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Monday, April 29, 2013

Shabby ~ FruFru ~ Upcycling

Hello My Sweet Friends!!!
Oh gosh, I didn't realized how much time has gone by
and I have not been here to blog about what is going
on in my life.  I guess I have been so busy creating
that the time was all spent! lol
I do so apologize!
Anyway, we all know that I create in the
shabby, chic, romantic anything roses realm!
In my heart of hearts I have ALWAYS loved to
upcycle and create unusual items.
That would be exactly what I have been doing
this past month.
Below I am sharing pictures of items that I have
put together and upcycling individual items into
shabby chic pieces of art.
Starting with pretty frufru Pillar Candle Holders
Many of my Pillar Candle Holders were just that
simple, plain pieces that needed a touch more done to them.
So, I added color to the bases and
then atop each base I added pretty castoff plates or
saucers that had lost their mates.
I didn't stop there though,  this is where the real fun
began.  Going through my collection of pretty
laces and ribbons I then began to frufru pillar holder.
 Some were even given pretty crystals too.
The piece below show how you can combine found
objects, like these smaller milk glass bowls.  They
were glued together and a sweet hand painted
vintage plate was added. 
The thrift stores, yard/garage sales are full of theses
type of pieces.  Now when you shop, begin
thinking outside the box of how you can add
pieces together.
I didn't stop there.  I have created jars that are taller by
added candle bases.  Below you can see that I also frufru'd
many jars/bottles that would have otherwise been thrown

Would you believe the brown bottle is a bath and
body works lotion bottle? See, using anything you many
have, that you would otherwise have thrown away!

DON'T throw out those old bottles with out lids or
candy jars...reuse, recycle and create unique
one of a kind items, using your imagination!
Originally, I had just painted these twisted wire sconces.
But after frufruing up so many other pieces, I realized that
these looked quite they got a frufru'd too.
Pretty laces, ribbons and I made lacy roses...
so pretty and shabby chic now!

I am encouraging you today to THINK Outside the Box.
Many of my glass pieces were just sitting, waiting for me
to do something to them.  Once the creativity began,
nothing was left just plain, lol.
Go out and Create/Upcycle/Reuse your items!
Be Blessed