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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Busy as a BEEEEE....

Hi Everyone,
Wow, I cannot believe that more than a week has gone past
and I have not done a post.  Where does the time fly?
Not sure I can even tell you what I have done...
can ya'll relate?

Eye update:  I saw a retinal specialist
on Wednesday and he said my eyes look very healthy...
but I do have a Large floater that he showed me a picture
of...WOW, now I know why I see this thingy floating
all around at odd times and
at have trouble focusing.  I do notice though, that
I am getting more use to it being there...
just like the Dr.

For those who are creative, now is our Christmas.
I have been in my studio creating some great Shabby Chic
items for this upcoming holiday seasons.
I certainly hope you will stop by to check out my goodies
in my etsy shoppe.

This darling Snowmay made of plaster was needing
a sweet Shabby Chic look!  I think he turned out darling!

I made *Cone* trees last year and sold all of them...
I made some more!

A trio of sweet PINK Hearts!

Last, an Aqua Star that has 100 year old
vintage sheet music and my sweet clay rose.

Those are just a few things I have been working
on...will share more later.

I always love your comments!
Have a great week everyone!

Be Blessed!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

GOD's Amazing Creatures~bunnies and birdies, Oh My

Hi Everyone!

So, how is your week going?
Me, well I have been kinda under the weather...but
plugging along..allergy season seems to be in full
swing and I feel it!!!

As my hubby and I often do in the evening, we sit on our
little deck that leads out to our patio.  Many times we are
blessed to sit and watch the birds, bunnies and hummers
move around us giving us our evening entertainment.

So last night when my kitty kept wanting to wander over to our
bushes much to my surprise was this tiny lil bunny baby
frozen just under ou ivy bush.  You almost cannot see him.
  The baby hardy moved and I
actually got within 3 feet to take this picture.
Soon afterward it must have tried to go find its momma
cause our Tiger wanted sooooo badly to go over  to this area.

Isn't this just the MOST adorable baby bunny?

As you can see from below, I took a wider view of
where we sit. 
We came back from my parents in June just
mesmerized by their hummingbird feeders.  And hubby
and I went and purchased this one within days of returning.

Do you see my birdbath? Well Tiger has claimed this
as his

What is so amazing to us is that you can see how close this bird bath is,
and Tiger often goes right to the birdbath to sit
and the hummers just flit around him and he seems so
oblivious to them. 

What facinating creatures hummingbirds are.  They flit,
fight, dash and make a unique clicking sound.  We probably
have 3-5 that are regulars throughout the day.

I found out through checking on the internet that you can make
your own nectar...its 1 parts sugar to 4 parts water...
1 cup of sugar to 4 cups of filters water.
Bring this to a boil and then take off the heat.  It must boil
as that releases and gets rid of any trace minerals etc.
Once this cools I keep it in the fridge.

(Sorry about how fuzzy these pix are)..
As we have been watching our Hummers,
we think we may have 2 or 3
different species...Ruby Red Necks, All green
 with a white chest...and then I think we have seen one
that may be more brown..names I am not sure of.

They are the funniest things to they flit and
at times you can get one that becomes very territorial and will
come dipping at one that may be trying to feed.  Often
when this happens you can see them flitting up and all around.

More fun pix...
A few weeks back I caught these two bunnies romping
and playing in our neighbors yard.  I was so amazed that
I actually got shots that show them hoping and playing.

see? too cute!!!

I finding this all so interesting as we live in the burbs.
Yet really close to fields...never have I lived anywhere and
seen these amazing creatures like we have this past
summer.  I love that life goes on outside of our 4 walls.

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Do you have sweet lil creatures that you see
come out to play in the evenings?
I'd love to hear your stories!

Be Blessed,

Monday, August 6, 2012

Etsy Cottage Style MARKET Monday

Hi Everyone!

Hope your had a great weekend!
We did, we had a very nice family reunion with
one side of my hubbys family...good food and
great to catch up with everyone!

So today I the first Monday of the month and time
This is a
a wonderful group I am in at etsy who
all get together on a monthly basis to promote and
help each other sell there goodies.
I hope you will go over to the dedicated blog
and click through the wonderful sellers there.
Christmas will be here sooner than you think!

Speaking of Christmas...
my studio's is abuzz with many new
Christmas items...
Here's a few items that I have already listed in
my etsy shoppe!

I am repurposing old Christmas cards into
tags/ornaments.  They are all prettied up according
to how they look.

Last year I did a series of *Cone* Trees and they
ALL I am making more.  This is my
newest design for this year, all done up in golds.

Thanks for stopping by and helping me
support etsy!

Be Blessed,

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy 26th To My Beloved!!!

August 2, 1986

Happy 26th to my dear sweet guy!

I hope you don't mind taking a walk down memory lane
with me.  My wedding was a very special day for us
and our family.  We made sure our families
we all a part of what we did and loved
every minute of the time we had that day!
  I was 26 and my hubby was 28.
I, the last of four girls to marry, yet
the Oldest of those four.

It all started on a HOT summers day in Auburn, Washington.
Time: 2:00
Church: Auburn Bible Baptist
Temps...climbing into the 90's
(church had NO air conditioning)

The groom and his bride...finally making it down
the aisle after 5 years of dating!

The bride wore a dress she helped design...and a
sister's friend graciously fashioned it perfectly!
Touches of Victorian and lace, simple lines, with a soft
satin like material...flowing train and button up back!

Awe...the groom gazing lovingly at his *about* to be

Loved ones who were gathered to witness. 
 So dear to our hearts!
The pastor shared from God's word about
marriage and God's plan.

When vows were all said and done,
it was *SEALED* with a kiss.

Awe...I Love you Babe!

It is always so hard to go back and realize just how fast
time goes by.  So much life Lived together. My guy
is my best pal and supporter in all things I do.
I truly know I am WHO I am today because
God put him in my life.

We plan a quiet dinner together out and
hopefully in the near future a much awaited
time away, just the two of us...
last year for our 25th my hubby started
a new job that whisked him off for
two weeks to Germany/England during our day. 
Finding the right time
to get away has been hard to squeeze in since
his job is so new and keeps him veeeery busy.
How many of us have *life* getting in the way so often
of the things we need the most?

Thanks for stopping by and sharing a special time
in my life with me!

Be Blessed,

I've GOT a Winner!

Hello Everyone!

I certainly hope you are having a great day!
I have been hearing pounding and boom boom
bang bang for the past 2 days...
we have a new roof going on!!!
Will be so glad when that noise is gone and our
roof looks brand spankin new!

Okay...I have a winner for my darling
PINK Princess Angel....
drum roll please.......

Tami Kenner!!!!

Congrats Tammi, I will be contacting you
and thank you so much for  joining in on the fun!
Also, a HUGE thanks to all who entered and your
sweet comments on this darling Angel. 
to give things away and am going to do my best
to do this more often!  So keep checking back
as you never know when I will be offering
something new as a giveaway.

Ya'll have a great day, y'hear...

Be Blessed!