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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mirror, Mirrors on the the WALL

Mirror, Mirror on the wall... do you remember this line from Snow White...What inspired this post is a wall of mirrors I have created in my Family Room. Mirror don't always give us a true depiction of what we are looking at do they? But they reflect light and many times add to the ambiance of a room. With that said..I will share with you about the mirrors in my home.

This wall of mirrors just happened. I didn't realized until I decided to put them all together just how many I had. I picks many up at sales, thrifting or junking...and before I knew it I had more than I really knew what to do with. Then, I saw in a magazine how someone had hung mirros up/down a staircase and thought it might be fun to try. Well I decided not to do it in my staircaase area but use the wall that is a pass through from our Family Room to our Living Room and Office.

Some mirrors I left in their original state. Others I decided to paint a creamy white..just to mix things up. I DO love gold so the ornate gold ones are some of my favorites.

This round one was a Salvation Army find and I believe I paid $1 for it!!!
The ornateness of this mirror, scrolls and all makes it one of my very favorites! is a story behind this mirror. When I was a young teen, my mom and dad purchased this mirror with an old dresser and wrough iron bed. They were covered in pink, had many coats of paint on them and we decided to coordinate them all to make a set. Mom and I spent a few afternoons antiquing them in gold . These were mine to keep as I grew and left the nest. Mind you that was in the 70's...oh boy..I do date myself huh? lol

Anyway, in the very early 80's a friend of my sisters saw this and took it from me because he wanted to restore it. And...this is the gorgeous piece that was under all those layers of paint. It is such a cherished mirror...what you cannot see very well is that the mirror is bevelled!
This is the original scroll work on this piece. I love the flourishes and how it just flows down the sides.
Isnt' this just amazing?
For those of you who see my blog often you will recongnize these blue walls. This mirror is in my Royal blue dining room. Now this is an inexpesive $20 mirror I purchased from Target. It was a black and I sponged it with gold to glam it up. I just love gold!!! lol It has hooks that I use seasonally..and right now it's in between seasons.

Do you see the mirror that I tucked behind my dishes in my hutch? Another inexpensive mirror that I love the simple ornateness of it! (does that make sense?)

Now, I think this mirror might be quite old...but I am not sure. Another thrifty store find at $4.94. It came in this gold color..but the ledge was covered with candle wax. I scrubbed it off and have placed this mirror in my Victorian inspired Parlor/Living Room. It rests close to my beloved Piano!

Thank you so much for indulging my love of mirrors. I hope you had fun browsing through my collection of mirrors and it will inspire you in some way! I love decorating and I love the hunt of a treasure found! I may try and do this more often, sharing treasured finds throughout my home!



Connie said...

Your mirrors are lovely and your home has always shown its beauty to the world, chickee..........

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Lorena, that restored mirror is beautiful! I love mirrors too, and yours are wonderful.

Secondhandrose said...

You do have alot of mirrors. That got me to thinking about mine....hmmmmm.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hi Lorena! Dearie, you are a gal after my heart here ~ you know how much I adore adore ADORE mirrors!! You have some terrific ones. I'm especially in love with your restored mirror & the small ornate one in the back of your hutch! Also love seeing your cute snowmen!! We had sleet yesterday, but gone today, thankfully!

Love you,
Angelic Accents

Anonymous said...

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Hi Lorena!!
Thanks for visiting me:) It is always good to hear from you:)
Your mirrors are lovely and the one that is restored is my favorite!!I seem to have a few eye is drawn to them.
Please visit as much as you can!!I know it's busy for you and so much is going on. I think of you often.
Take care.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Lorena, I love all of your mirrors! And I love the lovely pink flowers in that last shot. Perfect for Pink Saturday. And speaking of which...

Hope you have a Happy Pink Saturday!


Sheila :-)