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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Our Beloved Kitties

2 days ago I needed to run up into my bedroom and lo and behold I saw 2 of my sweet kitties snuggled close together. I just could not resist finding my camera to take a picture of these 2. Tiger is all sprawled out with his hind feet on Chloe our calico.

Now I know that a lot of kitties do this, but there more to the story that you must know about. You see, these were both rescue kitties that we got from our Humane Society about 7 years ago. We had sadly put a special kitty who was very sick to sleep about 9 months before. We decided we would get 2 cats, for company since we travel out of town a lot.

Tiger was picked because he bumped my dh on the head when he was looking at a kitty in a cage below him...Chloe was picked because I heard her cries from the cage she was in and fell in love with her. Tiger was 10 months and Chloe was 8 months old. They were both a bit frightened and cagey to say the least. Tiger was a bit more vocal in his need for space and Chloe would do the hissing. We let our daughter name them.

As we got to know these 2 more it became very apparent to us that Tiger must have been abused in some way. He'd flinched at our attemps to pet him or love him, he did not purr or nest as most kitties do. He was more aloof and would watch us carefully. He'd rather be by himself than in the room with us. He did Bond instantly with our daughter and would sleep mostly in her room when she was gone to school during the day.

As the years have gone by we have seen him become more affectionate, at times even asking for us to pet him in his favorite spots. He will now come and sit near us or stay in the room with us. He also sleeps on the bed most nights with hubby and I and will come up to us for love, purring and nesting. We gave him his space, he gave us his love. He will never be a lap cat, but he now knows he IS loved and all is safe.


Chloe is my lil' momma kitty. Now when we got her, the rule is the cats have to be spayed/nuetered before they leave the HS. We had a conflict with getting this done for her so they allowed us to bring her home, promising to bring her back later. So in the few weeks we had her hubby comments to me about her belly, wondering if she was pregnant. I just po-pooed that thinking NO WAY. Then we had made an appointment with our own Vet to have our new kitties checked out...and lo and behold, CHLOE was pregnant! We were shocked and excited....but had a decision to make. Not a hard one though cause I thought is would be a great thing for our daughter to go through having a momma kitty giving birth and raising the babies. January 31, 2002 Chloe had 3 live babies and one did not make it. 1 orange tabby and 2 silky black beauties. And we had a blast with them.

I actually got in the room just as the 1st kitty came out who was the orange kitty. I felt it was a sign for us to keep him since our last kitty was also an Orange kitty. The other 2 kittes went to neighbors, who had as much fun as we did watching these babies grow.

I bonded very closely with Chloe because of this. I helped this young baby herself with her babies and I could just see it in her eyes that she trusted me fully. She was the sweetest momma! And she is the SWEETEST of our kitties. You talk with her and she purrs or rolls on the floor for you to pet her. I call it the plop, drop & roll, cause that's just what she does. She now will seek me out in the afternoons for a LOVE session as I call it. I have such a tender spot for her...she's my daytime companion for the most part.

Punkin is Chloes son and they do love on each other. They are the most prone to cleaning and curling up together. Punkin is the biggest of our cats at almost 20lbs..but that's all he is. I call him our big OAF, cause he barely meows and really is such a huge baby. He is the cat that will try and sit on your lap, but he so huge that I can hardly let him. He's also the most laid back but will occasionally bait Tiger to play.

All that background to really tell you that we rarely would see Tiger and Chloe this close. That's why I couldn't resist taking the picture of them together. It just does not happen often...and the fact that he was even touching her shows me how much he has changed.

Isn't this the MOST beautiful card? My sweet friend DEB of Garage Sale Gal just sent this to me. I HAD to show you it cause it has this darling kitty on front and then inside it has a vintage Valentines card. I just love them..and of course they have kitties on them which makes them so special and it means so much. Deb, I was having a down day and this came at just the right time. God's so good that what don't you think?

I hope you like my kitty story. They are just so much a part of our lives and I wanted to share their story with you.



Connie said...

Cute, honey. They look like they're waiting for a "little bit of lovin'" from ya. Go rest and snuggle with them, sweetpea.........


Hi Lorena,
I left a comment, but it said it didn't you may have 2 comments. COmputers!!!!
Very sweet story about your beloved kitties. Your boy is almost as big as my Mack...
Glad the card gave you a smile today. God's timing is Good!!
Sending you hugs...

Say It With Roses said...

Hi Lorena,
Thank you for taking part in Beat The Clock contest. I love looking at your precious kitties. I am the one that has an orange tabby, too with t he name of Pumpkin!

Shabby Kim said...

Lorena, your kitties are just too cute!!!

Also stopped by to let you know that you've been "tagged". Stop by my blog when you get a chance to see what you need to do.

Take care and enjoy the rest of the week. The weekend is just around the corner!!


Deborah said...

I'm here to beat the clock!

Your kitties are precious - I'm a cat person.

Our two NEVER lay together...until one evening this week and I ran and got my camera. I guess it's because it'e been so cold here.

Deborah in NC

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Awwww, how sweet are these three?!?! Don't they each have such sweet little individual personalities. Our kitty prefers hubby, & my Rosie (shih tzu) gets her love session at bedtime when we snuggle love!!

Thanks for sharing your babies.

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

SherryRoseBella said...

I love this story of your cats! I am a cat person, too with 2 beautiful kitties that I love so much! It breaks my heart when I see them in cages at PetSmart & I want to take them all home with me but my 2 are so spoiled that I don't think it would work too well!lol