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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

SPRING Has Arrived Inside My Home!!!

WELCOME To my spring Cleaning Home Makeover!
(BEWARE ~ Lotsa Pictures in this blog!)

I don't know how you are when its time to SPRING CLEAN, but when the mood strikes me, I am unstopable. I have taken a break from my routine of crafting/painting to spruce up my home. It has been so neglected as far as really cleaning that I knew it needed some attention. And it seems to me that when this happens...I get on a roll and NOTHING, YEP, I mean nothing gets overlooked, from rearranging furniture, getting the dust off corners of walls, rugs and even changing of vinettes. It somehow refreshes and rejuvinates me! Is anyone out there like this? So I decided to give you a tour of my 1st level 3 story colonial.

Your tour begins coming in through my front door to our wonderful entry. I moved my Hall Tree from the front wall that use to meet you as you stepped through my front door. But I didn't go too far...just to a smaller wall on the other side of our coat closet.

I did craft a cute SPRING sign..which originally I had spelled it backwards! OOOPS, lol!

Now if you look up our staircase...I have created a spring look with a redo of a topiary and a large gorgeous hat.

As you look to the left entering my home, you will see my newly cleaned and rearranged living Parlor. Now this room really is MY girly room all done up for me. I have had this sofa/love seat for over 20 years now..and still have not grown tired of it. Sprinkled throughout this room are a few Spring goodies.
I know my lamps are missing their shades...thats a before and after that I need to get finished! Stay tuned!
I kept my small tree out and am continuing to adorn it with some new handmade ornaments for spring that I have thought up...I'll do another blog on that soon!
I knew I had a few birdhouses...but DID NOT realise that I have a small collection. So I decided to group them in a corner that is behind my love the doors that lead to my hubby's office/den (BUT you won't bee seeing that room anytime soon, a project waiting to happen)!

My cherished piano that my sweet mom gave me...can ya see the spring goodies?
Now, we are looking to the right of our entry way which leads into our Formal Dining Room. This is room in painted a beautiful Royal Blue and I think it really compliments my china and vinettes.

Table scape.
I took off some floral sprays I had on my chandelier and added these fun cups. I had seen this done and LOVED this idea.
I created an Easter Banner with Vintage Clip Art that I have been collecting. I just love the details the Victorians did with their art!

A dozen eggs, that I have painted.

I had shared with you in another post my Butler's Pantry Pass through DID get tweeked a it is.

I just realized that I didn't take very many pictures of my Family Room. When you walk through our front door you will go straight back and come right into our most lived in room. I will have to take a few more pictures, cause I didn't realize that I hadn't taked any of the whole room. goes my pictures...I did this morning JUST FOR YOU!

This is the main room our family lives in! We eat in here, watch TV and share movie adventures together! I really wanted a comfy but down home *Grandma* type decor for my family in here. Its not a room I often share, but we have mixed country french, mission and a touch of elegance i this room. I JUST love it!

You know when people take pictures, they often leave out there TV's. Well I decided that since I pretty ours had to see what we look at when we watch TV....its not to bad, I think. (Sharon, you know who you are...keep your hands off my trays! lol)

Oh and THANKS to those who left me comments on my delimma. I did raise the *ends* a bit with some books, and stayed in the lighter tones. I really like how this feels!

This sweet vinette is on our eating area we get to see this when we eat!
Thanks so much for allowing me to share my redo with you. Its always so much fun to do and do a show/tell afterwards. Don't cha think so?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Delimma and HELP!

So I am making more progress in my cleaning and deocarting..but not much to see picture wise just yet. I would love some help from my friends, though! Or in other words...other eyes to see what I might be missing. Now please be!!!

I am also glad for pictures..cause I see a need to elevate or change up a few things since this is in the works...I'd love to hear your advice.

PIX #1
In picture #1 I have brought out my creammy pottery and mixed a few Easter/Spring things.

Picture #2 I added 2 green before you get all bothered..I know the plates on not in the same you like it on the far ends..or mixed in with the other stuff?

Pix #2

So which do you prefer...or not?

Thanks...looking forward to hearing what you might say!


Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm Making Progress!

So..the last few days I have still been a putterin'. This SPRING CLEANING sure takes up a long time!!!! Please don get worried tho, I am not running myself ragged. I work at my own pace, taking a break, fixing something..and most importantly, I keep my glue on, ready for a work out! The floors and windows in certain areas were neglected so they got scrubbed! Does my heart good to finally get that done.

You see, for the past few years I have not felt like myself. When you don't feel well, many things go by the wayside. One of them for me was deep cleaning and seasonal decorating. I found out 2 years ago I have HYPERGYCEMIA (High Blood Sugar) or early stages of Type 2 Diabeties and I am only turning 50 this year! I am NOT over weight but am one of the lucky ones who inherited the predisposition to this disease. I didn't realize that my lack of energy, fatigue, peeing/drinking water all the time and ability to keep going were so keyed into this. After 2 years of taking medication that is working, I am now beginning to see wonderful results. As a matter of fact, my Endocronogist was so happy with my progress in February he no longer needs to see me every 6 months! YEAH...he said everything has been kept pretty even, weight (yep), A1C tests and my overall health.

So now you know why I am making such a BIG deal about all of this. That makes all that I am able to do that much sweeter!

I decided that my entrance into our home needed a little sprucing up and changed! I am so happy with how this all turned out. I LOVE the picture of entering a beautiful garden by Thomas Kinkade!
This darling set of bunnies was painted by me 17 years ago. They have such sweet memories too...I was pregnant with my daughter and got to go on a rare visit to see my dear childhood friend Cynthia who lives in Redding, CA. She was taking tole painting then...and I tagged along to one of her classes...this was before I actually began painting myself...neat huh?

I did some cleaning/dusting and rearranging of my hutch! I had to show off my beloved Rose Chintz China my mom started me on! This is just a teeny portion of what I have..I am still trying to finish up a place setting of 8. Almost there!
I brought out a round table so that I could create this darling vinette in one of the corners of my Dining Room...which still is a working in progress!'s a peek of the pass through (butlers pantry)...all done up for spring!
So...if you are in the midst of, or have already completed your Seasonal Decorating I'd LOVE to hear from you so I can take a peek. Leave me a comment so I can come on by and visit!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hippity Hoppity ~ Easters on its way?

I have just gotten myself in the middle of early Spring Cleaning. And when I say that I mean..every room in my house is starting to look like a junk store. I have been pulling things out...dusting, (UGH) and starting to mentally rearrange, set up vinettes and create goodies for SPRING! Does anybody else do this? I get so mentally exhausted with all the *TO DO's* I start seeing in my mind that before I know it I've got 50 projects going all at once...well maybe 10. Temporary insanity...thank goodness its March maddness and my sweet hubby is glued to the tube! lol

See...I told ya it was a mess! These are just a few rooms to show you what I was talking about!

Stay tuneds..cause this is a BEFORE and AFTER waiting to happen..just need to do it! lol
Spring is my favorite time of year..and then summers warmth! I was going through my *stuff* and realized that I let go of loads last year and needed to Kick It Up a to here's a few teasers of some cute goodies I've been making myself. So..what do ya think?'s a teaser! I have a few vinettes done in my kitchen area. Of course I am never done tweaking until the entire home is this may change a little..but you can see I am at work! Sorry about how dark this first one is..It would not put the flash on..don't know why! CAMERAS!!! lol

Come back again..for more pix..hopefully I'll have my spring cleaning done and my fresh decor up in a week!
Spring Blessings and Happy Easter Everyone!