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Friday, October 24, 2008

Fall Decor!

Hi everyone...WOW I have had a rough week. I could use your prayers, from you prayer warriors out there! I can't really go into much detail right now, but my daughter is facing a very crisis situation. She is 16 and we are getting her couceling. I am so thankful to my Lord that he IS there for me.

Okay...well a few weeks ago I finally took time to dress my home for fall. Now I am not a huge Halloween fan so I usually gear my decor towards a Bounty of Blessings or harvest themes. I love how dressed up my home looks this time of year! I mainly decorate in my Kitchen, Family Room and Dining Rooms. My favorite area is our mantle. It is the best place to dress up for any Holiday.
This year I am so proud of myself! Tooting my own horn so to speak..I finally finished and sewed the colorful FALL chair covers. I had these cut out about 4-5 years ago and never found the right time to finish them. I WAS determined that this was the year.
I have displayed some sweet Stacking Pot Scarecrows that I have well as painted my foam Pumpkin (FYI...this is for sell on my selling blog).

We have a huge entertainment surround for our Large TV and I put loads of goodies on it..or else it would be a HUGE eye soar! lol
A niche, behind MY chair...this is a family piece, an old Radio/Phonograph that I love and dress up too.
Dont we have a lot to be Thankful for. The Pilgrims and what they endured to help established this great land we live in. How this seems to have been forgotten and I like to make sure they are honors around this time.
More of my bountiful harvest goodies!
Okay...change of dear sweet kitties...these are recent pictures I have taken. Below, Chloe, who is my lovey...finds a basket to squeaze into. Isn't she something?
Our Bubby (baby/buddy)..aka Punkin...He fits in well with my Fall decor dontcha think? lol
The other day I was searching around in some old picture files and I found this tray that I had sold a few years back. I just loved these colors and how they represent fall/harvest time. So I thought I'd share this with you today.

Well...I hope you enjoyed my fall home. Please come back again!


TattingChic said...

Your home is decorated so nice for fall. I'm with you in avoiding the halloween decorations and sticking with the atumnal decor. I feel God's love in my home more clearly that way. Speaking of God's love I will keep you and your family in my prayers today. :)


Hi Lorena:)
Sorry to hear that things aren't going well and I will pray for your daughter and you.
Thanks for the Fall tour of your home. It's lovely and fun to see other gals homes:) Take care. Big hug,

Jennifer said...

Lorena Your Fall decor is so pretty!I just gave you an award, check my blog for details.