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Monday, September 24, 2012

Snagged Some Great Goodies Thrifting!

Good Monday Everyone!
Can you believe that this is the last Monday in September?
Gosh...what has happened to summer?
Today I had to go grocery shopping...ugh.
But...I took a slight detour and ended up in one of
my favorite thrifty places I shop before I made it
to the grocery store.  This thrifting place seems to
have some of the best finds..I think.
I just had to share what I snagged there today with you.
wanna see?
Purty ribbon both for $1.20
This sweet all hand crocheted runner...loving the pink
with the lacy edging.....80cents..yes! that is correct!

Then I spied 4 more sweet lil weakness,
they ranged between .40-80 cents each.
SUCH a deal!!!

Now, I have shopped at thrift stores since I was a little girl.
And I am never one to pass by a great name brand item,
in the right color and right size,
CHICOS Sweater...$3.80...looks brand new and its
hard to tell but it is the prettiest shade of green
that I love to wear!

My heart just SANG though, when I saw these
red pumps.  I have been looking quite some time for
a low healed pair of RED pumps.  I LOVE red!
These look brand wear on the bottom
and they were the right size...
$7.60...can you believe that?

I don't know about you...but there are times that I shop
and really believe that GOD gives me these special little
goodies.  Do I need them?
but I know HE delights in those who delight in Him!
What a fun way to start my week.
Hope yours is a great one!
Be Blessed,

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Where does the TIME go?

Hi Sweet Friends!
Gosh, where DOES the time go?
I realized the past few days that I haven't been on
blogger or even written a new post in quite awhile.
In the time since I last posted:
I had a birthday...
My daughter started her Jr Year at college...
Summer is fading into Fall...
My studio is full of glitter dust and newest creations...
God is good and I am learning some very deep things
about who I really am, in HIM!
So... how are you all?
I will leave you all with a collage of some of the pretties
I have been shabbying up, roses I have been painting
what gives me such PEACE!
Be blessed by friends!