabby, sweet, rosy,
pink with a touch
of vintage from an ole
broken plate that could
have been a castoff, but no way
that pretty plate was gonna end up
in the trash...
a trash to treasure 
makeover for sure!!!.

Can you guess what the frame is?

Its an 11x14 old wood Picture frame...
so pull out an old frame and
do your stuff...
I am always so geeked when I can
use things I have
in new ways!
This unique cutie will be offered up
in my etsy store.

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy PINK!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Simple Spare Bedroom ~ Before/After On a Budget of $0.00

Hey Friends!

Well I have been a busy girl these past few days.
My daughter graduates the 3rd of June...
and with that comes those looooong put
off projects...that now become a MUST!

Because my family does NOT live close
they will be coming into town...
and that means
 I badly have needed to get downstairs and whip the
 basement spare bedroom into some type of shape.

This room was originally my
Craft Room when we finished the basement over
6 years ago.
But...I just needed fresh light coming in from
windows to create and decided to take over one of our
*other* spare bedrooms instead.

So... 2 years ago this became a dumping room
of which I opened the door and
closed it REAAAAAAL quick!
So you can see with this series of Pix
what shape is was in Before...

I am almost embarrassed to even show these...
but I wanted ya to know I am for real! lol

See? I wasn't kidding was I?

I did this room on a budget of $0.00...or
I shopped my home and
used some creative juices.
Now, its probably NOT magazine
worthy, but it will do for now and
hopefully at least will provide a nice
comfy bed to sleep in.

Now the AFTER Pixs...not bad, huh?
I went for a vintage cottagy look...mixing/matching
some pieces I have had scattered.
I used some of my favorite vintage prints from my
computer and printed them on cardstock...whaaalaaa!
Do ya see some painted pieces around the room...they were some of my
first pieces I painted..I cringe to see them but
then again a great reminder of where I have been
and how far I have come...
I have a small collection of child sized chairs
which I used for some of my sweet bunnies
and dolls.
Tea for 2!!!

Thanks for stopping by!
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into my
Reveal is Saturday.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Victorian Tea Party ~ Tea Time Tuesday

Hi My Sweet Blogging Friends!


I am join Cielo at The House In the Roses
and also,
for a Tea Party!

Please Visit Cielo today to see the many other
participant in this fun event
going on today, Monday May 10th!

 then on Tuesday this will be my Tea Time Post
as I join Sandi and her guests for our
weekly Tea Time Tuesday post.

My Tea Party tribute today is in Honor of my Mom.
 Some 30 years
ago a friend gave her a huge box of dishes.
these were not just any ordinary dishes...
they were the Johnson Brothers, Rose Chintz pattern.
Of course my momma adored them and me,
well I wasn't quite old enough to appreciate them...
as I grew up and began to realized just how sentimental
I was and how much I LOVED roses, I started
to appreciate that shabby box of dishes more and more.

About 6 years ago on my yearly visit to the Seattle, WA
where I grew up and my family still resides...
mom says to me...
"Lorena, I want to give you some of these
Rose Chintz dishes to take home with you!"

SQEAAAALLLLLLL doesn't even begin
to tell you how excited I was.
she began by keeping out a 4 piece place setting for herself
telling me later these would all be mine
and gave me the left overs. 
She knew that I was BIG into ebay then,
and could probably find many pieces to complete
my set.

And that was the beginning of a sweet love affair with
my ROSE CHINTZ collection...
I took those cherished dishes home and
began scouring ebay for pieces.

I also threw in a couple of pictures of a favorite
Bone China Creamer/Sugar set that goes well with my Chintz.
And these darling bird salt/pepper shakers were
my MIL's and also belong to my hubby's grams.
So you see I really am a sentimental gal.
I now have enough for 6-8 place settings and would
like to have a full set of 8 some day.

I'd have to say, if asked, that the
tea cups with their sweet lil flowers inside
 the square luncheon plates are my favorites pieces.

I do not as of yet have a Tea Pot
or a
creamer or sugar bowl.

I also have learned quite a bit about how to read
the labels on Rose Chintz.
So to help you...if you find any with the pinkish/red
imprints on their undersides
 those are some of the 1st
ones made.
Newer pieces produced in the past 10-20 years may have
a black or green imprint on them.

If you have any fun facts or know more
about Rose CHINTZ I'd love to
hear about it!

Thanks for visiting today!

Be sure to also leave comments if you would like
to be entered into my
Check out my PINK Saturday Post
for all the details!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

HAPPY MOTHER's DAY ~ Dear Friends

Dear Friends!

I wish each mother out there a
Mother's Day.
Hope you are spoiled and your
family blesses you!

I feel so blessed to be a mother
and can remember so well when
I found out just before
Mother's Day that my
daughter was on her way!
It was always my dreams to be...
a mom!

Have a wonderful day friends!

PS...Please do not forget to leave comments
and become a follower to
be entered in my
Check out yesterdays PINK Saturday
post for more information.

Friday, May 7, 2010

PINK Saturday ~ Come Enter My PINK Mystery GiveAway!

Hello PINK Friends!

Once again it's time to join in all the
PINK fun and see the wonderful
PINK Saturday Posts.
Please Visit our Wonderful Hostess
to visit other PINK Participants.

 I am having a May Giveaway!
I decided earlier this week I would offer
a sort-of  PINK Mystery Giveaway in honor
of May and Mother's Day.

This Pink Canister will be filled
to the brim with goodies that I am
sure will NOT disappoint!
And that's the mystery won't
get to see all of the goodies!
But I hope that will be part of the fun!
I am enticing you with a few
things that will be included...
like a pretty white battenburg lace
doilie you see under the canister
PINK pair of earrings!

So if you want to join in the fun
here's what you need to do:

1. Leave me a comment on today's post saying you'd love to be entered
2. Be a new follower and be added again.
3. Already a follower? Just let me know and you will be added again.
4. Every time you leave a comment this week on any post, let me know you are interested in my giveaway, and you will be entered again!

It that easy!

My best to everyone out there and thanks for joining in on the fun!
Lorena sure to stop back next
Saturday to find out who wins!

PS...I forgot to say, and many haveasked
YES, I painted the roses on the tin...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother's Day A Coming!

Hey there friends!

If  the advertisements on TV haven't warned you
then I will...Sunday is Mother's Day!
A special day to honor our mom's.
You know, those ladies who changed our
diapers, fed us, stayed up to
quiet our fears and loved
us through so many ups/downs
in our lives.

As I always seem to do...Mother's Day
creeps upon me and then its
OH NO...what am I gonna do?
Does this happen to you too?

Today I thought I'd go shopping..but
as I was a shopping my mind kicked in.
Lorena, I says to myself...your momma loves
your goodies you make her...why
doncha send her something you've done
up lately?  Self, I says, GOOD IDEA!!!

So when I got home I got to work
and thought you'd enjoy seeing what I came up with.
Now my momma does visit my blog, quietly but
then its not too often so I am hoping
she doesn't see this post til afterwards! lol

My mom love Roses, but then again a lady
named ROSE would just have too...
and purple too...

This sweet Girly says...A Token of Affection
for you on Mother's Day
I made a special set of my PUSH PINS in purples
and a PINK Magnet Rose for moms
PINK Rose Kitchen!
Then...a Purple Pin and Sweet Clip on Earring
I made...just special for her.

What do ya think?

Then I finished up a few more sets of PUSH PINS,
so that I could get those listed in my etsy
store along with a vintage
CAKE SAVER all done up in PINKS!

Thanks for visiting and your comments.
And be sure to wish someone a