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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall Decorating ~*SCARECROW *Love*~

Hi Sweet Bloggy Friends!

When fall comes each year here in Michigan
as I have said it is bittersweet for me.
We are far out, that I consider us very much
in the country.  Not to far away from us
are pumpkin patches, cider mills, and
fields that need harvested.

Thus, I think without realizing it, I have grown
fond of scarecrows!
So today, I thought I'd share a few of my
scarecrow friends with you!
Don't they just make you smile?
Thissweet guy, has pumpkins at his feet! Thus,
he watches over my jars of pumpkins!  Wish
you could see the sparkle in the copper ones like I can!
Aren't these 2 below just precious?  They are just so
happy and have such sweet faces!

This lil darling is a sitter and her basket
is full chestnut...a neat gift from a friend in
Lastly, I shared in my last post some clay
pot Scarecrows that I have made...I just
had to share them with you again!

There you have it!
SCARECROW love! Ahhhh...fall
isn't it colorful?

Happy Fall to All!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Hey there friends!

Well, I can see by many of the post out thar
that FALL is in the air! 
I must admit that I do not like to see the
warmer days of summer go.  I am
a warm weather kinda gal.
But alas, when the temps begin to lower I
know I can go and pull out those
tubs full of Autumn cheer.

For now, I wanted to show you a Warm FALL
Welcome, into my home.  Come on in!
My clay pot Scarecrow creations greet you!
Each one has been decorated differently.
You can use any size pots you wish. just
make sure that all 5 are alike...then glue each
one as I have done...and paint!
These are so easy and fun to do!
Aren't fall colors so bright, cherry and vibrant?
I sure think so!
Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart...
that really says it all!
This Harvest sign was purchased last year at our
Hobby Lobby...I added loads of glitter and some
leafy bling to help it pop!

Thanks for stopping by!
Hopefully tomorrow I can add some
more of my FALL decorated home!

Harvest Blessings to All!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tea Time Tuesday ~ A Visit to Treasure Mart~

Good Morning to my Tea Loving Bloggers!

I am so excited to share this week with you some
*found* treasures!

But first,
please be sure to check out my left side bar for
all the TEA LINKS happening in blogland.  My

Okay, on to the good stuff.
Last week, 2 of my dear friends and I FINALLY
got our schedules coordinated so we could do
lunch and *TREASURE Mart*.
If you live near Ann Arbor, Michigan then you
probably know about this wonderful consignment
shop.  But this is NOT your ordinary sireeee.
This is a 3 story, turn of the century home, loaded
with just about anything vintage you could
ever dream about.  What treasure you unearth
is totally up to what you collect, are looking for or
whatever suits your fancy.

Moi...well I went looking for teacups and plates....
but they had to have ROSES!!!
So for Tuesdays sharing I found a lovely
English Bone China Tea Cup, called
Princess House.  I fell in LOVE with
the dainty roses all over!
my avacado, cucumber, humus sammy
 tasted so much better yesterday eating
off my pretty plate and sipping lemonde from
my new tea cup!

Look at the GORG plates
I found...and each was $3...could NOT pass them up at
that price.  One is Bavarian the other is German! Snagged
those plates right up, I did.  The smaller one is
handpainted and was $2.  Steals!

But wait!!!
I found a another treasure that I
could add to my
pottery collection.  I loved this shape and color and
snagged it for $4!!!

pretty huh?
Then there's dear friend Susie,
gave me these 2 metal votive
Tea Cups...not sure yet what I will
do with them..but they sure are cute
and as you know they are right
up my alley being tea related!

I had so much fun that day.  We all
agreed we needed to do this more often..hmmmm

Thanks for stopping by and sharing with
me and my finds!  I am hoping to being able
to visit the many Tea Post out thar as I can!

Happy Tea!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nesting for FALL

Hi sweet blogger friends!

Earlier this week, before I started feeling ugh
I got the *URGE* to spruce really deep clean my
master bedroom and studio.

Do you ever start to clean and wonder,

Well, I admit that I cannot even remember
how long ago I deep cleaned spruced up my master bedroom.
Oh you know, there's always other things
to do that are way more fun.
Those dust bunnies sure wanted to take over!
I wish there was an easy way to clean under my
bed and dressers and by those floor moldings. 
But I guess, I sure got
a good workout in the meantime, lol.
What really got me started was my new
Rachel Ashwell Quilt I snag for $50 and
hubby let me get for myself for my birthday!
Yay me! I just LOVE her stuff!
This quilt has soft chenille, velvet and
other pretty patches all over...and its
heavy too!

So when I am finished with my cleaning I want others
to see my accomplishments.  Don't you love seeing
other bloggers share too? I know I do.
So here's a look at my newly cleaned room!

I think I finally have come to the decision that
this room reflects a Country Victorian style.
What would you call it? I'd really love to know!

Hope you enjoyed your visit!
I'd love to hear from you!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

~Tea Time Tuesday~**More Tea Goodies From my Dining Room**

Hello and Good Morning to ALL my Tea Friends!!!

I look so forward to sharing with you the many
tea treasures I have collected and been gifted over the

Today is no different.  Last week I shared with you
how I took a *Butlers Pantry* and created another
Hutch like area for my Tea Goodies to be displayed.   Well,
this week I am sharing my middle display shelf in my hutch.
In my sprucing the rearranging/cleaning process
these got a *new* look too.

What I did was pair up a plate with the Tea Cup.
Unbeknown to me, as I have collected, many
of the item I have gotten, like these, were
mated.  When I realized this I could not believe it.
These four pairs are proof, that if you BUY what you love
it will ALL fit together.
Cool huh?

Here's a closer look at each set!
Do you see the baskets on this plate aand cup?

I think my favorite one is the set below. 
It has a faint aqua rim and such sweet roses!
Thanks so much for visiting with me!
I so love sharing my treasures with you!

My special hostess is Sandi over at

PLEASE be sure to check out the
TEA PARTY Links I have on my
side bar to all the fun Tea Festivities!
You WON'T be disappointed!

Happy Tea to ALL!


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pink Saturday!

Happy Pink to Everyone on this fine Saturday!

Thank you Beverly for sponsoring this wonderful
Weekly even! Check out her blog HERE
to see the other PINK particpants!

Well, I am keeping it simple today and really
would like some help in figuring out just what
my sweet lil Pink Vase find is.
That's where YOU, the wonderful bloggers, who
may know, can HELP me figurine out
if this is PINK Milk Glass?

Found this vase for .99c and at first I thought
it was plastic.  Until I tapped on it a realized that
no, it was glass.
This vase has no maker markings on the bottom.
And I am wondering if this is the pale PINK Milk
Glass that I have seen others show.
Having never seen any before I snatched it.  Doesn't
it look pretty next to my hobnail white milk glass?
I sure think so and it showcases how pale pink
it really is.

Thanks so much in advance for you help!

Friday, September 17, 2010

~* Apothocary Jar Ideas ~* How To *~

Hey Sweet Friends, how are ya doing?

Well, I sure can tell Fall is in the air here
in Michigan.  Gone our those warm days and
nights of summer.  Temps are cooling and
this girl seems to get her nesting bug going
like crazy.

I see so many out in blogland that are already decorating
for fall.  I think I put it off because for me, fall signifies
that winter will soon be on its way.  And I love
 the warmer day's of spring and summer. brewing around in my head has been
fun ways to begin my fall decorating.
We all see varying sizes and shapes of those
wonderful Apothacary jars, right?  And that got
me thinking. DANGEROUS, I know!!! lol
Hmmm....where are those bases and jars I have been
wanting to marry together?
Last week I took the 3 containers you see pictured
above and glued them on to the bases, as seen. 
That just got me started, and I never am one to
stop at just 2 or 3...noooooo I
go way overboard!!!
Oh my!
Then a couple of days ago in my thrifting jaunts
 I came across a few more bases and jars. I also
snagged a few jars that I had been using in my studio.

So I have everything assembled and ready to go and
 thought you might like to know what I do. 
How bout a simple HOW TO for you?
you game?

First off, the most important part is a good glue.
GOOP, Craft Glue is my go to for EVERYTHING glue!

First I gathered all my bases which are basically candle sticks
and/or those flat votives style.  I find these at $ stores
and my local thrifting places for usually less than a $1. 
And may jars, which are also easy to
find a garage sales, thrifting stores or you may
already have some in your home.

  Second, I mix and match my tops/bottoms
till I get the right feel. Keep in mind, the bigger
jars do need a stable base so you may need to
go bigger on them at the foot.


 Carefully glue the base (candle stick in this case) all
the way around.   Then place your jar on top.
I do look inside to make sure I am
putting it in the middle. Then
ever-so-slightly turn or twist the 2 pieces to make sure there's
no air bubbles and the glue is sealed  to both


I LOVE the left jar with the lid, it came this way.
The base was something I had that had been waiting for
a mate.  I them painted the lid/candle stick gold.
Since the jar on the left is a bit wider, I knew I'd
need a larger base.  The middle is a smaller candle
stick holder and the bottom was a $ store flat glass votive
 that I knew would work well for a sturdy base.
So don't be afraid to use more than one piece for
each set, if needed.
I am so excited to get started on my Fall decor.
Please be sure to check back so you can
see how I incorporate these into my home.

Happy Decorating for fall!