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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Welcome to my Outdoor Living Space

Hi Dear Bloggy Friends!

I sure hope you all are enjoying our 3 day Weekend
as we take this time to say
to those who have served our country!
I always bring out my FLAG basket and
Flag, which hubby need to hang.

We have enjoyed one of the earliest warming ups
of spring that I can ever remember after living in
Michigan for over 18 years.
That got me spurred on to do more containers of
pretty colors for my Larger patio area.

This has been a much neglected living space.
I decided that I would START...
yes start, to create an outdoor living space
that is inviting for us all.  Now I really
think smaller, cozy spaces are so much
easier to create.  This may take me a few years
to achieve what I am dreaming of in my head...
I wanted to give it a try.

18 years ago we had this gorgeous brick pavers walk
way and patio done.  In an attemp to have some green
in our back yard area I added some
hardy perennial geranmiums, daisies, cone flowers
and loads of chives.  This has been such a challenge
as we get FULL ALL DAY SUN!
Yet these plants have seemed to fair pretty well.

 SPRING time around the patio is so pretty and colorful,
as you can see.

Today we are getting our table out so I don't have pictures
of that...but I have tried to create some pretty spaces
around this area we have.
Eventually, when we have the money we'd like to
put some type of retractable awning over this area
to make it just a tad more livable in the
all day sun and heat.

We had a 5 foot drop off from front to back
 when the house was built.  In an attempt to create an area
for us to have ease to the back yard we had to build the patio  up about
2-3 feet.  This  still created a delimma because brick pavers were
not sturdy enough for create that tall of steps.
  We went with a smaller deck off our kitchen. 
 So we have created a little sitting area with
chairs and a bench.
Hubby and I spend many hours in the warm summer
evenings with our kitties enjoying bunnies romping
and birds swooping and chirping.
This year I potted petunias in just about any pot or
container that I had.  These flowers seem to fair
pretty well with the all day heat...
if I remember to water! lol

Chloes likes to sit and watch the approaching birdies
as they try to eat!

It really is so cool to see all the hard work of planting and
setting up this space on pictures.  I hope you enjoy
my small piece of liveable space that I hope I am
creating for my family to enjoy during
to warmer days of summer!

Our sweet Chloe is snuggling with her daddy!
She has been diagnosed now for sure with Kidney Failure!
Did you know that this is the leading killer of elder cats?
We are working weekly with our vet to make sure she
is well cared for and comfortable.
She has perked up a bit and seems so happy to be
near or snuggling with us.
We will love her until its her time to go!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!
I love to ready and hear your comments!
Be Blessed,

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Sweet Chloe Girl Kitty

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday we had to take my Sweet Sweet Girl,
Chloe to stay for 2-3 day at our Vets.
Over the weekend we knew something was not right.
Monday I took Chloe in to see our vet and they ended
up doing blood work.  On Tuesday we found out she is
diabetic but they also said her Kidney values were
extremely high, meaning possible kidney failure.

I am just so sad because we know she may not have long.
She IS my girl.  We have a special bond.
I saw her birth her first litter and watched over her
little ones as the kids in our neighborhood would love to
come visit them.
She trusted me with them.

We have had her 11 years.  She was 8 month old,
when we rescued her from our local Humain Society.
Unbeknownst to us, this girl had gotten herself preggers!
In all the 50+ years of having lived around cats,
I had never had a momma kitty deliver or a
sweet bond that I have had with her.

She has the sweetest disposition. 
I just talk to her and she does a
*rocknroll* and starts to purr.
she LOVES to siddle up right next to me and lay
half on, half off and straddle my arm/hand as I stroke
her tummy and she purrs away.

Chloes other claim to fame...
Yep, she LICKS the insides and will
actually let you pick her up and walk around
as she is inside of a bag! Weird? but sooooo cute!

I KNOW so many kNOW what it is to be in the position
I find myself.  I am so forever grateful that GOD
puts these creatures into our lives, enriches us
with their personalities.
And, I know we all do come to a time of having
to let them go. 

So I hope you enjoyed my tribute to the sweetest
kitty cat I know!
My Chloe!

Be Blessed

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tweeking In Pinks and Blues! ~Pink Saturday~

Hello Sweet Friends!

I got myself together these past few days and got some
things done that had been nagging me in the back of my mind!
Do you ever do that?

I love tweeking and redoing things as much as creating.
It gives such a feeling of satisfaction.
I have had wall space in my Garden Tub area that has
been bugging me forever!
I finally figured out what it needed...
a few larger pieces, like shelving!

Once I figured that out...well as they say...
the rest IS history!

A few years back I added a large rod across
the tub area.  I then drapped sheers and lace to
give a more intimate feel.  We have High
cathedral like ceilings, which I think
makes it very hard to decorate and feel cozy.

This shelf had been in my shower/toilet area.
It NOW looks way better here with some
pretty things displayed on it.

This pink framed hand painted rose picture is going
to be listed soon in my etsy shop.

Isn't she sweet? I got this little
girlie statue cuz she reminded me of
a little girl who grew up in rainy
Seattle! (moi!)

I am still thinking the walls below this sweet
shelf are just a tad bare?
What do you think?
Any suggestions?
I did paint my pink roses on this shelf
yesterday and am so happy with how well
it goes in this area!

So...there you have it!
All tweeked!
I have been stopping and awing when
I can cuz I am so happy with how well
it all worked out!

Thanks for stopping by!
I am linking over at Beverlys

Be Blessed!