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Sunday, May 31, 2009

CELEBRATING 150th POST ~ A GiveAway ~ Some Thoughts promised in my last post, I wanted to celebrate another blog milestone for me. 150...WOW! Little did I know when starting a blog I would have this much to say...well for those of you who know me, I really am never at a lose for words. hehehe!!!

So I am inviting all who visit my BLOG to... JOIN WITH ME in Passing the word around! I DO so enjoy giving away goodies! Compiled for this GiveAway pleasure are a bunch of treasures I have either picked up, created or just for whatever reason thought they might be nice for a giveaway. ... never know what else just might be added to this pile!!!

Here's what you need to do...leave me a note/comment saying you'd like to be entered. Then, if you decide, copy/paste my picture and advertise on your blog for you to be entered AGAIN in my GiveAway. But... be sure to let me know you will advertise so I can add you again. I will keep my GiveAway open until June 7th. Then on June 7th in the afternoon after Church and lunch I will have one of my family members help me choose a lucky winner.

I have shared a little about what has been going on in our lives and lately I have been going through a what I'd call a dry patch. Have you ever been in a time where you know GOD's promises, you read them, you have experienced them in the past but it seems in the "RIGHT now" of life, they are very far away. That's what I have been experiencing this past week. I think I am beginning to understand what BLIND Faith really means. I am really walking by FAITH and NOT by sight right now. It doesn't give any sense of *feelings* or warm fuzzy's, that IS for sure! I don't Know if I should turn to the right or left. And, when I cry out to the Lord, all there seems to be is silence. Nothing.

So how do you make it through a time like this?
Be Still and KNOW that I am GOD....Psalms 46:10

For me it has been trying to stand on promises that GOD has made real to me. And..I do believe when you become still, you will hear.

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Psalms 46:1

So as I have been still...though I do NOT know what to do right now, GOD is the GREAT *I AM*, my Jehovah Jirah ~ My provider...GOD is and WILL still be my strength through this time. It gives me HOPE..that when I can't feel or see HIM, I can still have Faith because HE is.

My family has many BIG decisions facing us in the next few weeks. There continues to be no job prospects for my husband as of yet, revealed to us. We continue to seek GOD's very best in this but are becoming weary. My self sure wants to get in there and fix it..but I kNOW that's not what I am suppose to do. So, In HIM I seek my rest, HIS perfect rest until HE chooses to reveal His Will in all matters to us.

I like to share from my heart and life because I KNOW I am not alone. Many are out there who feel as if no one knows what its like to be going through...whatever you are experiencing. I don't have the answers, but I do KNOW who does. I hope that as you read my deepest thoughts and struggles, you will know that I can emphathize with you. As I continue to walk in my Faith, my overall expectation is that GOD be glorified first, and then HIS perfect will be revealed and worked out in us. He didn't say this life would be easy, he said he'd be with us, walking right by our side...and I DO believe this with my whole heart.

Only In HIS Strength...Lorena

Sunday, May 24, 2009

GOD Bless America ~ Thank YOU Vetrans!

I just wanted to make sure I stopped in and wished all my blogging friends a Blessed Memorial Day. What a wonderful privaledge we have to honor those who have fought and given their lives for this country. We truly live in a country that God has blessed and I hope we don't loose sight of this!

I so enjoy finding these VINTAGE images that I love and can use. These are some new ones I have found and think they speak to Memorial Day!

UPDATE: For inquiring minds. I am on the mend. I guess I didn't realize how bad I was feeling until the medication finally kicked in about Tuesday. My mouth is healing nicely and I am finding my strength returning. For that I am grateful!
BE SURE TO CHECK BACK...I will be announcing my 150th Post Giveaway...SOOOOOON!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

TOOTH Story! ~ Not for the Faint of Heart

I sure have been MIA this week...not felt well and knew I had been nursing a tooth that needed attention. But you have to know my history at the dentist to understand that I HATE GOING TO THE DENTIST! lol After 2 weeks of throbbing pain that would go away with prescription strength Ibuprofen and then on Tuesday that throbbing became sharp pain...I KNEW it was time.

I was convinced that this tooth would need to be pulled. I had previously talked with my dentist after a quick consult with her and worked out the details. I did not leave then with an appointment cause things hadn't worsen. But as the last 2 weeks have gone by, I began to feel tired and knew I was dealing probably with some type of infection and then with this pain getting became clear that NOW was the time.

So there I was at 8:30 Thursday morning sitting in the dentist chair waiting for my lip to numb...which for me doesn't happen easily or quickly. You see my history is...I have a very low lying nerve that does NOT want to numb...many times in the dentist chair I have just about jumped out of it to grabb the drill from the dentist. So I of course made sure they remembered..and they made sure I had lotsa numbing shots...probably when it was all said and least 10 shots were administered. Do you now understand why I HATE TO GO TO THE DENTIST?

Now why did you choose to have your tooth pulled, you may ask? Again my history...I have had at least 5 root canals with crowns. Of those said crowns, I have replaced at least 3 crowns due to continuing decay under that said crown. One tooth finally was pulled after 2 root canals and root calcification. This paticular tooth I was pulling is the very last molar on my left...which in a small mouth, as my dentist told me..makes anything type of work hard to do. I felt that pulling it was the best for my overall health. I also have had so much filling and dental work that I am trying to minimize what I need for the remaining years of my life! 2 HOURS tooth was out! YES, It took that long!

I also did agree that I would now do a bridge for the missing tooth on my upper left, since the dentist was very clear if I didn't, my mouth would be compormised. She knew that I have a very sensitive bite, which easily gets off with any dental work. They used to tease me that I am the *Princess and the PEA*...cause any slight adjustment will send my poor mouth into TMJ! So now I have more dental work to look forward to! I HATE GOING TO THE DENTIST!!!

Now I assure you all...I brush and floss every day. I was born with a poor teeth and probably before dentist knew much about how good flouridation helped your teeth. many, we live with what we are dealt with. I hope, like the above picture..the pain will stop and I will be smiling once again.


Saturday, May 9, 2009


I first off, want to wish all my dear blogging friends who are Mom's a
I decided today to share with you a favorite picture of my sweet daughter. She was all of 4 years old in this picture. A toe headed blond, with a very outgoing personality. Even at this age she was gathering her friends in the *hood* and running in a pack, playing the summer days away. I have such dear memories of summer times with her.What I don't often share, is that she is a true miracle. Between problems with me and hubby we should NEVER have had any children. I truly believe my crying out to GOD, or as I fondly refer to my *Hannah* prayer...GOD heard my cry and blessed us. In May of 1991 I found out I was pregnant, very close to Mother's Day. It was such a special Mother's Day for me!
Even though God choose to only give us one child...I couldn't be more proud to be Michaela's Mom. I very ofter refer to her as being 3 children wrapped in one! And if you knew her, you'd know why I say that!
By the way..her name Means..WHO is of the LORD.
I have known in my Mother's heart that HE has a special purpose for this girl. Her heart is tendered toward the things of the Lord and that has brought such joy to me. Now, things haven't always been easy, as a matter of fact we have had a very difficult year and a half...but I can see how GOD has really used this to bond us closer together.
Yesterday was Michaela's PROM. I was so tickled that she asked me to go with her to get her hair and make up done. We had the best time! And then when we returned home, I got to be her manacurist, painting her hands and toes.
This picture, of course doesn't do her beauty justice!!! And that dress, is SO my daughter's personality. I just LOVE her to pieces!

Unfortunately this picture of me is YUCKY...but I so wanted to have one of the 2 of us on this special day. She is a junior this year, heading towards her senior year and turning 18 in December. OH my..where have the years gone? It's so hard to believe that my daughter has grown so quickly before my eyes!

I am the luckiest mom in the whole wide world! YEAH!!!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

OUR Sweet Kitty Babies!!!

Today was one of those days that our kitties had some amazing poses that I just had to pull out my camera to show the world! We have 3 very different, but sweet kitties that are just the loves of our family.
This is my *Bubby*, Punkin...yes he is HUGE all 19+ pounds of him. He is just the biggest sweet dumb *oaf* cat ever, and tries to be a lap kitty too!!!! He looks so snuggly sound asleep and I just thought he was so darling hugging the back of my sofa...I took a close up but then and far away shot so you could see what I am talking about!

Then there's my sweet *Momma* kitty, Chloe. Oh she is the LOVE of this mommy's life. Just talk to her and she purrrrrs up a storm. I call her my little momma, cause I got to be with her when she had her only liter, of which Punkin was her first born. I got to be with her to help her and saw him being born. We have a very unique mommies! lol This picture is of her sticking her head through the rungs of the 2nd floor landing...Sound asleep too!
And then there's our Tiger, the famly protector. He's our rescue kitty that has just blossomed in our family through the year's he's been with us. He LOVE's being out in the patio area, but will often try to wander off. We live in an area where cat's are to be indoor we do keep a good eye on him. This bird bath, a present from my hubby for mother's day, when dry, is often a fun perch for TIGER. These are the cutest shots...and I think he is one of the prettiest cats ever! And, being his MOM I can say that...hehe!

With lottsa kitty loves and hugs.....Lorena

Monday, May 4, 2009

A Tribute to Mom's

I just had to show you what I have finally finished. I had this sweet Lil Victorian Darling waiting to be finished and ready before now. I am just always a day late and a dollar short, it seems! So I got her listed hoping she will find a new home for an adored Mother!

I don't live close to my mom...over 2000 miles away. It always makes me sad that I don't get to do the day to day fun shopping trips, walks in the malls and chats as much as I use to when we lived close by. But we do keep in touch by phone and emails on a regular that must do for now.

Anyway...I just wanted to share with you this little sweetie. This collage was made with vintage seam binding that I have dyed. My own handmade clay roses, fun trims and darling vintage victorian cards. Oh, and her hair is adorn with a swarovski rhinestone, too. I sure do enjoy and appreciate the clip art and post cards others are so kind to share. A great BIG thank you to those of you who do this!

Here's to hoping you remember the sweet things about your Mother...and don't forget to tell her. You have less than a week to do so!