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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

***1st Day of School*** ~~Mom's Sentimental Journey~~~

Hi Sweet Friends...

I am being a bit sentimental today...
Today was my daughters 1st day back to
College...a sophomore this year! WOW.
She is still commuting from home...
at least I get to see her whiz in and out...
occasionally now, she will chat and
catch me up with what has gone on in her day.

Knowing today was her first day made me go
back in time.
So....I made it up to my picture closet to see
if I could find M's first day of Kindergarten pictures.
I found them.
I get so choked up remembering those early days.
How simple and easy it all seems now.
But back then I know it sure didn't
seem that way.

I babysat 2 other neighbor girls that were her age
during her early years.
It was a blessing for her, being an only to
have so many others in our neighborhood to
grow up with.  She always fit right in.
And I'd get comments about how she
didn't act like an only.
That's my socially outgoing girl!
Hasn't changed one bit!

I didn't realize that I took a picture of my daughter
and her friend, but not one alone of my daughter.
These two went to kindergarten together, best buds.
Kindergarten was on Tuesdays, Thursdays all day,
1/2 the afternoon on Friday.
Those days kept me hopping.

I remember Michaela being exausted that first week.
They were given time in the afternoon to nap or rest
but I am sure the change tuckered her out.
She came home and ate a snack but could not
keep precious!

Do you have sweet memories like these?
I am sure you do!

Be Blessed,

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

~~~Coffee Table SlipCover~~~

Hi Friends!

I'm linking up with Savvy Southern Style
Wow Us Wednesday...

Well...I meant to get this written yesterday...but life happens. lol
But this is what I was attempting to work on and
finish yesterday. A slip cover for our coffee table.


This is the 2nd slipcover that I have made for
our Fam Room Coffee Table.
Hubs and I are "put your feet up and get comfy"
type peeps in the evening.
We enjoy our relaxing time.
Earlier this year we decided to use
what we had, our coffee table, and make it more comfy
for us to put our feet up on.

We bought a 2 inch batting foam...didn't
want to go to high as this table is already
couch level. 

My first attempt was too light weight of a
material and the seams didn't take to well to
the wear and tear of us constantly putting our
feet up.

So...I found another fabric I had stashed
and threw it over our table until I could
get this pinned and ready to sew.
That was probably 2 months ago that
I did this...procrastinator for sure!

All pinned and ready to sew...

A pretty good fit...the first try.
Yesterday I was determined to
pin and sew this *easy* project.
Easy...YIPES...I broke 3 needles
before I had to go to JoAnns and
purchase heavy duty Jean needles.
(Note to self, there is never an easy
project with a fickle old machine, old
lady doing the work and
a mouth that would need some
soap...yep a few ugly, bad words
were spoken before this was all said
and done).

The view from where I was sitting last evening!

Oh and I brought my only 3 hydrangeas in to
let them dry.  I put water in the pitcher and will
just let it soak up and evaporate...
the hydranges with reatain their color and look
beautiful for months to last.

But I lurve, luv, LOVE how it
FINALLY came together.

Be blessed!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

~~~How do I LOVE? ~~~

In my quest to keeping it real today
I forgot to stop first thing
 to take time with my

But guess what, He was still waiting for me
when I decided to stop and come.
And today I'd like to share just what he
had on HIS mind to share with me.

I am still reading Psalms.
(on my i-pad, luv!!!)

Psalms 7: 9b, 10, 11, 12 (NIV)

For you look deep within the mind and heart,
O righteous God.
God is my shield,
saving those whose hearts are true and right.
God is an honest judge.
He is angry with the wicked every day.
If a person does not repent,
God will sharpen his sword;

Now you might ask,
How do I love...
what does that have to do
with this passage.
Let me share with you...

Do you have those people in your life
that are just plain hard to like or love?
who have messed their lives up?
they don't live as GOD would have them?
or have you been hurt
 or has someone
you love been hurt by another?

God asked me do I LOVE the unlovely in my life?
Hmmm...many times I must admit a
big fat NO.  I'd rather run in the
opposite direction than to have to deal
with an unpleasant person or situation
that *I* don't approve of.
Sound familiar?

If God  looks deep into my heart and sees
this unwillingness to love in is sin.
God loves the unlovely and
wants me to so as well.

Doesnt mean it will be easy...just love.

Leave the rest to Him. 
He always has a better way
of dealing with anyone than we ever would.


Be Blessed,

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Decorating with Pink ~ Pink Saturday

I am so happy to join our sweet
Hostess Beverly over at
for the weekly tour of all things PINK!

I went around my room a while back and
was looking at things I have used in my
Master Bedroom that is pink.
Was I amazed how much I have and
 how well Pink and Blue
go together...and our blue walls
make everything looks so dreamy!

My quilt is sooo beautiful, a Rachel Ashwell Kings Size,
I snagged at Target for $50...all covered in pretty pinks!
( rug color is actually called Cameo Mauve)

I finally got around to embellishing a favorite photo
of hubby and me with my Pink Clay roses!
I love the view in the mirror...but also the
pretty pinks I have put around my dresser!

Another one of my to dos..that I got done
in my crazy crafting frenzie I did a month ago!

This is my side of the bed...can you tell?
Love this darling phote of my daughter at 4.
I placed it next to one that my aunt made and then
placed a picture of me in.  I treasure this!
 I am sure I was
3 or 4 at that time as well.

So hard to get a good picture when there is glare! ugh!

I LOVE this Jessica McClintock by Gunne
Sax...and knew it needed to be hung on my wall.
Ready for an afternoon tea, in 1920?

And last...this is my wedding dress and hat I
wore 25 years ago, Aug 2, 1986.  I helped
design this dress and a dear friend made it. 
Its a creamy, lightweight satin covered in
delicate lace.
This flanks my dresser and is on the left
side as my Gunne Sax is on the right.

Thanks for stopping by!
Hope you enjoyed my PINKs
that I have scattered throughout my
Master Bedroom.

Be Blessed!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Getting REAL Honest ~ Food Diary *YIKES* ~ My Journey with Type 2 Diabeties

Good Friday Morning Bloggie Friends!

Yep getting real stinks!!!
I don't think I mentioned when I was sharing about
the monitoring I am doing,
I have to keep a FOOD Journal!
Writing it down in black and white sure
makes you think twice before
putting anything into your mouth.
It also made me realize that I needed to take
this opportunity to be a little more diligent
in trying to loose 7-10lbs that I
feel I need to loose so that I can feel good about myself.

Here's a sample of my 1st day writing ALL
of what I have been eating and doing down.

I am already down 1.5 pounds in just keeping a closer
eye on what goes into my mouth.
This has been a better deterent for me and now
I can see why many weight loss systems have
you do this.

This was just taken after I had eaten my hard boiled
eggs mashed in butter (my mom did this for us as kids)
and a cup of coffee with loads of cream today!

After yesterdays rollercoaster ride...checking my sugars has
been very eye opening! I am seeing how my body is
reacting to foods.  I now realized that when my
BG (blood glucose) shot up to over
250 yesterday afternoon after I ate
1 cup of yummy Pita chips with cucumbers,
I cannot eat these unless I put some protien with them.
WOW is all I can say!

I am also working diligently to take a few minutes each
day to have some time with my Lord, in his word.
I am reading Psalms. 
My goal is to read until I
feel the message GOD wants me to have
is impressed upon my heart.

Today I came away knowing:
by the one Most High!
Does my heart good to know this!

Be Blessed!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Breakfast *Club* Girlfriends (A Real Blessing) ~ Shabby Pink Pumpkin?

Hi friends!

Well, I am being true to my words and posting
a bit of what's going on today in my life.

Thursdays is my Breakfast *club* gals.
This group of gals, between 6-8 of us,
have been faithfully having breakfast, on Thursdays,
 now for over 12 years. 
It all began with an invite from one dear friend,
and the rest is history. 
We started when  many of our children were in 2nd grade.
Moms, stay at home or working part
time, began what I believe is one of the
best things anyone can in friendship.

We have saved each other a gazillion $$$$ in counseling we have shared lifes ups and downs,
struggles with school issues, hubby woes,
children woes, job losses,  health issues,
cancer, deaths in families,
 as of late graduations and children
going away to college.

We ladies have been through
so much that we decided we would continue on,
even as our children are now flying the next.
I hold each one very dear to my heart and they
have become my support system.

Do you have friends like this?

I am truly blessed!


Pink and Shabby Pumpkins...
I found a couple pumpkins last year that I
forgot I them coated in pink
and then never finished them.
this past week I pulled them out and
got one finished...ya wanna see?

It's all painted in a soft pink, with happy pink
roses painted on front...

then I added some lace and a battenburg
lacy doilie on top...then
sprinkled a few of my clay roses,
pearls, glitter and pink bow on
top to finish it all off

A shabby chic Pumpkin for the
Pink lover in all of us!
Going right over and adding it
to my etsy when I'm through!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!
Be Blessed!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm all Sensored Up ~ My Journey Living with Type 2 Diabeties

Hey Friends, How are you today?

I have decided to try reeeeally hard to come in
and share on a daily basis with you what's going on
in my life. 
I don't know about you but
sometime I wonder if anyone really cares or
wants to know. 
I do know when I see
some of my dear friends post,
I love to read know what's going on,
what they are creating
or how they really are doing on a
more daily basis. 
I am going to try and
use this as a way to journal my life and
share where I am on a more frequent basis.

DISCLAIMER...if you are squeamish don't go any further.

Yesterday I had my bi-annual check with my
Endochronologist(sp?).  I'm never sure what to
expect, or say when I go.  This time it was
very different from the past 5 years of appointments.
This time  I talked with a Endo Nurse Practioner.
I really liked her and felt like I actually got
a more thorough visit.

What came out of my visit was me being
given and Dexcom Sensing Unit.
Now when I say given, I mean they
inject a needle into your side which has a sensing device,
and this reads glucose leves between 280-300 times.
Its a way to chart what your glucose levels are doing
and see more clearly what is going on.
She encourage me to do this because they are
finding out, that patience like me, who's
A1C's (monthly reads of how your glucose is doing)
isn't always an accurate picture of what really is going on.

Please don't get grossed out...this is the actual monitor
that is on my left side...

I am to wear this sensor for a week.  Check my blood
glucose once every 12 hours and then add that to my
monitor, that is collecting the data.

Here above, is the monitor that is giving me a read of 120.
This is so cool cause I can click OK and see at any given
time what my levels are.

For those who have never seen an actual Blood
Glucose Kit this is the one they actually gave me.
You have your needle, Glucose Meter, see the
strip in it? and the strip container.

It's something you have to get use to as a Diabetic.

Now, right now I am considered Pre-Diabetic. 
I had early simptoms, excessive peeing, drinking
fluids, and extreme weekness and being tired.
I have always maintained an normal weight and
was very taken back with this diagnosis as
many like me, assume that it usually shows
up later in years when you add extra pounds.
Me, well, I have the genetic link...

By watching what I eat,
(Yes you can eat sugars, just keep it small)
monitoring my glucose levels,
seeing my doctor regulary and taking my meds...I am
able to keep myself in a PRE-Diabetic state.

I go back next Thursday to turn in my
monitor.  I am REALLY excited to
see what they have to say about what is going
on.  And, if need be to help me tweak a few things.
Isn't Modern day technology AMAZING?

If you have any of the symptoms I described,
please read further or see your doctor about early detection
of Type 2 Diabeties.  It could save your life.

Be Blessed,

Monday, August 22, 2011

Tea Time Tuesday ~ Tea Vinettes ~ Dining Room Tour ~

Hello Sweet Tea Loving Friends!

Today I am linking up with my dear sweet friend
for yet another amazing week of
sharing our love of all things tea.

If you come to my home as you enter, to your
right you will see my
*Tea Themed* Dining Room.

My Love for ALL thangs Tea began
 over 25 years ago when I was decorating
my first home.  Loving to shop at
quaint flea markets, antique shoppes
and thrift stores it is really where it all began.

And... through the years, family, friends
and moi have continue to add to that collection.
I began first with Tea Cups and then all
things tea began to follow.
The bulk of my collection is English bone
china which is my favorite,
I am sure there are other makers
sprinkled within...the main theme is...
what strike me as pretty and of course roses!

I have been re-arranging some of my
shelves in my hutches, walls and dining room,
 so I thought you might like to see them.
Instead of sharing one or two items,
I'll share them all! lol

A full view into my dinimg room.
My Sweet Hutch, that houses most of my
*Rose Chintz* by Johnson Brothers.

I have been thinking about painting the insides of this hutch
placing lighter wall paper behind...what would you do?
A collection of blue cups and plates.
I do love to arrange my things in
unique ways...out in the open for all to see my
eye candy...I LOVE eye candy!

More cups and collectibles...
yep, I also love milk glass too!

Below is my *new* hutch that I created using
a *butlers* pass through are we have.
It had cabinets below...but not on top.
I took a shelf that was my daughters
hutch above her desk and turned it
into another display area for me to play with!

I hope you enjoyed my sharing of my
wonderful collection of tea things!
Many have such wonderful sentiments behind
them and make me feel so good when I view them.

Be Blessed!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Golden Honey Granola

Hi Friends!

I am Joining
over at Savvy Southern Style
be sure to stop by and see all the
fun things talented bloggers do!

I don't usually share much in the way of
recipes or cooking.
I am a much confessed lover of baking
but do not enjoy cooking meals unless
they are quick and easy.

So, yesterday when I ran across this Granola
recipe, something of which I had been
wanting to make up, I thought you all
might enjoy it too.  It's yummy and somewhat


Dry Mix...all these together:
6 Cups Old Fashioned Oats
1 Cup Dried Cranberries
1 Cup Dried Rasins or Apricots
1 Cup Sliced Almonds (Optional, my Fam does'nt like nuts)
1 Tsp Cinnamon
1 Cup Light Brown Sugar
1/2 Tsp Salt

Wet Mix...heat these together:
1 1/2 Sticks of Butter
1/2 CupsHoney

In a Large bowl add all dry ingredients and mix
them together well.
Melt butter and then add honey to the hot mixture
and pour over the dry ingredients.
Mix all ingredients well together.

Spread mixture onto a parchment or
foil lined large cookie sheet.
Place in 350 oven
30-40 minutes
I put my buzzer onfor 10 and checked
and stirred these until they were golden.

Cool...then place in an air tight contain.

I do think I may have over cooked my a bit
so next time I will try 30 minutes instead.
I also may experiment with other ingredients like
dried pinapple, banana chips, dried apples
and add these once this has baked.

Hope you have enjoyed this!
I'd love to know if you are going to try this!
These make great gifts too!

Be Blessed,

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

While the Cats away...the Mice will play? Creating and so much more!

Hey friends!
I have been a busy girl...
already getting an early start on my
goodies I make for the holiday season!

Would you like to see what I have been doing?

A sweet Pink Santa...and those cone trees
are available for sale too!
Making roses like crazy...can't keep up!
These are for sale for you to use on your own
projects...I offer many color choices too.

These sweet petite doves are some of my favorite things!
I have done them in sets and offer them in pinks, lavender and aqua.

I did some of these flatter ornies last year but this
year I decided to add these sweet birds to the
mix.  I am sooooo pleased with how sweet these look!

I have so much more I have been listing in my etsy store.
I will be running a
10% discount off your entire purchase
 til after Labor Day.
So I hope you will
stop by and start your Christmas Shopping early!


I am also always clicking cute pictures of my
2 sweet kitties...
here are some recent photos!

Sorry bout those glowing eyes...but look how my
Chloes paws are crossed...just too precious!

Again...Chloes paws are crossed...
she looks perplexed? lol

Awe the life of a cat...

Thanks again for stopping by!
Love your comments!
Be Blessed