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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tea Time Tuesday ~ Blue and White

Good Morning My Wonderful Tea Friends!!!

Let me get the business stuff out of the way so I can
get going on my Oh So BLUUUUUE and White Tea.
Be sure to Check out the many Tea's that
are presented on Tuesday...and my Hostess today is
You will NOT be disappointed in seeing all the
amazingly different ways to enjoy tea.

For today, I decided on using a theme again. Sharing with you the
many Blue and White goodies I have around my home.
I have put together a very eclectic setting but am sure
my Tea Loving company will not even notice that nothing
matches because we having so much fun! lol
First off, I am sharing yet again another gift...
the Tea Cup(s) and Tea Pot
was a gift many years ago.  My sweet friend found this set at the
Cracker Barrel!!! ( Luv that Store) 
It's *New* made to look Old Flow Blue!
It is really rather ornate in shape and all the beautiful detailing
inside and outside of the cup, saucer and pot.
See? even the insides are pretty!
This sweet set came with 2 cups/saucers..won"t you join me today?
 I also pulled out a vintage Dutch Delft Blue Ceramic piece that is made
to use as a Center Piece, it has 3, 1/2 dollar sized holes in top
to hold your blooms.
The sweet salt/pepper shakers are part of a larger set of
canisters that were my mom's.  I remember these growing up in
her Blue and white Kitchen...she loves blue too...and when they
moved 12 years ago from the home I grew up in...she brought
me many of her blue and white pieces from her collection,
in a box, by plane!  Needless to say, I was speechless!

This creamer/suger set was a Thrifting find.  I love how they stack!
Now, as I have shown you the blue and whites I picked for
our Tea... come sit, so we can enjoy a piece of my
Amish Cake I made up yesterday, using the last of my
I have placed my cake on a larger white dollar store find with a
blue/white Staffordshire lunch plate...looks pretty good, huh? YUM!
Oh and I could NOT let my blue and white theme go by, without showing
you a sweet lamp I have in my kitchen .
It's such a sweet lil teacup/saucer and I love it so!

Well, that's it for this Tuesday!
Thanks so much for stopping by!
I love and read ALL of your comments!

Blessings to All!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pink Saturday ~ Some of This n That ~

GOOD PINK Morning to YOU my Saturday Friends!
I found so more pink goodies to share with you.
Be sure to stop by our wonderful
to visit the many other wonderful
participants we have this week.  It is
sure to please the Pinkness in you!

When I moved and organized my craft studio 2 years ago I
began to collect these wonderful vintage
Quilted Hankie/Glove Boxes for storage.

Which inside each box are various colors, especially PINK,
of my hand made clay roses that I sell in my etsy store.  These
roses can be used to adorn your own craft projects or
just sit on a shelf all pretty by themselves.

So I said these roses can be used to adorn goodies...this
8 Inch letter *L* was done up for a dear friend and if you
look reeeeeally hard I have even painted my own roses
on it too...
in PINK!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Now that my llife is getting somewhat back to
normal I am hoping that I will get out to
visit my many PINK
loving friends!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bloggerette Sorority Party *RUSH* ~ Baby Gift Project ~

Hey there friends!
Welcome to our Sorority Party.

We were asked to copy a sweet picture
of 5 gals and then create something with it...

I  decided to put mine in a picture frame.
Now this picture frame needed a little bit of work
since it was cracked..but you would
never know it now!

Okay, we were also asked to show
a picture of ourselves with our
finished project.

I had my daughter take my my picture and
then I narrowed it down to 2 pictures.
Well as things go in my life, hubs like one
of the pictures and dd liked the other.
So...that's why I am showing you both, is that okay?
Today I worked on a Baby Gift Project
I had swirlling around in my head.  I really LOVE
those Photo Boxes that you can find
at the Hobby Stores.  I usually
paint my roses on them..but I
knew that my friends daughter loves
vintage images.  I found some vintage baby
images and began covering the lid.
I then covered the box with cute stickers
that I found at Hobby Lobby (love that store!). 

I started with a White Box
Some pretty papers and images
I also found a cute Momma Brag Book for Pictures
that I also embellished to go with the Box.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

A Treasure Hunt ~ Sharing Found Goodies

Hello Bloggy Friends!

I know so many of you out there are like me.
You loooooove the thrill of a treasure hunt!
Well, my sweet friend Susie, who is a kindred spirit and is like
a big sister to me, called me up on Tuesday to see
if I'd Like to meet at Starbucks...
well, my wheels were turning cause I had left some
pillows, I mentioned in another post, at my
favorite thrifting place.  So I called her back and
we changed our plans. Now, we still got our
Starbucks fix, but were off for our
treasure hunt!

It did NOT disappoint me in the least!
Do ya want to see what I got?   Okay, here goes!

Aren't these sweet? These are Martha Stewart Pillows...a steal at $3 each!
Here's 3 bags of GORGEOUS Laces, that I can't wait to go through!
All 3 bags cost a total of $4!!! Amazing huh?
One can NEVER have too many PRETTY Boxes to
store treasures in!

Oh and I just couldn't pass this needs a little sprucing,
but will be better in no time! $2 is well worth a little time
to make it shine!
I never pass up a pretty tray! This has beautiful edging!
I have an idea for this one...stay tuned.  Then I
found some sweet lil bling while digging through a
large tub of jewelry!

I am pretty sure that is a NEW plate of Old Chintz, I paid
$5 but feel it was worth it...this is larger so I am assuming
it's probably a cake plate!
There are 2 of these plates, and the picture does not
show their amazing tealy, aqua color with bits of splattering.
Very unusual and I have an idea for these with some
of my white and aqua roses!

And last but surely NOT least, this sweet white
hankie with pretty pink edging...only 99c!

Thanks so much for visiting with me today
and allowing me to share some FUN
found treasures! I can't wait to get going on
some of the projects I have in mind for them!
Hopefully I will remember to do a
Show N Tell
with I am finished...
would you like that?

Have a blessed day!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Tea Time Tuesday ~ Found Treasures

Yay, I am finally back to blogging!
I have missed being a part of this fun
Tuesday event.  Please visit my sweet friend
 our weekly Tea Time fun!

Today I am sharing a collection of
*Tea for One*.  These sweet sets
 have all been given to me and I cherish each
one and their givers!

First up is a deep red set, a birthday gift many
years ago from a friend which fits so well into my
English/French Cottage themed kitchen.
With this sweet set, I have shown a Large Cup
that my darling daughter bestowed upon me last
year for my birthday...I do have Roosters all
over and she knew just what her momma would love!

This lovely mug has had many cups of tea and coffee in it
since it was given to me.

Another more delicate but equally beautiful set
was given to me recently by a dear friends.
It fits well into my bone china goodies doncha think?

Pretty huh?

Then there are two others that I have out right
now on my mantle for display.  They both
are so unique in there own way and also
special because they were given to me by
sweet peeps in my life.


Oh bloggy friends have I gots some amazing finds
 from my treasure hunting to share with you

Have you ever seen a vintage handpainted tray in this shape?
I have not.  And guess how much I paid for this treasure?

Then I found this sweet pillow for...$0.99!!!
Saw 2 other pillows that I am kicking myself over
not getting...hmmm I'm feeling another
trip to my favorite treasure store coming on.

Thanks so much for stopping by and
I do enjoy reading your comments and
visiting with each of you!


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy PINK Saturday

Good Morning
My PINK Loving Friends!

I am sharing once again more PINK
goodies that I have made and sold in the past.
I guess you can tell I have have a *thang*
for Pink in roses? Yep, its my passion!
Cork Board above adorned in PINK roses.

Lovely Suitcase all done up in Roses!
Curvy Pink Shelf.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
I am planning on getting to each and every
blog in the next few days as I have been
absent due to Graduation
Thanks to our hostess
Check her out to see the many other

Have a Pretty PINK Day!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Due to Technical Difficulties

Hi Friends,

Well you all are so sweet!
So many would like to see pictures of our party...
my *other* puter that I keep my
pictures on is doing the
when I am trying to load pictures for you all to see.

Hubs is working on fixing things
but until then...
I am waiting to see if its
working properly and then I will
download the few pictures I did manage
to take before things began to blurrr
in the crowds...

Love ya!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm Back!

Hi Blogging Friends and Followers!

Oh my, to say I have been busy is an understatement!
Thanks for being so understanding and
sticking with me!

(my Neice Ambra/my dd Michaela
both 2010 Graduates!)
In this time since May 20th, we have been to Florida
to help my neice celebrate her graduation from High School.
Came home to have my sis and neice come here
to help us celebrate my daughters graduation on
June 3rd.  In between that time my
parents who had traveled also to Florida,
then visited family in S. Carolina came
up to Michigan to stay with us as well to help
be a part of the festivities.
We also planned and carried out a wonderful
celebration party for my daughter on the 12th of June.
So... YEP we were busy?

(Grad Party day!  Michaela's friend WHO made her cake!)

The last of family left Monday.  I have slowly been getting
my home back to normal.  It was 3 weeks of stress, fun, a house FULL
of family and I would NOT have it any other way!

In the midst there is always MURPHY's law...
my blender, coffee pot, garbage disposal and hand mixer went caput!!!
I lost 1/4 of a molar.  Then I also ended up 2 separate times in
Urgent Care with each parent.  Both have recovered...but they did end up
having to delay their flights and I was so happy to
have them here for Michaela's party.

Never a dull moment in my home..that is for sure!

So hopefully life can get back to normal...whatever that is for us! lol

I hope to be back with my normal post in the next week!