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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pink Saturday!

Hi My Sweet Pink Loving Friends!

Well, I'm am late today in getting my post
done due to a fun trip I took yesterday with a friend.
I went with my friend across the state of Michigan to
a town call Muskegon so she could
add some flowers to family gravesides.
We had the best time visiting, sharing,
caring and just being with each other.
A good friend indeed!

So now I must reach back into my pink past and
see what I can find that is pink...

Christmas past!
These are 4 Canvas' that I have painted
and sold...
As you can tell, I did a series of...
Christmas stockings with differing themes.
I even threw in a Vicotiran Shoe...
and loads of pink flowers too!
Happy Pink!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sharing and Creatin!

Hey thar Sweet Bloggy Friends!

Thanks for stopping by and visiting with me today.

I found 2 of the most beautiful handpainted plates
on Saturday when a sweet
friend and I visited a Large Antique Mall in
Northville, MI.
Best thing of all, I paid $4.00 total for them both!!!

I just can't resist an handpainted plate!

Then I have been tackling a looooong list of crafting projects in
varying many unfinished
ideas are now becoming a reality!
Do any of your creative peeps do this? I will
go in a see them all ready to be worked on...
and....then I leave!  Well, I am so glad that
dry spells are not permanent!

Would you like to see a few things I finally finished?

I so charmed by this sweet praying lil figurine!
but... for about a year she remained on my shelf...
I did have an idea tho.

My idea: A sweet Childs prayer I learned 50+ years ago.

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
If I should die before I wake,
I pray the Lord my soul to take.
That lil figurine and prayer became what you see,
that was my idea! yea!

Then  on Tuesday I shared a sweet Tea cozy that my sis gifted me
many, many years ago...
well I have a stack of
cozies waiting for me to make..
this was the first
one I tackled and I am so happy with how it turned out.

This is such a purty creamy 2 toned textured fabric that I knew
would work well with my cozy!
I then fashion a sweet rosy pin to add onto the front
Creamy Cozy Perfection!

Oh and I had so share some current Chloe
pix...she spends many hours of her day in our
family room, snoozing, purring and talking with us
on my covered coffee table.

So if you talk to this sweetie...she turns and talks to ya
until ya just have to pet her!
My lovey dovey girl!

Thanks again for stopping by!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tea Time Tuesday ~ Vinettes!

Hello out there to my sweet
Tea Loving Friends!

Please be sure to visit my sweet hostess
to visit the many who join in our weekly
Tuesday event!

 I am sharing some Vinettes
that I actually have of the many collected
Tea goodies in my home.

I have had such sweet compliments on my picture
my wonderful Tea Cozy that I must share the skinny on it! 
 This was a gift to me
by my sister...she had a friend make this special
 for my birthday many years ago...
and YES
it is dreamy...made of velvet and purty flowers!

Have a wonderful day everyone!
Can't wait to visit all my other Tea Friends today!

Friday, July 23, 2010

PINK Pretties ~ Pink Saturday

Hi my Sweet PINK Friends!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!
For many years I have been painting and
creating many sweet pink treasures!
I didn't realize how much PINK is a part of my life
until our sweet hostess,
started this wonderful Saturday sharing time.

Today I hope you will indulge me.
I am sharing some of my newest goodies that I have
listed in my etsy store,
Come on by and get my 10% off your
purchases through August!

A few of the Framed handpainted Pink Roses
I have to offer...along with my handmade Clay roses too!
This is a Large Charger Plate Tray.
My newest line of PENDANTS
with a Swarovski cyrstal on each one.

Below, I have transformed a Vintage KERR Canning
Jar into the sweetest Pink Pin Cushion.
I  love painting these New Craft/Photo Storage boxes
I also wanted to share with you my line of vintage inspired Victorian
Images on Christmas Tussies and Ornaments.
These are 2 of my favorite images of children
that I have to offer!
Thanks so much for joining me for my
PINK Saurday Post.

I plan to come and visit as many of you as I can
and return your sweet comments!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

FINAL Pictures from my Friends Cottage Apartment

Hi Sweet Bloggy Friends!

If you have been following me this past week, you will see I have been featuring a dear friend of mine who is 83 years young and her darling COTTAGE Apartment! This is my 3rd and last installment of pictures from her wonderful apartment.

I had a few pictures left of mainly vinettes that  I had taken. Again, she has such a wonderful knack with using her wonderful antiques in unique ways.  These next pictures were taken in a small 2nd bedroom and hallway. Enjoy!

I just adore this secretary/display piece!!!
This is the door to a hall closet! Dontcha just
think this is soooooo clever?
More treasures!
The wall of family pictures with many of these frames
being the originals that were used over 100 years ago!
She loves going UP and uses every space to
display treasures!

LUCKY ME!!! Look what came home with me after
my visit this time....
This frame is rounded glass and OLD!
These 2 pictures look as if someone just cut them from
a magazine and then placed them into these oval frames.
These frames are the largest oval frames I have
seen...almost 18 inches in height!
I had to repair one of them...but had so much
fun finding a place for them in my Victorian Parlor!
I'll have to get pictures soon to show you where they landed!

Last year a friend brought me a necklace she had purchased with
a pendant and had me paint a small rose on it for her.  She
loved it so much and encouraged me to paint up
some pendants and sell them. 

Well, I finally found some small oval
pendants and gave it a try...these are about
1 inch and I have placed a real SWAROVSKI crystal
on each one and covered them with glitter...
would you buy one of these @ $9.99?

I always want to keep my painting goodies
at an affordabe price so am asking
my lovely blogging friends for their advice.

I even recycled this sweet Cottage frame and
used some new acrylic paint paper and
painted a sagy green background with
my pink rose.  I married these 2 together!
This is for sale in my
etsy store!

Thanks for allowng me to share these
wonderful pictures with you!

Friday, July 16, 2010

WELCOME to my PINK Saturday Post

Hi PINK bloggy friends!

I am so happy to have you come to my blog to visit!

Please take time to visit our sweet hostess
Beverly of How Sweet the Sound
to see the many weekly PINK Lovers!

Today I thought I'd share the many pinks I have
in my home that WELCOME you
to come on in for a visit!

I have many shades of pinks and blue to greet you.
The center picture is *Garden of Promise* by famous
painter Thomas the many colors he's used in this!
It is so serene and peaceful to look at...and has loads of pinks!
Can you tell I just had to throw in my favorite flowers too?
Then, as you enter, if you look up to the left...
you will see my staircase landing. 
I have married two pieces of furniture
to create this wonderful corner of yummy goodies.
I also have a thang...for PINK Ornies.
LOVE the bling!

Again, I have added a few of my favorite
I also have many pieces of my Milk Glass Collection
in use and on display.

I also want to take this time to
apologize to the many sweet bloggers who
take the time to visit and leave comments.
I have had to share my puter these past few
weeks and not been able to get
back to many of you who have posted.
  I am hoping real soon that
this will not be the case and I will
be able to come visit
every pink post that I can!

Have a great PINK Day!