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Saturday, February 28, 2009

PINK Saturday ~FEBRUARY 28th

WELCOME TO..Part 2 of my Master Bedroom PINK post!

Please come on in and browse through more of my vinettes that I have created in my master suite. I don't think one realizes until you do something like PINK Saturday that you have so much pink...I didn't even think it was a favorite color..until I hope you enjoy it!

This is a collection of chenille you see the PINK one?
This is a Gorgeous sachet hanging over a door in my dresser was made by BERTIE of Aunt Mays Cottage, a sweet friend from my PRH ebay group! Be sure to check out her web sight she does amazing Victorian goodies. In the picture below, this adorable hanging sachet was made from another dear friend of mine RHEA who many know is such an amazing creative artist as well! I just love this groups of plates and a plaque I painted. These reside beside my side of the bed.
A vase that I have painted my roses on and then put PINK roses in.
Theses darling shoes I painted at a place where my daughter used to love to go and paint plaster pieces. Aren't they cute? So many wonderful memories of doing this with her.

I had to put this picture of my craft room in...just to show you that my rooms are not always neat..this is showing many works in progress! That's how the creative mind

HELP! I am hoping that someone who visits me, might know if this is vintage or not. Its just darling..with no markings underneath. I found this yesterday while out thrifting. Its a keeper in my book!

THANKs again, this week to BEVERLY our amazing PINK Saturday organizer!!!

Have a blessed weekend...Lorena

Saturday, February 21, 2009

PINK Saturday ~ FEBRUARY 21st

I took my pictures yesterday so that I could continue on with my PINK Master Suite pictures I had been showing you. I have many pictures and I will do this up in 2 sessions! If you LOVE what you see this sure to come back next week to view more PINK goodiness in my Master Suite!

A few months back I was cleaning in my bedroom..and well that's usually how it all starts for me. I see something I want to tweak here, fix this there..and before I knew it I was rearranging furniture, redoing my bed and ligthening up my window treatments. We are blessed to have a giagantic bedroom with a Peaked catheral like ceiling. With a king sized bed you think this room would feel cozy....but you know I like eye candy and it has taken me many tries to get a cozy feeling in this room. I am showing you many vinettes with pinks...but our bedroom walls are a very soft blue that I just love. Next week I will try and show more of the entire room. Today its just mainly vinettes.
These are pictures of MY vanity area!

A sweet vinette I have created using my Wedding dress and hat that I wore 23 years ago! Then I have put all things sweet and pink around them.

I just LOVE this card that I matted and framed.

No place in our room is free from little vinettes...this one is atop of our needs to be pretty abd pink too!
This is a seat that I have covered to create a chaise lounge!
And this last set of pictures is the area that I will take pictures of my goodies I sell. You see, living in Michigan doesn't always allow you to have good outside you have to create spaces to do that.

Oh I have so many more pictures to show you, but I will stop for now! Next week I will continue on and have more picture of my overall room!
Be sure to stop by BEVERLY's who has the large list of other PINK Saturday participants! Many thanks to her for her continued organizing of this fun PINK event!
THANKS FOR STOPPING BY! I'd LOVE your comments and will try hard to chat back with you!

Friday, February 20, 2009

THANKFUL and Blessed!

Today, I really am feeling like I am truely blessed! This doesn't mean that my life is easy and not without trials...oh man have I been living in a LONG difficult stormy time. But I have an opptimistic outlook that WILL NOT let me stay down long.

Gods has granted me the love of a wonderful man and sweet daughter. I have been supported in my LOVE of creating and painting by many. Especially those who are near and dear to me.

My sweet momma has to be one of my biggest supports and fan. She LOVES getting the many handpainted and created goodies that I have been fortunately enough to give her...AND I know she has incorporated everything into her home. What makes it really special is that we don't live near each other, I live in Michigan and Mom/Dad live in Washington State. When I visit she's alway asks me to BRING my paint brushes..and I have. Her home is filled with many flourishes and roses that I have lovingly painted for her. So...when I recently shared a while back on my blog, my tassel that I had been inspired to design and create..she was first in line asking me if I could make a sweet BLUE Tassel for her Family Room. But not only that, she also loved some tags I had sent her at Christmas. So of course, ordered some of these to give to friends in her book club and wanted me to do some up in PINKS for some dear friends of hers dealing with cancer. I happily oblidged!

That's why I feel so blessed. I wanted to share with you what I did up for my sweet mom and will be sending on to her along with her early Birthday gift she already knows about and has a special spot waiting for it in her home.

Thanks for letting me share these goodies with you.

I couldn't resist adding this sweet tassel with a bunny, I just finished it yesterday. He is ready for spring...and so am I!!!! Just listed in my etsy shop.


Saturday, February 14, 2009


I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bummmmmmed! I went to take pictures and I cannot remember where my camera is! So instead of more of my Master Suite Pink posts...I decided I'd go in and find some more of the FREE clip ART pictures I have accumulated with a Valentines Days theme and most have some PINK in them. I hope you enjoy your this day with your SPECIAL SOMEONE!

Thanks Beverly, once again for organizing our PINK Saturdays! It is SO MUCH APPRECIATED! Check out her blog for more PINK participants!

The Victorians sure knew how to do Valentines days! I just love their detailed artwork! Also, take a peek at the post below this one, I have taken pictures of my VALENTINES Tree I did up in PINKs, Hearts and Fuschia balls! Be sure to check back next week with me for more PINK in my master suite and possibly a give-a-way?!!!!
I found my Camera!!!! I wanted to post some goodies I got yesterday in the mail. This was from a Valentines Day swap my PRH group of gals from ebay did. And...I was paired up with JEN Of Jennifer's Petal Palace..and you must hurry over to see all the goodies she has...YUM!!! I am so excited to have these wonderful goodies! Don't you think they are divine?

Happy PINK everyone!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

VALENTINES Day at my Home

Last Christmas season my sweet hubby bought me this darling white 4ft tree pictured below. So I decided that I was going to keep it up all year long and then decorate during this year for Valentines and Easters seasons. This tree is loacted in the window of my Living Room Parlor and I love to look at it as I walk by.

Now I haven't been known in the past to decorated for Valentines day. I am usually so busy watching my daughters basketball playing, painting and creating for the upcoming Easter season that it slips right by me. But this year I made a point to gather up anything hearts and roses. I was very surprised how much, in the way of ornaments I had. I also kept up some vintage bright fushcia colored glass balls too add to the tree. They really added a pop of color! I am very pleased with the overall affect the tree gives off...what do you think?

I was so happy to find this sweet lil felt girl. I had tucked her away in some storage boxes and had forgotten her. I remembered that my daughter had given her to me many years ago for V-day. I had to put her at the top!
A few heart shaped trinket boxes and other goodies I found! You can't see it but that green pillow says LOVE!

Do you see HEARTS?

Then I also pulled out some Victorian Cards, Post cards and vintage tins with roses on front. I decorated my sewing table, which is right next to our Valentines Day Tree. I was pleased with how this looks too.

This week my hubby and I were in Barnes and Nobles and I spied this GORGEOUS Valentines Day Card. It has rhinestones and is raise almost like a cutout..I just HAD to have it! It looks even better in person!

Last but not least, I have a small collection of heart shaped boxes, so I brought these 3 down to sit at the base of my Valentines Day Tree table!
Hope you have enjoyed visiting my home for Valentines day!
Be sure to love and hugs the ones you love....Blessings...Lorena

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Vintage Valentines Day Clip Art

I must admit I love the Victorian Era! Most of all, I appreciate their wonderful art. I have found many sights that share these wonderful clip art subject. The details, colors and subject matter just can't be surpassed today. I especially love children depited along with anything roses. I thought I pull out a number Valentines Day art and share some of my favorites with you.

So.......what do you think? Aren't these just beautiful!
Thanks for stopping in...I'd love to read what you think.