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Thursday, August 9, 2012

GOD's Amazing Creatures~bunnies and birdies, Oh My

Hi Everyone!

So, how is your week going?
Me, well I have been kinda under the weather...but
plugging along..allergy season seems to be in full
swing and I feel it!!!

As my hubby and I often do in the evening, we sit on our
little deck that leads out to our patio.  Many times we are
blessed to sit and watch the birds, bunnies and hummers
move around us giving us our evening entertainment.

So last night when my kitty kept wanting to wander over to our
bushes much to my surprise was this tiny lil bunny baby
frozen just under ou ivy bush.  You almost cannot see him.
  The baby hardy moved and I
actually got within 3 feet to take this picture.
Soon afterward it must have tried to go find its momma
cause our Tiger wanted sooooo badly to go over  to this area.

Isn't this just the MOST adorable baby bunny?

As you can see from below, I took a wider view of
where we sit. 
We came back from my parents in June just
mesmerized by their hummingbird feeders.  And hubby
and I went and purchased this one within days of returning.

Do you see my birdbath? Well Tiger has claimed this
as his

What is so amazing to us is that you can see how close this bird bath is,
and Tiger often goes right to the birdbath to sit
and the hummers just flit around him and he seems so
oblivious to them. 

What facinating creatures hummingbirds are.  They flit,
fight, dash and make a unique clicking sound.  We probably
have 3-5 that are regulars throughout the day.

I found out through checking on the internet that you can make
your own nectar...its 1 parts sugar to 4 parts water...
1 cup of sugar to 4 cups of filters water.
Bring this to a boil and then take off the heat.  It must boil
as that releases and gets rid of any trace minerals etc.
Once this cools I keep it in the fridge.

(Sorry about how fuzzy these pix are)..
As we have been watching our Hummers,
we think we may have 2 or 3
different species...Ruby Red Necks, All green
 with a white chest...and then I think we have seen one
that may be more brown..names I am not sure of.

They are the funniest things to they flit and
at times you can get one that becomes very territorial and will
come dipping at one that may be trying to feed.  Often
when this happens you can see them flitting up and all around.

More fun pix...
A few weeks back I caught these two bunnies romping
and playing in our neighbors yard.  I was so amazed that
I actually got shots that show them hoping and playing.

see? too cute!!!

I finding this all so interesting as we live in the burbs.
Yet really close to fields...never have I lived anywhere and
seen these amazing creatures like we have this past
summer.  I love that life goes on outside of our 4 walls.

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Do you have sweet lil creatures that you see
come out to play in the evenings?
I'd love to hear your stories!

Be Blessed,


Alessandra said...

Dear Lorena, how lucky to have bunnies in your garden! The bunny is my favourite animal and i had got one all white. Its name was Carletto and i loved it very very much. It died after 9 years of love with me and it desappeared when my son was it's one of my angels!

Kristin_Texas said...

Ahh, how sweet! It makes me want another bunny, like I had in my teens. He lived in our backyard just like a dog. :p

I loved the Kitty photos, too, and what a pretty patio!


romance-of-roses said...

Hi Lorena, Oh, how I love those sweet bunnies. All we get here at night are raccoons & possums. Not to thrilled with them since they destroy my plants. However, we don't do anything to get rid of them, we just let them be and I take care of my plants later, poor animals what are they to do, I do leave them water. Hugs...Lu

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Darling bunnies!!
Love your cat in the bird bath!! Too cute! And the hummingbird feeders are amazing!!