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Friday, February 19, 2010

Sending Ya Some Roses!

Hello...My Dear Friends! the SUN ever bright here in
Southeast Michigan today! 
We have had
some very dreay gray days, as of late,
I am sitting here wishing
I could be in my Favorite place...
Jacksonville, Florida.

So I had been seeing a few of my dear friends
who had those need mosaics and
I found out where they did them.
Thought you might enjoy seeing some of my
favorite past goodies
I have done.
I am feeling like I need to get back to my
My passion of painting roses.

So the above tiles show some of my creations.
You will see More of my handpainted goodies.
These show some of my Pastry and
sweet lil boxes I love to
a pink custion as well!

If you want more information about where I made these...
just let me know and I'd be happy
to share the sights with you.

Hope you all Have a Bright Sunny Day!

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Being a Michigander I know just how you feel about the weather. Today was a gorgeous sunny day! I myself will be off to Florida for a week tomorrow. I will think of you all my fellow bloggers who are still in the snow. I hope this good weather keeps up for you.