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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Week 5 ~ My Collections

TEA CUPS and ways to display them!

Okay...before I get started I want to apologize.  I meant to continue this post on a weekly basis..alas, life gets in the way.  It always amazes me each year how the start of school seems to encroach upon my time and I forget about that.  My daughter is now in her Senior Year of  High School and has always been active in some type of sport year round.  This year she decided to play that means many afternoons away from home.  And then my dear hubby is still looking for a job (continued prayers, please) and occupies my that's my story! lol

On to funner things...

In these next pictures I am featuring my Royal Blue Dining Room.  I have shared this room many times with you my viewers and to date, after 12 years of living with a room this color, it is a KEEPER.  It remains cozy and my collections just POP on the walls or I LOVE IT!!!'s an overview of the entire is off our main entry to your right.  My table has been set, lighting is set so off we go!

My China hutch holds the majority of my Johnson Brothers Rose Chintz, that my sweet mom helped me start.  I also have a few tea cups in my displays.

I am showing a closer view of my brassy chandy that I have camoflouged.  Don't be afraid to pick up a lone tea cup, see how I have wired these to my chandy?

Here are a few wall displays that I have purchased explicitly for my tea cups.  The one below was a $3 garage sale find.  In this one you can see I also have another collection of creamers...I'll do another collection blog on those down the road...stay tuned.

The NEXT 6 pictures are of the TEA CUPS I have on my dining room table.  What I have done is this...I have 2 sets of 6 white plates that I love to use for dress up.  They become my charger.  I have then paired my tea cups with a Bone China Plate (another collection).  Now here's the COOL part, I have without realizing it, collected plates that actually are so similar to my TEA CUPs that you would think I did it on purpose.  But as most collectors know, when you collect you will often gravitate to those things you love and often this will happen. Enjoy these sets!

Okay the next pictures will show...More FUN ways to display Tea Cups.

Another thrifting find for $5...see my demitasse cups? These are tinier but oh so lovely!

The set above was a gift for Christmas and one of my favorite patterns...I just had to group them together.
Even my piano has a couple of unique flower type tea cups.  These were gifts that had floral arrangments in well my friends know me!
The top/bottom pictures are of my butler pantry pass through. I have used it to display my many cups and pots.  I just love these stacking displays....more bang for your buck that's for sure!
And...I kept my blue tea cups in the kitchen above my stove.'s a couple of FYI ideas w/single tea cups.  This pretty tea cups plate got broken by I took a lemon and turned it into lemonade...or a fun way to display some pretty paper roses.  So simple, place a styrafoam ball into your cup and glue it in, add a lacy border, moss and glue on roses...and whalaaaa!

Another thing I have done and sold many of are mis-matched cups and turning the cup upside down and gluing a similar sacuer on now have a way to display candles or any item you may want to raise!

Well...there you have it!  Another blog on my collections.  I hope you LOVE what you see and will leave me comments! I REALLY LOVE HEARING from you! Don't be shy! And...I will try really hard to visit you as well, okay?

Wishing you Simply TEA Cups of Pleasure!


Anonymous said...

What beautiful "eye-candy".... You have an amazing collection & your displaying of them is fabulous!!
Have a wonderful day!

~~Deby said...

oh Lorena...everything is beautiful....I want to visit...

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Hi, Lorena! I thought your huz had found a job or business venture of some sort. I must have missed something! But, yes, you're in my prayers.

well girly, you have *quite* the collection1 I love it and you have so many cute and creative ways of displaying it all.

Love that you're camouflaging your chandelier,. That's what I'm trying to do- camouflage my whole bedroom! Ha-ha! ♥


Hi Lorena,
Your home always looks so pretty and so are your collections.
Your tassel's are so beautiful!!! :)
Take care and praying for you & hubby!
Deb :)

blushing rose said...

Whoa, Nelly! This is beautiful ... everything displayed perfectly, such gorgeous collectibles. Love the tea cup candle idea ...

Have a lovely autumn day ~ TTFN ~ Marydon

Connie said...

Ya got me beat in the plate department, sweetpea! I doubt I have that many. Beautiful though.....

Sassafras and LuLu said...

What pretty settings. Nice to visit your blog, it is very pretty. We also have somethings in common! I really like Casting Crowns & others too!
blessings, Carol

❦TattingChic said...

My goodness, Lorena! You have got some fabulous collections there! AMAZING! ☺

Tuppence Crafts said...

Hi Lorena, your home is like a many beautiful collections you have!
We went through many years of my hubby being out of work on and off, until we started praying as a family for him to get a good job..our prayers were answered. I also pray to St Philomena..she is a Saint of wonders and helps in everything.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Lorena, What an amazing collection you have and so many great ideas for displaying these pretties. Love the way you have worked them into different areas.
You are so talented my friend and I am inspired by your creativity.

L and I continue to pray for your dear hubby. Stay strong!!

Thank you for stopping by and your kind words.
Love you too, Celestina Marie

Jennifer said...

Lorena Everything is so pretty.I love your tea cup collection.Ypour Christmas items are terrific too.I wish you many many sales!!Thank you for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments on my new christmas items.Hugs,Jennifer

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

So many pretties! You are blessed.