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Saturday, March 23, 2013

TEA Themed Dining Rooms

Hello Friends!
It has been a while since I have shared with ya'll!
Over the past few months I have tweaked several rooms
in my home and I thought you might enjoy seeing some
of the changes?
My dining room has not changed drastically in the 15 years
since we painted the walls between the gorgeous trims a
Royal Blue.  I love this color soooo much that I have yet
to tire of it.  Thankfully, this room is some what
hidden from the main rooms we live in...I am pretty sure that
is why this girl, who LOVES color, hasn't changed it.
As you will see, I have maintained a *Tea* theme
throughout this room. 

Also, I have incorporated and large quanitity of Blue/White
themed items as well.  This is a good sized room and since it
does not get used a lot, I have taken advantage of all the wall
space that I

For many, Brass is out, but I decided a few years back to work
with what I had.  I actually like golds so adding pearls, beaded
vines, and single tea cups, I created a unique look for my

My hutch sits back in a neat builder built in area and
houses my Johnson Brothers Rose Chintz china as well as
misc other items that are tea and rose themed!

My mom started me on Rose Chintz by giving me several
miss/matched pieces, and over the years I have been able
to aquire at set of at least 8 place settings.

As I look now at my picture, I am thinking of either painting the
inside or papering it...would do YOU think?
As I go around the room, you will see how I have
displayed uniquely, my Tea Pot and Tea Cup collections.
I honestly DO use them and that is why I
love to have them around.  They provide such beautiful
*eye* candy, for this girl who needs it!

One of my favoritest EVER finds is this tea cup
holder.  Snagged for $3 at a yard sale.  I have
added more tea cups now and it shows them off so sweetly.
It also houses a collection of creamers too.

I recently brought added our sofa table to this room and now it
feels just like home in its new place.  It acts more
like a side board and houses more collections, of course!

This beautiful shelf was actually up in my studio and
when I was tweaking it, I decided to move the shelf down into
this room.  I am loving it in its new place.

Lastly, this darling *plant* holder got roped into use
as another way for me to display my tea pots.
I have tried to think outside the box and yet present
a homey sweet place for my family to eat special meals

I hope this inspires you to use what you have,
show them off and create fun and unqiue ways to
display the things you love!

Thanks for stopping by!


Alessandra said...

Wow!!I love everything. The chandy is fantastic and very romantic. I love your china collection too.

Mari said...

Just beautiful , love the tea cups on your chandy ;)

Rebecca Nelson said...

Swooning with JOY my friend!

Hope your Easter was LOVELY. Thinking of you today with love.


Sherry "Edie" & Marie Antionette said...

Gorgeous dining room Lorena! What a perfect place to showcase all your beautiful tea pieces.

Have a great day and many blessings coming your way! Hugs, sherry