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Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Treasure Hunt ~ Sharing Found Goodies

Hello Bloggy Friends!

I know so many of you out there are like me.
You loooooove the thrill of a treasure hunt!
Well, my sweet friend Susie, who is a kindred spirit and is like
a big sister to me, called me up on Tuesday to see
if I'd Like to meet at Starbucks...
well, my wheels were turning cause I had left some
pillows, I mentioned in another post, at my
favorite thrifting place.  So I called her back and
we changed our plans. Now, we still got our
Starbucks fix, but were off for our
treasure hunt!

It did NOT disappoint me in the least!
Do ya want to see what I got?   Okay, here goes!

Aren't these sweet? These are Martha Stewart Pillows...a steal at $3 each!
Here's 3 bags of GORGEOUS Laces, that I can't wait to go through!
All 3 bags cost a total of $4!!! Amazing huh?
One can NEVER have too many PRETTY Boxes to
store treasures in!

Oh and I just couldn't pass this needs a little sprucing,
but will be better in no time! $2 is well worth a little time
to make it shine!
I never pass up a pretty tray! This has beautiful edging!
I have an idea for this one...stay tuned.  Then I
found some sweet lil bling while digging through a
large tub of jewelry!

I am pretty sure that is a NEW plate of Old Chintz, I paid
$5 but feel it was worth it...this is larger so I am assuming
it's probably a cake plate!
There are 2 of these plates, and the picture does not
show their amazing tealy, aqua color with bits of splattering.
Very unusual and I have an idea for these with some
of my white and aqua roses!

And last but surely NOT least, this sweet white
hankie with pretty pink edging...only 99c!

Thanks so much for visiting with me today
and allowing me to share some FUN
found treasures! I can't wait to get going on
some of the projects I have in mind for them!
Hopefully I will remember to do a
Show N Tell
with I am finished...
would you like that?

Have a blessed day!


Connie said...

WOW!! You did great, honey. I love the flowered plate the best though.

Anonymous said...

WOO HOO ! ! You certainly hit the mother-lode!! Great finds!!

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Score! It would be fun to go through all that lace! Enjoy! ♥

Vicki said...

Hello, Lorena,
You hit the mother lode!! Love the pillows, laces and pretty plates, great job, my friend. Have a lovely day and upcoming weekend. Love and blessings to you~ Vicki

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Boy oh boy, I wish I could sit with you and go thru that lace and then when we were finished you would be so thankful for the help that you would give me the chintz plate!