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Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry CHRISTmas from My Family to Yours

Lorena, Gary and Michaela
Merry Christmas
Dear Blogging Friends!
We just took this picture yesterday
to send to our friends and family.
I thought you might enjoy seeing
an update of my sweet family.
I love seeing other bloggy friends
and family pictures too, dont you?
I have decided to take a long and much
needed break.  I have been absent for
quite some time and realized I have
been very neglegent in my blogging.
  With wrapping up my many painting and
creating items, helping my New York
friend get (still) much needed items,
being sick with cellulitis
shopping and family time,
a break is needed, indeed.
I want so much to bring
CHRIST in to my Christmas this year.
I wish this for each and everyone of
you as well!
Be Blessed as you Have blessed me!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

PINK Santas

Merry Christmas Everyone! is already December and this
month is buzzing by so quickly!
I thought I'd drop by and share with you all
some of my lastest etsy listings...
PINK Santas.
These little sweeties come in all shapes and sizes
have been flying out my shop...
along with darling shabbied up cottages homes.
Wanna see?

The 2 sweet Santas above,  are the last ones I have in Pinks.
I have a few more to paint up but we will
see how my time goes.

Right now this sweet Pink and White
*Candy Shoppe* above, is the last votive
house I have listed.


I have been so blessed this year!
Please read my last few posts if you get a chance.
I have a sweet contact in the Brooklyn, N.Y. area
who is trying to help those in great need
in the aftermath of Sandy.  Families are still
without homes and basic necessities.
Would you like to give out of your abundance
to children or families?
I would love to help you, just leave
me a comments and I will get right back with you!
Be A Blessing!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Etsy Cottage Style Market Monday

Hello everyone!
Today I am joining at great group of artist and
etsy sellers over at
for our first Monday of the
month sharing our wares.
Please join with me and hop over and shop these
lovely stores and shoppes for your
Christmas and Holiday goodies.
You will not be disappointed!
Also, if you get a chance, please read my last
two post about how you may help out
with Victims of Sandy's devastation in the
Brooklyn, N.Y. area.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

***Your HELP is Still Needed***

Hi Dear Bloggy Friends!
If you or someone you loved lost
everything they owned,
what would you do?
There are many still in Great need after
*Super Storm Sandy* hit the New York area.
The story is no longer making
the headlines,
but people are still in great need of the
I have a sweet contact, Indra,
who is in the midst of
of an area that seems to be forgotten. 
She has been working since the storm
 hit to HELP others
right around her that need everything.
I was privileged to send out
some gift cards, but am now
 aware that more is needed.
I could NOT walk away.
Will you Help?
What can YOU do?
1.  Help me get the word out.  Could you
do a post on your blog? Share with friends
you know?
2.  You Can Send a Box of Needed items
(see list below).  
 There is no middle man and I trust 
Indra to get items out to those in need.
If you choose to fill a box,
Please, contact me so that I can give
you her address,
I will not print it here due to being
cautious of others who lurk to harm.
Mark your BOX with SANDY.
BASIC Necessities
winter coats
gloves/work gloves
plastic wrap
children's toys
3.  If filling a box is something you are not
 able to do, could you donate?
I WILL make sure 100% of those funds 
 help send boxes and purchase
 more needed items and gift cards.
Nothing, I mean nothing is going to me
or anyone else.

Thank you so much for stopping by today
and reading this!

Friday, November 9, 2012

In SANDY'S Aftermath ~ How You Can HELP Someone In Their Time of Need

Hi there my sweet friends!
Like many of us, these past few weeks have been
quite emotional and filled with sorrow by
the destruction we have witnessed.
We have seen how a storm can turn an ordinary
city and cripple it to the core.
Have you ever had something happen and KNOW
in your gut that it is divine?
Last week, just before the storm a sweet
lady purchased some items from my etsy shoppe.
I remembered when I saw it, that her address was
in Brooklyn.  Well, little did I know how GOD
would use that in my life today.
I had contacted her because her check had not yet
arrived. I had also mention I knew that *Sandy* was
probably the problem.  Today she graciously
contacted me, and through a series of emails
back and forth, she shared that she was
very close the the area that over 100 homes had
been destroyed by fire.  She told me that her
sons school had at least 80 who were affected in
some way.  Those neighborhoods consisted of largely
police and firefighters homes. 
It broke my heart and I got an overwhelming impression
that I must do something.  GOD brought back to memory our
sermon of last week.  God wants us to
WAKE up our world to see Jesus.  To be HIS hands and
feet, to be a light that shines into a dark and hurting world.
 No doubt in my mind but he put precious woman and
her family right in my path for that reason.
What am I going to do?
As of now I am not sure where GOD is leading. 
I am getting the word out to those around me and hoped
that my bloggy friends would take the time and
share in this if they can.
Please give to the RED CROSS if you are able as
the clean up and just basic necessities of life are so needed.
Also, Xavier High School , the school where
this lady's son attends, has on
their web page how you can help directly to this area and
also you may donate monies if you are able.
Just click and you will be on this page to get further details.
I am in prayer for leading and direction.
I hope you wont forget those who are still dealing with
the aftermath of this storm and snowstorm they got Wednesday.
Be a LIGHT to your world!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Etsy Shoppe Sale Going On ~ Lavenders!

Hello everyone!
Happy Monday to you all!
Business first...I am having a 10% off sale
going on in my etsy shop during the month
of November.  If you type in Coupon Code:
you will recieve 10% off your entire order!
I hope you will check out my Shoppe HERE!
Today I thought I  would share some of my latest
offerings that are in many shades of Purples and Lavenders. 
I create in so many fun and happy colors and these
certainly fit that bill.  My mother and 2 sisters are all
fond of this happy in honor of them
today I thought I would share a few items I have
created or painted in these hues!

Thanks for stopping by today!
I hope you enjoyed your visit!
Come back again and I really do
LOVE to hear from each of you!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Pink Saturday ~ Fall In Michigan

Hi there everyone!
I am joining Beverly over at
for the weekly
PINK Saturday Post.
I must admit, that fall can be beautiful here in
Michigan.  The variations of colors in the trees is
awe inspiring. 
In the past few days I have snapped some pictures of what
has been going on all around me in my sub-division.
Thought you all might enjoy seeing how things
may look here.  We are now probably closer to the later
parts of the colors for this season...but they are bright
and vibrant and so amazing to see.

Here is a peek at how the front of my neighborhood
looks right now.

Below, these are called burning bushes.  They are
a deep green in spring and summer and some turn
bright yellow or red like the ones we have in our front.

These next 2 pictures are in our backyard.

This is our maple and I just love the melon colors
its has right now.

And...I could not resist showing you some MUMs
that hubby I planted this year.  Love the variations
of colors and how they look with our
burning bushes.

what would PINK Saturday be without
a hint of pink?
I did up a fun mosaic of some PINKs I have
listed in my etsy shoppe.
Thanks so much for stopping by!
Happy Pink Y'all!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

FALL Vingettes ~ Before/After

Hi there Bloggy Friends!
Well, today has been quite a lazy day for me.
I love it when I can laze and work at my own pace
and not have to worry about others.  I hope
that does not sound
Anyway, last Friday I finally decided to pull out
some of my Fall Decor.  I was not going to do any but
when I asked my hubby, well, he really likes it
as long as I don't overdo overdo anything...hmmm.
I usually have loads of loose leaves, greens, beaded fruits
and pumpkins that I use throughout.
  And, I honestly did not put everything out this year.
What I really tried to do was place some vingettes around that
mixed well with my other decor.  My family room and
kitchen areas which always look best in fall colors.
Wanna see some pictures?  Let's start in the Kitchen then.
A few weeks back I found this rooster and Home Goods.
I loved the carmel colors and wanted to create something
around him as he sat on our island.
  Then this week when I was my favorite
shop...Hobby Lobby, I found the last roll of the 6" mesh
that you see all curled around this rooster.  It is deep brown
but has pretty copper running through it.
A perfect compliment to my arrangment, that I can
disassemble when I am ready to decorate for Christmas
(gosh did I just say the *C* word)!

I am giving you a few pictures of how it looks at
different time during the day.

PS...we are finally looking for Granite counter top!
I am so excited as just before my hubs got let go of his job 4 years
ago, we were going to change them out...well then, life happened and
we had to put it off. 
I am also trying to convince him that
we NEED to paint our cabinets.  What would you do?
I would really LOVE to paint them a creamy off white
with a glaze finished...hubbys not so sure.
Would LOVE to hear from your what you might do.

Now into the Family Room...or our true Living area.
Our fireplace has always been a feature in our home that I love.  It
does get dress quite often with Seasonal decor and it never
ceases to amaze me how much I love each transformation.

Don't you LOVE the glow that light can give a picture?
These next pictues are of around our Family room.

The last few vingettes are in my Dining Room and
Welcoming Entry.

I usually set my table and change out the chair covers...
just haven't gotten to it yet!

Also I mentioned a before and after...
Sitting on our coffee table is this large
utility/tool box that I snagged many years ago
at a garage sale for .25c. 
Green is NOT my I knew that some day I would
probably paint it.  I finally decided to paint it the heirloom
white that I love and use throughout much of my
painted decor.
Someones attempt to sponge painting, but the colors
together in my opinion were awful!

Love how well this goes with my red/cream toile and
a sweet arrangment of fruits and corn for fall!
Well, thanks so much for stopping by!
Happy Fall Y'all!