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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Where does the TIME go?

Hi Sweet Friends!
Gosh, where DOES the time go?
I realized the past few days that I haven't been on
blogger or even written a new post in quite awhile.
In the time since I last posted:
I had a birthday...
My daughter started her Jr Year at college...
Summer is fading into Fall...
My studio is full of glitter dust and newest creations...
God is good and I am learning some very deep things
about who I really am, in HIM!
So... how are you all?
I will leave you all with a collage of some of the pretties
I have been shabbying up, roses I have been painting
what gives me such PEACE!
Be blessed by friends!



Love the new look of your blog!!!
Yes,you have been very busy making nice treasures! Fall is around the corner and then Christmas!

Rebecca said...

Love your new bloggie!

Been missing you girlfriend.

Love, Rebecca PS: Your girl is a junior already? NO WAY!

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Oh such pretty creations, Lorena!

I absolutely cannot believe that it is fall again already. My baby boy gets his drivers permit in March! Yikes!

Well, your life sounds wonderful, Lorena and mine is, too! Even with the storms that come along, my life in HIM is what anchors me.

I've been doing lots of treasure hunting lately after months of hardly any. Funny how it goes in spurts.

I also love crafting peacefully or relaxing while playing Words With Friends on facebook. I have to be careful not to get too relaxed though or my score goes too low! (As I'm sure some of my friends can tell!) ;)

We may be moving soon- again. Moving. Again. I wonder what it's like to be settled?? Hopefuly, I will find out some day.

Have a great week end Lorena!