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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Friends and Being so Thankful!

OH Blogging Friends How are you today?

I am SOOOOO remiss! What a rough couple of  weeks I have had.
I had about 2.5 weeks of some type of headaches.  One that made me realized I needed to get to the Dr.  And I did, on Wednesday.  Found out I have an infection in my Lymphatic systems.  I guess this happens when the normal channels aren't working correctly! Go figure!

Anyway I got on meds and they of course have been causing headaches...if I have another one tonight when I take my meds, I am calling the Dr. to change what I am on.  All this to say...its been very hard for me to THINK let alone type. THUS
I am saying all this cause I am so late in THANKING some dear friends!
I wanted to share a couple of sweet goodies I received last week on the SAME day!
I am truly blessed.  God has given me some very Dear women, of all places ON Line.!  Who'd a thunk that when the internet began, a whole new world of friends would evolve? I surely didn't!

So THANKS to my sweet friend Steph of Angelic Accents and Connie of Living Beautifully.  They both were just so sweet and knew their gifts would
make me smile! I love them both dearly!
Steph is one of those rare gals who does not miss a thing or
forget anything.  She knew I LOVED Blue and White and have many wonderful
goodies in my collection. Thus, a wonderful Christmas Plate!
She also cross stitched a sweet Ghost hangy thing, but I fogot to get
a picture.
Then Connie, who made my darling APRON that I shared about few
 weeks back, sent me this darling CUFF.  Isn't this just the pretties one ever!!!
I so luuuuuve the lace on this!
More sharing of another fun plate that I have made over.
I actually had this plate for a long time and decided
it needed sprucing.  I found a very ornate candle holder base,
using a strong HOUSEHOLD glue (like E6000) I glue
the 2 together.
But I didn't STOP, there, I added some pretty clay roses and
pretty blue flowers and leaves.  I tried to match the
colors  on the plate to my flowers. I am pretty pleased with my results.
I decided to offer this and it is now listed in my etsy shop
(my shops link is to the left)

Thanks everyone...DONT FORGET to ENTER my GIVEAWAY. I am
Drawing on TUESDAY evening and will REVEAL my winner
on Wednesday!
REMEMBER your comments  on my postings will give you more entries!



Anonymous said...

So sorry you have had such a rough time. I hope you are feeling better soon!!
Your plates are so pretty. The blue & white is lovely & I really like the flowers you have put on the floral plate!
Get well soon.... Thanksgiving is on it's way!!

Jennifer said...

Hi Lorena Hope you feel better soon.I love your new palte you made.Your gifts from Connie and Steph are wonderful.I have never seen that pattern Steph found,Its terrific.Hugs,Jennifer

Connie said...

You are blessed to have so many women who love you, pray for you and are happy when you are, chick.... I know because I'm one of them...

Sandra said...

Hi Lorena! I hope those meds start working for you and that you start feeling better.
Love the plates. Very pretty.
Please take care of yourself. (HUGS)


Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling so good. I hope that when you get new medicine that wil make you feel better.
Fun treasures from your friends!
Take care.
Deb :)

Diane said...

Hope you feel better, sure have a fun Post, thanks for stopping by my blog, I love new visitors.

vickie said...

Hope you are feeling better, wonderful gifts from Connie and Steph. Love that plate/stand!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hey, sweet Lorena! So glad you are happy with your Blue Spode Christmas plate! I adore the wristlet that Connie gifted you with ~ she also made one for my mother! Isn't she the sweetest?!?

I sure do like the little pedestal plate you made ~ such a pretty base!

Love you,
Angelic Accents