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Monday, February 22, 2010

We've GOT More Snow!

Hey there blogging friends...

Well...we are finally getting some of that
snow, again, that has
avoid the SE Michigan (Detroit Metro) area.

Today we awoke to probably 7-8 inches of
the fluffy white stuff.
Its sooooooooooooo puuuurty
when it is FRESH
and unspoiled...
dontcha think?

So I did a quick mosaic up of just some of the
stacks of the fun white stuff.

Stay SAFE and Warm
my friends!



Purvail said...

Dear friend--I am west of you in the Grand haven area and I woke up to snow also. Yes, it is pretty when white. I'm glad to share the snow with all.

Hugs to you

Bertie said...

Yup, looks a lot like here, too, in SW Michigan. We did have a bit of melting here but with no sun.

Come on over to my new blog for something I think you will like.

Aunt May's Cottage
Shades of Old

Connie said...

You sure do "got snow", honey! Stay warm and inside.

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Pretty! I much prefer the clean, fluffy stuff to the layers of muddy, frozen stuff we have now! Bleh! What a mess! We're supposed to get more snow this week though so hopefully we can get a nice clean coat!

Have a great day, Lorena! ♥

Andrea said...

Enjoyed your cute little mosaic. I'm ready for GREEN! tee hee
We've had snow every 3 days, it seems like. It rained over the weekend and we probably lost about an inch of our well-stacked snow, but this morning it's lightly snowing again! Winter didn't seem so long in January, but now it seems like it will never end.
keep warm and don't get stuck in the snow