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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Week 6 ~ My Collections

Hey friends!!!

This week I wanted to showcase my bisque, ceramic, porcelain or compo  whatever they are called ROSES!!! lol  Those who know me well and follow my blog understand I cannot pass up roses...well most anything with has to do with roses that is!  This is a fairly recent collection that has grown over the past few years.  Not one of them was paid full price for...I am sure my treasuring hunting and thrifting outtings is where I have found pretty much most of them!  This is a JUST Happened type of collection!  These ALL reside in my Victorican styled Living Room...where ROSES reign!

The first few pictures have been taken of a tray that I put my main collection on.  This is on the coffee table and its main attraction.
I have taken pictures of all around this sweet tray of ROSES, so you can see them all.
So many differing shapes and sizes, huh?
Isn't this a sweet tray? It was a swap gift, just LOVE it!
This quite large ROSE could also be used as a candle holder!
Last, this Pill Box was a gift to me during a very difficult time I had last year.  It was truly a gift meant from the heart and brought me to tears!

Wishing you Rosy Thoughts today!


Anonymous said...

So beautiful.... They look so real!!

Connie said...

Don't we ALL collect roses in some form, sweetpea?! I do and most chicks I know do also....LOL Beautiful clay roses though!!!

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

What a nice collection of roses you have, Lorena! Well, you have lots of nice collections! ♥

Allidink said...

Aw very pretty! Roses are my favorite and always have been.

All the best,

blushing rose said...

What lovely treasures & so beautifully presented.

Have a snuggly warm eve. TTFN ~Marydon

Jennifer said...

Goodmorning Lorena,Hope you are feeling better today.Your rose collection is just so pretty.Hug those kitties for me.HUgs,Jennifer

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Such a beautiful display of rose-covered beauty! I especially love that gorgeous tray but all are lovely indeed!