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Friday, June 27, 2008

Treasure Mart Stash

Well...last night my dear sweet hubby took my daughter and I to see the new Indiana Jones Movie. So, that meant that I didn't get back in to unpack and show you my stash from my TREASURE Mart trip. Now I don't always come away feeling like I get my treasures for Thrift Store Prices...but many times you can find $1, $2 or $3 items or things you might just not find anywhere else cause its been in someones home for a looooooong time. These treasures were all under $25, so I was pretty pleased.

This sweet little box just stole my heart! I love anything w/children on it and the price was right at $1. I am thinking it was a playing card box or had some type of cards in it.
Doesn't she have the sweetest face? And those are ROSES she is holding in her hands! Just the right combo for me.
A $2 set of glass salt/pepper shakers for glitter and beads for my craft room!
This is a larger than usual find. These cake covers/plate get my shabby chic trash to treasure make overs soon!

Last, this was my favorite find. I am not sure how old this is but the packaging was unique and has a New York, NY address. The pretty blue/pink ribbon lace was what caught my eye. For my lace stash and it will be put to good use on my tea cozy's that I make.
So there you go..another successful day out shopping...something I do best!!!
Have a blessed day and please don't be shy to leave a message. I love reading your comments and will try and respond if I can.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Treasure Mart ~ Ann Arbor, MI

I thought I'd share a very neat place I go to with my blogger friends, its in Ann Arbor Michigan and called Treasure Mart. Now you might not know this place exists if you aren't a local. It is in the midst of turn of the century homes that are used mainly for housing at the U of M. My dear friend Susie and I are avid shoppers and love vintage everything. We ususally get to go a number of times throughout the year. But this year it has been really hard for us to eeek out any time to do this. Soooooo, finally today we finally we able to make it date!
Treasure Mart, I guess has been around forever. Which I do not know for sure, because I have only lived in the area about 15 years. Susie says its been there since she can remember. Its all consignment, furniture, dishes, accessories, books, well you know the drill! It is a 3 story very vintage home that is just crammed with stuff everywhere. Even has furniture outside in a covered type garage. You must be a good looker, looking high and lower to not miss a thing. I usually have to stand a look across the room just to see what's out thar! It can really be sensory overload for sure. But well worth the 2-3 hours it may take to go through it all.

I told you it is crammed FULL!!! lol...We always finish the day by going less than a block up the street to our favorite deli called ZINGERMANS. Which is an all organic place that makes the yummiest sandwiches and salads. But be sure to bring lotsa $$$$ cause it IS not cheap.

I'll go take pictures of my take and post them later...thanks for visiting..loved to hear what you all think!

Monday, June 23, 2008

OH I Wenta Thriftin a thriftin!!!!

I don't normally get out and do my thrift shopping on Mondays, but I had to get my daughter to her basketball practice. So......I took advantage of being out and about. I am pretty happy with my finds today!

If you have seen any of my previous posts, you know I collect milk glass. Now this sweet hobnail creamer has no mate, but I thought I might put it to use in my Craft Room holding something.
I don't know why I got this, but I just could not resist this sweet vintage tomato pin cushion. I have never seen one with a litttle strawberry attached like this.

I almost squealed when I spied this demitasse cup/saucer (well really loud on the inside)...This is so delicate and has handpainted flowers all over...teeny tiny but charming!
Does anyone know what this is? I loved the pink colored glass, its about 5 inches in height, but I have NEVER seen pink glass like this before...ohhhhhh don't cha just love it! Another item for either my bedroom or craft room.
Another addition to my growing collection of pottery. The unique shape and color is what got me!
These are going to be Trash 2 Treasure goodies that I will be painting up pretty some day!
Last but not LEAST....Look at those crystals...they are the real deal. I may add this to my vintage cake plate/cover I have painted...hmmm I might have to paint this too!
Hope your having a blessed day...Lorena

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I am Making Progress in my Craft Room

NO I DID NOT GET SUCKED INTO A BIG HOLE IN THE Sooooo....I am popping in real quick today to show ya what I have been doing. I thought that those of you who are following my craft room REDO would like to see the progress I am making...PLEASE just over look the's gonna be all spiffed up and purty in hopefully a week. What's taking me so long is I have to bring all my STUFF up 2 full flights of stairs. Then I am going through it all and organizing it. I had most of my things in our basement and some of my sewing items in this room. Now I am combining it all! I will keep my "to be painted" and extra goodies in a small supply room in our basement I have just for that. Now on to the pictures...

You have seen this pictures before...only now its got things on it and all around it. I am using the baskets to put things in and bring them up the stairs.
Oh this is so exciting! I took this bottom shelf out of my daughters bath room. I layed in on its side. Then I found this cardboard SHOE Organizier for $2.99 at a thrift store. It fits those plastic shoe holders perfectly! NOW...I can have my crafting embellishments handy but out of the way...a perfect organizer! Then on top are my *garage style organizers* (you know, the ones with all those small little drawers?) that I spray painted a soft was blue the other black...quite an improvement over what they were. They tie in nicely with everything!
Lastly here's a shot of my closet. I do have quite a lot of room in it...and for inquiring minds I do have my doll collections up on top of the shelf. All the plastic containers hold my various fabrics, yarns and batting and I the shelves to the left are awaiting more of my stuff from the basement. But I solved a HUGE problem and am so happy with how I rigged w/ wire and dowling a ribbon holder using the pole for hanging clothes on. see...I have been BUSY!

Have a blessed day everyone! Lorena

Sunday, June 15, 2008

SUNDAY ~ Show N Tell


Show N Tell Sunday

I JUST love Show N Tell Sundays...and again this week we are sharing with our Blogland viewers our Favorite(s) Flea Market Finds. Our Hostess Heidi of Birds of a Feather...has been gracious to name and host this weeks event...THANK YOU Heidi!

For me there is never just one. Now I really don't have any Flea Markets near me, but I have some wonderful thrifting places I attend regularly along with a wonderful place in Ann Arbor, Michigan called Treasure Mart! Many of my finds are usually for me to repurpose and paint roses on. But I do find wonderful things to incorporate into my home as well!

I decided to go through my master bedroom/bath areas and show you some of my treasured finds and how I have used them.... so here goes!

Oh..for those who are watching my Craft Room's another sneak peek at 2 pieces that I have created a hutch out of...neither came together, but these were pieces that I have painted to match. The 60's buffet was given bun feed and a coat of heirloom white..$35, the top was a shelf that also was painted and I got it for $30.
Isn't this the most beautiful sham...I have a set on my bed...$5 for both!
OH My Goodness....this find is right at the top for me...a vintage flour sack quilt was snagged for $12.95...and to think I almost did not buy it! It graces the end of my bed right now.
I wanted you to see that the pale yellow chenille rose pattern spread on my bed, snagged for $3...the quilted shaby the sweet chenille bunny is leaning on was $5 in the clearance at Marshalls!
My sweet friend Rhea let me borrow her idea of taking a vintage spoon holder and turning it into a hankie holder...I just love the vintage hankies...many were anywhere from .50c - $3...I just had to have places to show them...
This rack was a trash pick and I painted it creamy white and then drapped more of my vintage hankie collection over it.
These are a collection of vintage pillowcases...many with the crocheted edging...some where from my sweet grams who is now 94 and still knitting! But I have also picked many up from sales and thrifting too.
Oh I just HAD to have this lamp. It was from Treasure Mart $10...and the rose artist in me was not leaving with out it! It resides by my side of the bed!
I snagged this Lady Head vase at the Salv Army for $2.99! The vintage handpainted hair holder is something I cannot remember where I got but I am sure the price was right! The mannequin I painted and added the base and top she holds some necklaces!
Boxes...I have a thing for boxes...many of these were picked up for nothing..and I just love how they all go together...I also repurposed this vase, which was originally a peach color I painted it pink and added pink roses to it. CHIC!

The piece above and below were just given to me...I have added roses and one in my sitting area in my master bedroom and the other resides by my side of the dressing area in my vanity. A wonderful repurpose of an old kitchen cup holder...holds my bracelets! And more collected heart shaped boxes.
This is the last piece...I have so many more...but there others for you to visit! I have taken a garage sale picture frame and painted it white. Covered a sturdy piece of cardboard with batting then hot glued it all together with this pink moire fabric to house my pins and fancy rhinestone necklaces! Great craft projects and very easy to do!
Thanks for stopping by..hope you enjoying my many finds and how I have used them...have a blessed day!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

HELP Katie Name Her Chicken Friend

My Friend KATIE of Rose Breeze Boutique is wanting some help from her friends in Blogland. You see Katie lives in Nevada and has the most wonderful friends...kitties, chickens, roosters, goats, doves, Peacocks...and I know so much more. But she is having trouble naming her black/white its up to us to help her! Be sure to stop by her blog and leave a comment to help her out. I'd so appreciate it...thanks!

Katies says..."normally the chickens end up with names that just come to us. But, this striking black and white hen is the one I cannot seem to come up with a name for! I would like something that relates to black and white, I thought about a piano manufacturer name for instance but can't think of the names!"


Thursday, June 12, 2008

LOOK What I WON ~ Craft Room Sneak Peek

Well...yesterday I was feeling a bit tired and sore. All the painting and cleaning I have been doing to ready my NEW Crafting/Sewing Room caught up to me. So, I just vacuum the room and then rested for most of the day. And boy did that help...I am up and running today!

BUT...first I wanted to share with you what I won from CONNIE of Living Beautifully...she had a giveaway last week and I was the winner. Yesterday this wonderful envelope full of goodies arrived at my home. And let me tell ya...if you could smell it...OH MY Goodness it is just wonderful.

Oh I just can't wait to find a pretty jar I have stashed away for just these type of goodies! Isn't this stuff wonderful?!!!

This sweet lil Heart smells so yummy and I LOVE this fabric too!

LUCKY ME! And thank you Connie...Now be sure to check out Connie's newly create blog La Maison Rose, just for her Flea Market Friday deals...along with my other sweet friend Stephanie of Angelic Accents...they both are having giveaways and you will NOT want to miss out!

Okay...for those of you who are following my Craft Room Project which seems to NEVER end..of course its gonna take me a while to get all my goodies in here...cause heaven knows I have so much...but any...I have been brining some of my pieces in...what do ya think?
This is going to be my sewing and blogging center...and maybe where I take my pictures of those items I paint for my ebay/etsy stores! If you could have seen this room a few minutes sweet lil kitty friends were checking out the progress too! They are always in the middle of any project we seem to be cute!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


SO....Here it is..all painted in a creamy Heirloom White. Do ya like it? I took everyone's advice, even my hubbys...and now everything in my room will match. I am making BIG progress...the room is painted! I need to clean the rug and start moving everything back into the room and organize...Oh and I can hardy stand it..Iwanna get this done.

Thanks for much for helping me..its nice to have friends give you their opinion. I always like to know how others think. Plus...I think I was leaning on painting it but was tired...after all I painted about 6 or 7 pieces for my room...whew!!!!'s how my room looks...just overlook the mess of painting though okay?

Here's the walls after my sweet hubby went over the design on the walls and then today I did all the cutting in.

Here it is! Now..that bed is going downstairs...but you can also see that the desk is creamy heirloom white here to. We did everything, walls and ceiling too!

Thanks for stopping time you see this WILL be done! YIPPEEE