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Thursday, July 14, 2011

~~~Where Bloggers Create~~~ 2011 ***Rosechicfriends Studio***


I am so happy to have you stopped by for the 3rd year of
where bloggers create!

Over 3 years ago my hubby and I turned my 19 year old daughters
nursery bedroom (or spare bedroom) into my Art Studio. 
My plan...a soft robins egg or aqua blue for the walls to
backdrop the creamy Accents Heirloom White that I
used on all the painted surfaces that I have in my little studio.
This room is a mere 10.5x11.5.  So tiny in nature
but I hope big in storage ideas and lots of room to create!

I have created 3 basic work spaces...
sewing, crafting and painting...
with a middle table workspace. 
(which I am still looking for the right table)

Here you will see below, a look at my Painting Table.
I have set it up with my paints and needed items right
at my finger tips.  I use a large drafting table
hubby got me many years ago... or before we designed this room. 
To disguise its ugly black surface I used a pretty
vintage the look.
Then we move over to my crafting and sewing area.
Can you tell I am a visual person? I need my *things* out
so I can see them...or its outta sight, outta mind for me! I will showcase some of the creative
pretty ways to display the many items I used when I am
crafting, sewing or painting...
as many times I am doing 1, 2 or all 3 of these
at the same time.
I also have collected Vintage Quilted Glove/Hankie Boxes
and those house my clay roses.
Ribbon HOLDER: Convereted Shelf I drilled holes into and
put dowels through...its an ever growing supply of ribbons I seem to have!
SCISSOR Board: Took and Old frame and painted in my color
and then had hubby cut a peg board to size!
I also used this $3 garage sale shelf for my small ribbon roses,
containers I painted the lid pinks for buttons and glitters.
Then I used KRYLON's Plastic Paint on the two mini-
drawer shelfs that are stuffed with other goodies inside!
Now on my largest wall I created unique shelving by stacking
a few different things to create ways for me to work.
One of the coolest is a 9 cubby hole cardboard
shoe shelf...I have dollar store plastic shoe containers and they
house most of my laces.  And best of all it works
like a dresser with open drawers to see in. can see what's inside!
More close up of ways I have stored my supplies.
And...many magazines and books for help and ideas
are housed here as well.
Then on the inside wall I took two cast off pieces,
painted them and stacked the bookcase on top and...
More wonderful display and storage.
Then tucked close to my *stuffed* closet
I took a corner shelf and painted it and loaded it up
with supplies!

So there you have a look around to the inside workings
of my humble studio! 

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Can't wait to see all the other creative
way's we bloggers CREATE!!!

Also...thanks to Karen for organizing the fun event!
Link is up top LEFT for you to see the other participants.

Be Blessed!


Rebecca said...

Love it Miss Lorena! Very organized and lovely...just what I LOVE. Perfectly wonderful and sooo charming and beautiful. You are one talented girl.

Blessings to you~


Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

I want to thank you for your sweet visit!

Loved seeing your studio which is just a bit bigger than mine!!
Love the color of your walls!!
What a great job decorating and organizing it you did!! I might have to borrow some of those ideas!! Looked the peg board for the scissors!!
And I will have to look for those Dollar Store shoe boxes!!
Thanks for sharing and I did come away with some great inspiration!!


Brenda ~ Shabby Cats and Roses said...

Hi Lorena :) Fabulous work space you've created for yourself ~ I too had turned my daughter's room into my sewing room after she married almost 2 years ago ~ before that it was crammed into our master bedroom, and I don't know HOW I managed in there, LOL :) Lots of inspiration and ideas one can take from seeing your space :) Thanks for sharing with us ladies.

Warmest hugs, Brenda

Marilyn said...

Wow--great organization and it all looks pretty, too. ♥♫

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love it!! I have always loved pink for a wall but that blue..... yummy!!
Sensational Post!!

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely, organized studio! I really liked the way you decorated all you pretty containers!

It is nice to find other Christian sisters who are creative(and like roses:) I just joined your blog recently through GFC!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

My room is little too, organization is the key and it looks like you have it all figured out...Gorgeous!


GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

Loving your studio, no matter what size! I'm still waiting for mine! It's pretty, just like you!

The Old White Barn said...

Love, love, love your space! So clever and definitely creative. I love the colors, and of course the roses. Just delightful.

Thanks for sharing a bit of your world.


Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Lorena,
Oh, I just LOVE all your pink and blue--Your creative is beautiful like you and your special creations!!


Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Lorena,
Your space is gorgeous and so well organized. I can see you there painting and designing your beautiful treasures. Love the cabinets and the carpet is awesome!Love how you hold the rolls of ribbons. Want to do that too, but no where to put it!

You are amazing my friend and God has surely blessed you.
Thank you for coming by my studio too and your kind words.

Love to you and blessings always,
Celestina Marie

Pretty Things said...

It's so beautiful and feminine! And light and airy, too. Must be a dream to work there.

I hope you can visit my little creating spots when you have time!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Your space is a bit bigger than mine.....but it looks HUGE compared to mine... I don't know how you fit all that great and glorious collection in there......WOW... I had so much fun visiting... :-)

Warm blessings,

"Create Beauty" said...

Thanks for coming by my studio tour.
Yours is beautiful! So organized, and oh my, the aqua/turquoise paint, fabulous!

I like the same music as you, but I must also add Annie Herring to the list! She's my all time favorite : )

~ Violet

Anonymous said...

Wow your space is not only gorgeous but so organized! There are so many great ideas...the ribbon spools look beautiful beside each other. And I love your choice of colors throughout.



Twyla and Lindsey said...

Your craft room is so pretty! The colors reminds me of ours! Have a nice weekend! Twyla

TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

Your ribbon holder(s) are divine. Love the robins egg blue color of the studio. Thanks for the nice tour. *smiles* Norma

Anonymous said...

This is such a beautiful studio! I really like how you made such a pretty and creative space, and it didn't seem like it cost too much :) Thank you for sharing!


Holly Loves Art said...

WOW! Out of all the blogs I've been visiting in order from A to Z since Thursday, I think yours is the most similar to mine - color theme definitely! I always wanted "Tiffany blue" walls and I love pink so that is my main color combo. Mine too is quite small at 12 x 9.5. I love it and I can tell that you love yours. Yours is stunningly gorgeous and so perfectly put together. Just adore it!
Thank you for sharing.

Jo said...

You are so well organised! Such a lovely creative space. Thanks for the tour.

Sandra Kaye said...

Absolutely love the aquabon the walls. The scissor board too. Very nice thanks for sharing. Sandie

Junk Fairy said...

Lorena, what a beautiful rosey creative space! I would love to create here!!I enlarged every photo to get a better view. I love the way everything is arranged! Very Blissful!!

La Doña Jenny said...


Your work space looks like mine - full of eye candy! Just lovely, I love the robins egg blue paint on your walls , so feminine. Take care.


Feathers and Flight said...

Oh Lorena I Love your Studio!! Isn't Fun to See where everyone Created their Art! You can see Where their Inspiration Comes from and each Studio is so very Unique!Thank You for Sharing and Your Visit!!Come and Visit again soon!
Hope you had a Wonderful Weekend!

Martha's Favorites said...

Lorena: I love your room. It is so visual, just my style. I love it. Have a blessed week. Martha

kluless said...

I love the colors and you have everything so well organized - beautiful!

romance-of-roses said...

Hi Lorena, I love your studio and the color too. That aqua is just lovely.I like that middle table, guess I could do that, my room is also small.
You made good use of the space.

Claudia said...

What a lovely space. I am a fan of your wall color and the colors you've used, cream and pink really add some punch. You are also very organized. Thanks so much for sharing your space with us. said...

What a welcoming blue!

Terri said...

Shabby Chic is what comes to mind you have done such a great job decorating your space! So nicely organized too. Thanks so much for the lovely tour!

Valery said...

Beautiful studio space with some beautiful photos. Love everything about your space. It's so soft and feminine and exactly what I would want! Love the way you created storage in the see-thru bins. Thanks for sharing!

Donna said...

Very sweet craft room, love the pretty colors.

Karen Valentine said...

Your room is doubly fabulous Lorena!
It's both beautiful AND perfectly organized!! I loved looking through each photo and soaking up all the great ideas! Thank you so much for joining the party!!

Rita Barakat said...

What a lovely space! Organized and so pretty!!!!


What a charming place you got there. Everything is just lovely. Thanks for sharing your creative world! Hope you'll get a chance to hop over to mine.

Creative Grammie said...

Aloha Lorena,
You've created a lovely dainty studio, it's so adorable.
Thank you for the tour and thanks for sharing your creations.

Something Special said...

Oh, I love your Studio very much. It is so pretty and organized. I have a studio that I do not sew in, only craft and scrapbook in. My sewing space is in another room. Your space is keen as you get to have it all in one room. Love it! I am a new follower.

Renee said...

What a pretty space you have and in one of my fave colors. I like what you did with your ribbon. Lots of great storage ideas. said...

Love your studio. I love what you did with your ribbons. I also never know what to do with little beads and tiny things. You have.
Thanks for sharing.