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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

College Girl BedRoom Redo Sneak Peek

Okay sweet friends have ya been missing me at all?

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Now I am reeeeeeeeally tired!
My daughter starts college next week.  And since she has opted
to stay home, instead of  staying in a dorm room,
 we decided a change in decor was in order.

Of course my girl is NOT a girly girl like her momma who
loves flowers and fluffy stuff.
She is all about sports, friends and fun.
So her bright turquoise and oranges walls
speak volumes as to her bright and wonderful

But, these colors reflect a younger girl and of course
we are now a College girl with a bit more of sophistication


The walls are being painted a creamy white and the furniture
is all going to be painted in black...then a touch of
royal blues.

So there's your sneak peek.  And of course, this
is why I probably won't be back on to post until I
hopefully can get on Sunday and announce
my Giveaway Winner!
We have much to do and painting still
to finish!

Thanks for stopping by.
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Hi Lorena,
Loving the peek of the new room and I do like the cream walls!
You have a busy weekend ahead...I hope to get my garage ready for a garage sale for the following week.
Try to have a bit of FUN..
deb :)

Connie said...

Ooooooh, much better, honey!!! Love it so far.

Laura's Rose Garden said...

Oh, yes! Definitely more sophisticated!! It looks very "calming" which will help during stressful exam times!!! LOL!!
have fun, but don't wear yourself out before your birthday!!
Warm hugs, Laura

Olivia~ said...

Hello Sweets! I think your blog header is very pretty. I use the editing program Picnik, go to collage and use the one that shows four frames! Please let me know how it goes... I love this program, plus it is free, gotta love that! Your bedroom is so much better with the creams...your daughter will love the crispness of black and white!

Juliette Samuel said...

I think creamy white, black and royal blue are gonna be funky together. Looking forward to seeing the finished room. :-)

Juliette Samuel

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

My both son's rooms were beige and black. Their furniture was a natural color wood with beige drawers and with all of the electronic equipment that they had in their rooms that was black, I went with black bedspreads and black curtains. It was great for them thru high school until they moved out last year. I redid their rooms and made one my Craft room and the other my Guest Room. Their hair stood up when they saw how girlied up their rooms were.
My Jim whose room is now the guest room ,. asked me if that room was now for the daughter that i never had!! LOL!!
Love the new look!!