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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

~*~ Kitty Kat LOVE ~*~

Hello my sweet friends!

Are you like me? do you have your camera
ready to snap a cute pose or sleeping
position of your doggy or kitties?
Our 2 kitty babies never disappoint and
I know others enjoy so I am going to post
some more cuties for you!

It's a rare occastion that these 2 even are close together,
but they had their eye on something in the
neighbors yard.
If you look really close, right by the birdhouse at
the top...there's a bunny!!
Our cats are NOT outdoor cats.  We
let them out but watch them VERY closely.
The last time I shared some kitty pix, I showed Tiger straddling our
chair in the office/den.  Well, Chloe thinks the bannister that
divides our Family Room/Kitchen area is her's to straddle!
Both Chloe and Tiger LOVE this Cat perch that is in our Dining Room
will sleep for hours in it.  Tiger sure looks like he's in a deep sleep!
Chloe found the freshly warm and folded clothes and
decided it was her bed! This basket was waiting for
hubs to take back upstairs!
Thanks so much for indulging me!
We so love our kitty babies and they
bring us so much joy!
Go HUG your furry babies for me!



Brenda ~ Shabby Cats and Roses said...

Hi Lorena :) Your kitties are just too precious. I would give my 2 girls, Annie & Estella, a hug, but they are not the hugging kind :( They will let you pet them, and hold them...for just a LITTLE while, but then they must go, lol :) And my guy, Max, likes to be held, but not too appreciative of the whole "hugging" thing....oh where did I go wrong with these guys :)

Thanks for sharing with us these cute photos!

Warmest hugs, Brenda

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Oh my, we have so many photo folders with "cats" or kittens: in the title! I have to keep changing it up.
Your kitties are precious. I love it when kitties find a new little perching/sleeping place! They are so cute. ♥

Sue said...

Love the kitty pics. One of my cats, Rascal, used to sleep on top of our old computer monitor. We called her our "internet security"!


Your kitty's are so cute! My Mom just adopted a kitty. She needed a buddy and they are doing great.
Animals are so good for us!
deb :)