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Monday, April 23, 2012

Dearest Bloggy Friends...Hello!

I know I have been MIA from posting and I am soooooo sorry. 

I guess I needed a break and just didn't realize it.  I often think I just don't have any interesting ideas that other would love to see...oh I know, woe is me, im gonna go eat some worms.  Well...yes and know about all that. 

Whats really been going on?  I have been healing from my kidney infection and doing other projects around my home and also took on a huge furniture painting job for a sweet 89 year old gentleman.  I don't think I enjoy painting that many pieces of furniture.  I decided to really concentrate more on
smaller items and painting roses.

I have done some recent tweeking of furniture in my entry (as seen above) and dining area.  Thought you might all enjoy seeing what I have done.  I know I always love to see other peeps decorating ideas.  You never know when a clever idea will be spurned on by yours or some elses' ideas.

We had moved a sofa table in this main entry area during the holidays.  Although it was okay it just didn't feel completely at ease with how it looked.  Then on Friday I was cleaning in my dining room, and realized I had the PERFECT wall for this piece.  It now resides and a side-board in the walk through area around my dining room table.  Truly a *Why didn't I think of this sooner*  idea.

I really am happy with how it all looks now!

I also have a few vingnetts and tweeking I did in some other
areas...hope you will like them.

These next pictures are in my Kitchen/eating area.

Below is the projects that we started in September of replacing
our patio slider with French Doors.  It was a DREAM of mine to
have since we moved into our home 19 years ago.  It took longer
than we had hoped to finish but they are so nice to have now.
Still need to paint the trim and wall...but at least they are in.
Man was this a hard picture to do...all the southern exposure
makes it hard to get a good picture!

Now I am off to gather supplies for a huge order I received
over the weekend for my sweet *Tea Rose Spoons*.

Thanks for stopping by...I DO love your comments!

Be Blessed,


Olivia said...

Hello sweet friend! Oh my, I am in heaven over the moon for your darling spoons! Good to see you! xo

Rebecca said...

Hello sweet friend. I'm so glad you stopped by to see me today. I just saw your little face and was filled with JOY! How are you? How is hubby and your beautiful girl? School is almost out for another year, right?

I love your DARLING SPOONS! Talent dripping it!