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Sunday, June 7, 2009

I have a WINNER for MY GIVEAWAY!!! I am a little late in getting in here..but I am sure you will forgive me..cause I was visiting with my mom who just got back from a nice vacation. you can see by my picture..I got all of the names off of your comments and had my sweet hubby pick a name outta the bowl for me! lol

THE WINNER IS...............................Deby. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

I will be leaving Deby a comment and getting her goodies off to her this week! Thanks so much for joining with me in my 150th Post Celebration...who know's...I LOVE to give things I might do this again real soon!

Have a blessed day!


Melinda said...

Somehow, maybe my mind is slipping, I can't remember if I entered yet! But, just in case, please do enter me! What an adorable giveaway!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Lorena,
I may have already entered and if so,I am sorry to repeat. I loved catching up on all your wonderful posts. I love the swap presents. WOW what gorgeous treasures. Yes, we certainly are kindred spirits like you said and I so hope one day you can stay in that room., It will be waiting for you.

Have a blessed day.
Love you, Celestina Marie

Allidink said...

I don't think I entered but I would love too! If I did already sorry! But I went back to the post and checked and I didn't see my name...I can't believe that though I always check your blog! LOL. Thanks!

All the best,

~~Deby said...

thank you so much...I am so excited...

Victoria Lynn said...

How are you? I've been wondering how it's going. I made my blog private, email me so I can invite I couldn't find your email address! Did your daughter graduate this year? How's your summer going so far? Take care. Hugs, Victoria Lynn