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Monday, June 23, 2008

OH I Wenta Thriftin a thriftin!!!!

I don't normally get out and do my thrift shopping on Mondays, but I had to get my daughter to her basketball practice. So......I took advantage of being out and about. I am pretty happy with my finds today!

If you have seen any of my previous posts, you know I collect milk glass. Now this sweet hobnail creamer has no mate, but I thought I might put it to use in my Craft Room holding something.
I don't know why I got this, but I just could not resist this sweet vintage tomato pin cushion. I have never seen one with a litttle strawberry attached like this.

I almost squealed when I spied this demitasse cup/saucer (well really loud on the inside)...This is so delicate and has handpainted flowers all over...teeny tiny but charming!
Does anyone know what this is? I loved the pink colored glass, its about 5 inches in height, but I have NEVER seen pink glass like this before...ohhhhhh don't cha just love it! Another item for either my bedroom or craft room.
Another addition to my growing collection of pottery. The unique shape and color is what got me!
These are going to be Trash 2 Treasure goodies that I will be painting up pretty some day!
Last but not LEAST....Look at those crystals...they are the real deal. I may add this to my vintage cake plate/cover I have painted...hmmm I might have to paint this too!
Hope your having a blessed day...Lorena


Secondhandrose said...

Lorena, I don't know what that little jar is...sorry. I do love the blue pottery vase and the thingy with the crystals. Wow, you had fun.

Kim's Treasures said...

Ohhh you found some great treasures! I went treasure hunting today and found a small bird (still need to get a photo of it) and that was all. Not a lucky day for me. Glad it was for you though! Love the pink jar!

Happy treasure hunting!

Jan~Feather Your Nest Antiques said...

Hi Lorena. Love your finds you got today! I have seen the tomato pin cushions with the strawberry before. The strawberry is a needle sharpener, or so my grandmother told me. If you stick a needle in there, you will notice that the stuff inside is different than the stuffing in the pin cushion. What it is I'm not sure, but it ment to sharpen your needles. Jan

Miss Rhea said...

Yummy !! I love the pink vanity piece and that candle holder is wonderful !! Good haul !! :) Good to know about the strawberry, mine all have strawberries attached, but I didn't know what for either.

Connie said...

Lorena, you did well, my cutie pie!! I love it all actually!

Michelle said...

Hi Lorena ~ That little tomato pin cushion reminds me so much of my mom...she used to have one...boy, that brings back good memories of her! I agree with Jan about the needle sharpening thing - that's what I was always told the strawberry part was used for. Looks like you found some great treasures!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Joanne Kennedy said...

You sure came home with some wonderful treasures. Good for you!
I hear Monday is a good thrifting day because so many people clean out their houses and garages on the weekend and the stuff makes it to the shelf on Monday. Looks like that was true in your case.


Diana Lyn said...

ooooooooooooh Lorena, Dontcha love thriftin, You did good girlfriend!
Love the crystals, and that Pink Jar WOW! I have not seen anything like it either! Lucky you! Thank you for the nice comments. It is going to be in the high 70s and 80s the whole week!Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh! Finally! Have a wonderful week! XO Diana Lyn

Shirl said...

Lorena, I love everything you got, especially the hobnail milkglass and the little teacup. The crystals look so pretty on the candle holder. I love pincushions! You had a great day shopping!
Blessings, Shirl

Jeanie said...

What lovely finds! I'm looking forward to a few sales this weekend!

miss gracies house said...

Great finds! It looks like you have been busy in your craft room-it takes soo long doesn't it? I like ot organize but get stuck when it doesn't compartmentalize perfectly:) Anyway, keep showing us the progress-maybe I'll get going again!
Thanks of rth econgrats on the babies-I appreciate the prayers-we're just now getting to the *scary* time.

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Wowie-wow! greeeeeeeat stuff! Good work!!!!!

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Wow, I'm really behind on my blog visits. You have three new posts! Love that hobnail creamer, that unusual vase, and oh my goodness, that sweet demitasse cup and saucer!


Joy said...

What cute things you found! I love going to thrift stores.